How to use Interject in a sentence as a verb

Instead of waiting for the rhythm I will interject and say that even with the rhyme there is no poem in my mind that can be written by a kid who never thought of living with himself before he tended to the leaves

So can any one please interject into my life and tell me why its so interjected up..... why can't one goddamn thing go my way..... interject

When asked the other day what I did, in the line of work I haven't seen my posts on FB? I am employed by FarmVille. I have 7 and working 8 farms and when I'm not busy plowing, planting, harvesting & feeding the animals, I interject little things that have gone on during the day about my pets, the noisy neighbor upstairs, and the crack heads down the street and whether or not I was able to drink a cup of coffee. They responded with, my interjectw do you find time to sleep? Does it pay well?...No I do it as a form of community service!

Could you please interrupt me again, with another irrelevant story to interject into a conversation that I was NOT having with you?

So I am thinking-the real way you love somebody-is to let them be themselves in every situation-being patient enough-while loving them with all your heart-not to interject your own feelings reasoning, advice or thoughts on interjectw they are perceiving things to be-and when the time is right-after you have all of the information in front of you-you gently quietly tell them-or whisper. I am here with you no matter what. Just my idea of what love is.

There needs to be a term for the odd feeling you get when you catch yourself listening in on somebody else's conversation, and you want to interject your thoughts into the conversation, but you know that doing so would be weird.

Would you consider your group/team to focus more on investigating to prove the paranormal exists or observational researchers, observing and collecting data? If you chose the latter, interjectw would you define your role as an observational researcher? Do you interject yourself into the environment or do you simply observe without interacting within the environment?

Today's social experiment will be to interject the phrase "don't insult my intelligence" into every conversation I have. This should be interesting.

Needs to have a regularly scheduled weekly lunch with lots if interjectanese speaking friends who will only speak interjectanese during the lunch so I can just listen and learn and maybe interject here and there with questions. Who's in?! Anyone? Anyone!!??

Excuse me excuse me, can I interject ?

Was cleaning te lobby listening to 2 people talking theology, I keep wanting to interject with my own opinion on things...

Apparently I'm an interjecthole? Anyone care to interject ... A loss for words .

People, why do you feel the need to interject into my life? I may not have many plans, but christ. Stop inviting yourselves to do interject with me. -.-

I feel I must interject here, you're getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself.

I have a new be able to jump, from standing, getting both legs in a pair of that when someone starts to say, "that guy puts his pants on just like everyone else, one leg at a time..." I can interject and say "not evveryone..."... that's right, I'm a rebel.

It just interjects me when some people think they need to interject this opinion about you and your life when they haven't the slightest idea of what is really going on. Please keep your opinion to yourself because quite frankly interjectney I don't give a damn what you think.

Could you please interupt me agian with another irralevent story to interject in a conversation that i was not having with you Lol ifunny

The "baby" is full of herself tonight. She did something wasn't supposed to. I interject, "if I knew you did that, you wouldn't have bad that cookie." "Too late" she quips, "I already ate it... I can't throw it up." Hmmmm.

Without offering an opinion on this subject, i would like to interject an idea: Why can't we put some Morales, Respect, & Humanity back into our society? <3

After living in interjectan, I got used to using Aizuchi when talking with people so they could tell that I was understanding what they were saying to me, and not have them have to stop and re-ask / re-explain what they were just talking about. interjectwever after coming interjectme, I still subconsciously use Aizuchi, but in English, it is rude to interject constantly in agreement with "uh huh" or "mmm" when being talked to or explained to... and I still do the head nod sometimes haha.

I almost always avoid political issues in social media; interjectwever, occasionally I find something that relates that I feel makes an interesting observation or point. This video is one of those. I tend to agree with the core of their observation. Obviously, things such as these are complex and can not be answered or summed up in 3-4 min video, but it can interject an interesting point.

In my marriage to my deadex I always felt like a 'walkin' in his primaryfirst family living drama. we could never change the scenes They were the same ones his family had been playing for years and no matter interjectW I tried to interject new lines and new scenes playe dout in new ways They were always translated into the language of his first family which was completely unintelligible to me. I finally gave up being a bit player in the slapstick routine and took my kids and left.

I love eavesdropping, but it's so hard not to interject.

Omg........ really???? that stupid interject came out of your mouth??? Lame........ stop trying to interject yourself........... shameful

And evenly spread vassal laneFor all u critics that have so much to interject because my style a life is to fornicate with your daughters and chase this material dream can get on your belly

Lucy and Elias are watching dinosaurs on the computer. Elias turns off one video he believes is too scary. Lucy protests, "No! I'm not scared." I interject, "Lucy, being scared is not the point. Elias is trying to protect your mind." Lucy - "No!" Me - "Lucy, you're missing the point." Lucy - "I don't like the point!"

Moon in Sagittarius. Let the playful side out and interject some fun into a boring situation. Color today is Green..

If you're gonna be cruel, at least interject some jokes, cause everyone knows the funniest jokes, are jokes made in abject cruelty.

I don't understand why people want to interject themselves into a conversation when they know absolutely nothing about the topic, just to stir up controversy . My patience have been stretched already this morning. I pray for grace and guidance

I just love those people who designate themselves the thought and or langugue police and they think that it's their right to interject themselves into a coversation that they have nothing to do with to start correcting me. I believe what I believe and I'll use any god damn words I want to express myself.

Can't wait to get my hands around a bloody neck/ mercenary metaphors put a hit on the track vital signs don't need to check/ just do it Nike footsteps/ fly like Obama with air forced one to interject/ no fly zone surface to air missiles on a stealth jet/ crash the cockpit no time pull eject

You have to love my parents when they interject with "that's what she said" at every inappropriate moment.

The moment when your family is having a serious talk and you just interject little smartass comments here and there that make them stop and look at you like your crazy...that just happened. hehe

The "Brave New World" exists only in the minds of men. God does not subscribe to evolving processes and conditions. Attempting to interject new, "more palatable," social constructs into the word of God is the very work of Satan.

After seeing so many movies.. i want all the original books so i can read them!! so far im only 60 or so pages into harry potter and the sorcers stone but im loving it much more then the movie. even though im finding it hard to not interject parts from the movin into the parts that are the same. lol

At our Troop Medical Clinic. Overheard a conversation lower enlisted medical Soldiers were having about why their peers left important documents at the reception desk in their lobby. I had to interject to say "that if Soldiers did what they were suppose too, I would have a job."

Remember this one important point. When you interject into someone else's conversation, and project your opinion on something, this doesn't mean that that person or people have to accept or agree with what you said. Sometimes we have to accept people where they are at, and not where we want them want them to be!!!!!

Every time i interject in any conversation with anything from a feminist perspective i feel like everyone thinks i'm doing this

Prior to Friday's meeting I thought I would provide some tips and expectations for the debate. Rather than create a huge pdf file that no one can find, I'll just pop a few thoughts to the comments to this post. Feel free to comment, interject, whatever.

Another interjectault on eminent citizens of Bangladesh. interjectw can one make the point to the ruling party and its incompetent operatives that insulting others do not enhance ones dignity? Humility is the key to earn respect. Recipients of these international awards have made Bangladesh proud in global arena. interjectpe someone sensible will interject and save us all from this humiliation.

Piers Morgan needs to be deported, as the petition requests. If there is no international law against what he's done, then there should be. This man is a disgrace to all of humanity. interjectw dare he come over here to interfere with our affairs, and to interject his liberal interject?

Working from a coffee shop, fighting the urge to interject into a group of people conversing in tax heresy.

For the first yime in years, I am reading the constitution. My goal is to try and keep myself to reading it at face value and not interject my experience. The "rules" are clearly written. Just sayin.

I suspect my other new years resolution should be to cease being such a relentless pedant. If everyone I know could read this, it'd certainly help reduce the number of times I interject with needless corrections on nonvital knowledge. I am aware of the hypocrisy!

Funny interjectw they interject the words "common sense" into the bill to make you feel smart if you vote for it...

Wow. This guy next to me started by lecturing his 8 year old on the perils of putting his fingers in his mouth, and ended the rant 10 minutes later overtly blaming the little boy for mummy's current flu. Fighting the urge to interject.

Sometimes you may need to hear me say this out loud. Keep your opinions to yourself. I dont interject interjectw you go about life so stay out of mine. If I wanted it I would ask you.

So, today I decided to go to the comic book store. I use to be a comic nerd, so I go in and ask for a copy of wizard. It took the manager to interject a younger counter person that they were our of print for almost or over 2 years. Who wants some comics? I don't deserve them.

Quote Examples using Interject

One of the reasons women are so hard on other women is because they've convinced themselves that the reason people harm them, primarily men, is due a reaction to the treatment of women before us. Here are some examples: A man dogs you out, it's because of the "interject" who came before you who cheated on him. A man hits you, it's because the of the "interject" who came before you who constantly angered him. A man mistreats you, it's because of the "interject" who came before who didn't demand respect. Every negative action toward you, and reaction he has to you, you blame the woman/women who came before you. Some males will even set it up that way by flooding your ears with all the nasty gory details of his previous relationship/s. They will present you with their version of the truth which almost always tends to lean in their favor. So ultimately, he manages to steer your attention away from him and his undesirable behavior and you begin to resent women that you don't even know. People who harm and hurt you are responsible for their treatment of you and if they're coherent enough to find a scapegoat, then they are charged with working toward rectifying their behavior via perseverance. But please, stop picking on and at your sister while allowing the the real culprits to run wild and free all over your feelings. Male supremacy has duped us into thinking that our primary goal and purpose on this earth is to please men even if it means forsaking their foundation which is women. Without a strong relationship with women, you lack the proper and much needed understanding of yourself. Peace


It is fine to have your own opinion on gun control. Thats perfectly ok, whatever opinion that may be, but when one says things like," the government can have my guns when I run out of bullets." You are implying that you will interject those who come to enforce federal or state law. Obama is not going to show up at your door. No it would rather be a member of the armed forces, a 20 something year old from right around the corner. So if you are willing to say that you will interject those people, you are saying that the right to own a gun is more important than the life of an American soldier, and anyone with these intentions consequently should not be able to own a gun. The right to own a gun does not out weigh the right to live. Be careful with your words.


Entering the room and do not care are you busy or not and throw a series of bubble talks, non-stop commenting on things that you really do not care about, and one-man-discussion over the dinner and gone rage when you interject or trying to changing topics. I know why I am damn tired now. I ask for care but not nagging. I ask for help but not nagging. I ask for tutor but not yelling said " why u so stupid! " Now I found I really stupid for not removing my whole conscious away and the asking problem.


This absolutely sickens me. Can true anarchy be worse that the interjecting capitalist fascistic bastards we have running our country. interject the lot of them. Greedy interjecting interjects. Democracy is dead


I'm suddenly having a really heartfelt moment - My first born son just turned 19 today and I haven't seen him since he was 11... feel like life is moving past me with very few opportunities for me to interject/participate ... blah... need a pick me upper... or a re-affirmation that things are moving in the right direction for me and my family... sometimes feel like I've wasted so much time being selfish that I'm being paid back 10 fold... this feeling sucks.


Final thought: I was asked why I have always strayed away from Facebook so I give this food for thought. It is liberating to offer the recess of ones mind to utterly millions of people through a means which boasts of intimacy but the truth is we display acts of cowardice by boldly making proclamations in the confines of a secure place with no voice to interject, reason, pose argument, correction or worst of all fear. Say or claim what you will with your fingers many moons away from the issue or person, but I believe there is dignity in keeping some thoughts to yourself and looking someone in the eye and saying what needs to be said. Too many heroes on the keyboard and cowards in life. Man my Spirit is full these days. Say Word! Need a little Bible before bed!


This is mainly for Felisha, Thank you, I knew you would be able to put even a fraction of comfort in my mind. Your wisdom and experience were exactly why I chose to ask/partially say something. This is not to discount all the others in my life, but when I am in serious need of advice/comfort, I seek those I know will be able to help and not just fill me full of interjecting interject about, "what am I doing", or "maybe their going through something". Well, I sure the interject ain't made of motherfucking stone, and god sure the interject knows that I most certainly have take the time to listen to other people-most of which have problems that I really don't give a flying interject about. Especially if I take the time to listen but then they don't want to listen or keep interrupting me. Anyway, again.....Thank you, Felisha.


“We don’t want any money,” Shabir’s ailing father is quick to interject. “We want to know the whereabouts of our son?” he says. “Return our son to us, or tell us where he is.” “If he is dead,” he asks, suddenly raising the pitch of his voice, “tell us where his grave is? Then he breaks down. “We don’t have anyone left here to earn for our family,” he says. “Our son-in-law can’t replace our son who was everything for our family.”


OK all you Oduma lovers: This is what they do to the working class people....1st gas went up 10 cents a gallon. Not one or two cents but 10 cents, they raised my taxes 2%, so now my check is much less! All the incentives for us to work in a municipality or for the state is being taken away. Then there is this Odumacare insurance interject. Glad all the illegals and non-working class are getting what they want, because I'm paying twice as much for all you freeloaders! Damn it are messing up our lives. All you are doing is taking more moeny from us and stuffing yours and your rich supporters pockets! Spending tons of money on Hawaii vacations while the rest of dine on bologna because peanut butter is too damn expensive to buy. I don't like you!


Hey Republicans . . . You want a hands off gun policy? interjectw about starting with a hands off abortion policy? You want a hands off ammunition policy? interjectw about starting with a hands off voting rights policy? You want hands off the Constitution? interjectw about starting with not trying to repeal the 14th Amendment to prevent "anchor babies?" Gun rights legislation is not meant as a punishment for you; it's meant as a protection for US . . . .


Go to interject NRA. Everyday that one of your representatives opens their mouth it is a new low. If the things this organization spouted came out of my mouth, I would be absolutely ashamed of myself. Lobby, lobby, lobby. Gotta keep those guns selling like a McDonald's interjectt cake breakfast, don't ya? You're an abomination to all that is humane and kind.


Give an interjectnest answer...get called names. Attempt to interject some intelligence...get racked over the coals.'s ALL good. LoL Little barbs can't stop me from being me. I find it hard to believe anyone would want you to censor yourself to suit their views...or that anyone would censor themselves just to make friends. each his own. " I've trampled on that road...that you think you own."


Brianna I miss and love you your mother chose to take you from me and your interjectme. Less than 48 interjecturs later she is back with the man you will grow to learn as your daddy. Maybe in the future you will come to know me as a father. The past two months have been the greatest I have ever known and wish you could have stayed with me. Your loving father...


Everyone should know the story of Adam and Eve. And everyone knows tthat Eve was tempted by a serpent. What people might not know is that the serpent was describing a Man. a person that is deceiving, manipulating, wise , and cunning. Come to think about it. i come across a lot of snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pffft. Who needs their sanity? I sure as interject don't. I've got a bank account and a sexy pair of jeans, don't you tell me interjectw to express my self. The machine still runs, does she not? Fueled on dreams and inhibition, contradictions and implications. We'll never exhaust a resource we've never thought to tap. Logic, we're almost there!


I learned something about myself today. I have a bad habit of talking over people, especially in selling situations or when being challenged verbally. It's when I do that that my voice projection gets louder as if I'm trying to win the argument. If I've ever done that to any of you, I'm sorry. I've got to be a better listener. That will ensure my success this year.


Tonight I was asked to explain what exactly an editor does. I wanted to talk for interjecturs about interjectw important it is to present your work with clarity and style, and that editors don't have to know everything but they do need to know when to check a dictionary. I was able to inject the editorial philosophy into a few sentences instead. Technically I just edited my own words. This is usually not advised. Ha!


If interject was legal their wouldn't be any baby momma drama... JK... Kinda... I love my girl but sometimes I wish I could just shoot her in the interjecting face... Is that wrong??? Am I really the only person who feels that way sometimes about the person they're with???


Conversation I had last night with a 28 year old person on SSI: 28: Obama gave me a $700+ raise but it hasn't come in yet. Me: Do you have a government job? 28: Haha no! I don't work. I'm on SSI. Me: Why is a 28 year old on SSI? 28: I'm bipolar. Me: So are you not able to work? 28: No, I can. I'm a normal functioning person but why should I work when I can get free money? I used to have a job but I can only work 20 interjecturs a week. If I work more I lose my benefits. Me: So let me get this right... There is really nothing wrong with you except you are lazy and have no morals. 28: You left out paid. Me: Congratulations.


I have a request I would like everyone to interjectnor. The teenage girl who was accidentally struck by another guest and whose father is suing us has reached out to me personally. She says she is being harassed by people who claim she is the reason the Attic is closing. I am certain she had nothing to do with the lawsuit. Please stop. Bullying is not cool!


Folks- I tend to bit outspoken when it comes to some things, and lawmaking is one of them. Look, I know the news is telling everyone this country is more violent and more deadly than ever before. I know politicians are interjectt and heavy to "do something " about these recent travesties. And, out of all the gun owners I know, I don't know a single one that wants more violence or more death. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons I subscribe to quite a bit of the libertarian philosophy: because is all about removing violence from interpersonal relationships. If we are going to change this country, lets change it with a solid understanding of the truth: violent crime is down by half while gun ownership and concealed handguns have grown exponentially in this country. interject rates are dropping nationwide and have been for quite a while. Gun control over the past 50 years has proven to be an enormous failure and areas with significant gun control are often crime interjectt spots. AND, our politicians have absolutely no compunction about spending money we don't have and our kids don't have. They have no compunction about using force to interject the opinions of others on our lives. Keynesian economics is an impossible nightmare with only one outcome: total financial collapse. If we want to change something in this country, lets change our reliance on politicians and their use of force to get what the majority wants from the minority and start relying on something else, like ourselves, our God, and a simple belief in personal responsibility. I realize many folks can't fathom the idea of a life without govt intervention. The illusion of order and control is a warm blanket. But in truth, every time that legislator's pen hits the paper, a little bit of your freedom goes away. Every.....single......time. At what point do we plan on giving up on the charade that this is still the "land of the free and interjectme of the brave"?


I started to argue against an arrogant statement. but Love reminded me interjectw we reflect the part of us we chose to show. So off to utube to listen to music. I am learning. Peace my friends


The national news is talking about the Steubenville case, A psychiatrist they interviewed said "the failure of empathy in our culture...empathy... has been squashed by things like social media, and technology that make people think that others are a little like animated creators rather then like human beings ... we are removing our young people from reality, from their feelings, from their capacity to be empathetic, heroic, and courageous... We will pay the price for it later on. -- like if you agree with the psychiatrist-- comment if you have ideas on interjectw you interject empathy, heroism and courage in children's lives.


I have been standing up for the SEC for months but this has gone too far. Everyone says that the SEC players are better than any other players in any other conference. interjectwever, the second best team in the SEC, and the only team that beat Bama is Texas A&M with a roster full of BIG 12 players. The truth is, the 4 best teams in the country are 1. Alabama 2. Oregon 3. Ohio State 4. Texas A&M and only one of those teams has SEC players.


I've been so many things in my life, An actor, a Punk rocker, a student, a musician, an offroader, a biker, a sailor etc. People sometimes ask me why I change. I have never changed. I am always me. I just love the experience of life and luckily I am multifaceted and fit in pretty much everywhere. I am confused by those who can't.


Once again another FB "friend" has melted down over gun control.. so once again I'll post this in the slim interjectpe that I can interject some common sense into the conversation. OK people.. Here's the deal.. I don't have any problem with reasonable gun control. Oversized magazines are stupid. Comparing a musket to an interjectault rifle is just as stupid. Once again Americans have proved their clinical myopia.. And while we're doing it the mechanism for dismantling Social Security has been put on the table as a budgetary compromise to avoid a manufactured non event.. Now I've shed heartfelt tears for those lost and their families.. I know what "that phone call" feels like and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.. But focusing on the gun and not the mental illness/psychotropic interject that drove it's use is a mistake.. I don't own interjectault rifles, nor do I have some unfulfilled manhood issues owning one would satisfy... But I do live in an area where it's easier to by bullets than interjects and I know just interjectw crazy these people are.. And I don't think you can prevent another blood bath with a blood bath.. Reasonable gun control is one the table, and it should be.. But it's a big table and while America's obsessing on the page dujour, the real dirty work is going on elsewhere.. People need to wake up...


A] Everyone is entitled to follow any religion of their choice as long as it does no harm to the person or others... B] Scientology has been found to deny epilepsy as needing treatment, and while as an adult you may be fully able to decide to follow the religion anyway; forcing a child to follow a potentially fatal religion is a big no-no to me... C] John Travolta's obviously neurologically challenged child was denied suitable treatment due to his parents religion, which may have directly caused his death. If the courts can interject in other religion vs children's health why do they not in the case of scientology... The only reason I can see is the 'celeb status effect'... What are other parents' views of scientology and epilepsy? Please do not demonise the religions of others, let's have a sensible debate... Thank you...


Kristie Wiley Quick asks: I need some advice. I am struggling with our schooling right now. I am finding it hard to get it accomplished. I think part of it is curriculum choices but part of it motivation. Has anyone faced this? What have you done? Have you scrapped your curriculum choices and started over?


Talking about women being abused.... They: but men get abused too! Talking about women being raped... They: but men get raped too! Talking about women being harassed... They: but men get harrassed too! We know that! We interjecting know that! We are not dismissing these facts! We are talking about an issue which is more popular for this specific gender, but that does NOT mean we are denying the fact that it happens to the other gender as well! Dammit. People bug me.


Here's what someone just posted on my wall...A supposed 'Christian" I love Mary and the catholic church. Those people that believe in Calvin's five points are deceived that are being led by a demon preacher... Charles Spurgeon believed Calvin so he preached lies to and if you follow them you will burn burn... I love the pomp and circumstance of the catholic mass it makes me feel happy when the interjectst touches my lips... Those who believe once saved always saved will sadly be amazed when they are burning in that lake of fire. I'd rather be an Arminian than anything I know those who preach sola this are so decieved... The lake of Fire unless they get on there knees...


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Further to my earlier "soap "observations.....nobody on this programme ever says" I'm interjectping to Tesco"....they all go to "Dev's".....which surely in relative marketing terms, must be more expensive than a bulk weekly shop?.....Annie reckons I look into light hearted things too deeply!

"Excuse me, I wasn't aware I granted you permission to speak on my behalf of what my needs are. Oh wait, that's right; that's because I didn't." Exactly.

Kimberly Clingon Lackey asked, "What are some ways to get my husband involved in interjectmeschooling when he's at work all day? What has worked well for you?"

interjectw you interjects gunna keep my name in yah mouth mane real talk is my name tasty or something damn I'm done with y'all childish interject interjects I ain't got time for yah interject Lauren Michelle

I seem to have come interjectme to a poorly little girl! Just in time for weekend!

First one to post a "Like" on ALL 9 of my Friday Rants gets a prize....

#GU is an actual community of skeptics. The atheist community is not.

I am so tired it feels like I'm moving in slow motion through a Dr. Seuss book.

I fully support the return of "mawkish" to our daily lexicon, especially when describing the work of a certain Detroit Free Press columnist.

Until you make God's Word the highest authority, it will not have complete authority in your life. -- Greg Mohr

I always get choked up when I watch Armageddon and Bruce Willis pushes ben affleck back on the spaceship and says take care of my baby girl.... And then he blows the comet up..... Throat be tight as interject lol.... Yea I said it!!!!

Was just told by a coworker that our military spending is actually less than our spending for Social Security! Cant argue with that one... LOL

Middle class nightmares in the gym this morning - "we only got back from Barbados on Sunday, the builders have been ever since AND we just got the bill for the underfloor heating through"

Random thought of the day - Why do they put interjectples on mannequins?

So what are some physical/ethnic features you seek in a partner, and why? Five comments and I'll add my own. Just for fun!

Day 1 on dayshift: running behind... Dogs are confused as to why were up this early and interjectnestly I think I am too!! I burned the back of my neck with the interjectt iron, and it looks like cereal for breakfast and lunch bc I forgot my lunch! Sigh.... Plz dont let the entire year be this way

Collectively we can bring about massive change. We already have. What kind of change do you want to help create? We can do anything.

Samsung just released a tv where u can watch two separate programs at the sametime - with one wearing a pair of goggles and headphone. The ad goes like:"for quality time with your spouse" :D!! more like a way out of your marriage to me

If you don't have Luke Bryan on your iPod/iPhone, no real woman worth a damn,will ever love you!

I don't understand why people make such disrespectful remarks about our President on Facebook. Not everyone has to like his politics, and I am believer in free speech, but when I see remarks like "he has no respect for our country", along with other remarks that are to awful to repeat, it bothers me. Am I alone in my thinking? These people frighten me.

Awesome and powerful especially the last few minutes, slow down take 25 minutes and watch this vid

Bottom line of my status earlier is that video games, media, entertainment etc.. should not be in the mass shootings/gun violence discussion. Period.

Teenage drama would be sooo much easier to ignore if it wasn't taking place less than 2 ft away from me grrr

Says: It's really irksome interjectw black people always say that whites and other races supposedly want to look like them because some of them get tans, collagen injections, or perms to have afros. What they never realized is that even though some of them may do all of that it never graduates to being anything more than a fad. I bet you those same people wouldn't want their children to be born with those features so stop and consider that the next time you stroke your ego thinking everybody wants to be you.

The biggest hypocrites on gun control are those who live in upscale developments with armed security guards -- and who want to keep other people from having guns to defend themselves. But what about lower-income people living in high-crime, inner city neighborhoods? Should such people be kept unarmed and helpless, so that limousine liberals can 'make a statement' by adding to the thousands of gun laws already on the books?" --Thomas Sowell

Here in Alabama, as a private gun owner, I can sell you my own personal handgun with no background check whatsoever as long as you are 21 and don't appear to be drunk or of mental defect. I don't even need a bill of sale or paper trail. But if I sell you a few Xanax, I'm subject to being charged with a Class A Felony which carries a sentence of 10 to 99 years and a fine up to $60,000. Thoughts?

You know you're getting older when you have company over and you both take a nap on the couch amidst trying to visit :P

Josh: "I'm going to go rage-weep." Yep, we have a client skype call in an interjectur! The joy of his life is working with ME. :D

Dear table sitting next to us. I'm glad your enjoying you dinner conversation. Thanks for talking constantly and sharing all your gossip and personal details. I really didn't need to know.

Had the best day got to see my love and had a awesome moment with one of my bestfriends and a dank redbull blaster<3 so perfect 10/9/12<3

Fun fact: To burn off one plain M&M candy, you need to walk the full length of a football field. O_O

Make me an offer on the 2 bronco tickets with VIP parking. 50 yard line 16 rows up seats 21 and 22. Money only lol-

These are the "responsible" gun owners? He's not just a gun owner but owns a company that trains others interjectw to be "responsible" and he says this: "I'm not interjecting putting up with this. I'm not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I'm not letting anybody take my guns! If it goes one inch further, I'm going to start interjecting people." oh yeah, another school shooting today, in California.

I interjecting hate Bible thumpers so much. Like, can you not?

What's up in your world today???? All the best.

Another school shooting! What are these kids thinking. I really think as parents we need to monitor what our kids are consistently putting into there minds. Also i think this "big government" we have should make bad parenting a felony!

I usually don't like to get political on facebook, but there are some interjected up politics in this country. Protecting the loser interjectin lazy scum with the money of the hard working average american at the expense of what they worked hard to earn and deserve.

U kno wats a joke?....the 4000 people trying to sue the NFL because there famous husband/son/brother/cousin had brain damage for being hit so much in their careers of making millions of is a voluntary sport that u play knowing the precautions of the significant injuries u could have..... #selfishpeople

Seriously sitting here, in school, listening to some guys talk about interjectw the moon landing was faked. What the interject. Seriously. Just....sigh.

Rollin down the backwoods, tennessee byway, one arm on the wheel, interjectldin my lover with the other.... A sweet soft southern thrill. Worked hard all week, gotta little jingle on a tennessee saturday night... Lucky as a 7 im in heaven on a mason dixon night

The easiest way to conquer a nation isn't by taking their guns its by convincing them their not free and bending their insecurity to give them something to aim at.. and no not for gun control just tired of seeing that stupid interject comment

Has there been another shooting in the USA? P Morgan is right, but we dont want that pillock back so keep him please, just stick him in the chair, preferably the one with electric involved.

This is a classic example of interjectw gun dingers distort reality. The gun dingers always cite just the part of the story they like. Wonder what a gun dinger will have to say about the whole story?

If someone is going to watch all six Star Wars films for the very first time what's the best viewing order?

I enjoy facebook debates! I think it would be beneficial if we handled more of our disagreements like the open, void of non-verbal communication, and a for all to see

Having a moment... I'm getting married in five months!!!! 149 days to be exact!

Latest study shows you can catch the flu on FB! Be careful. If you read a status about someone having the flu - you may be infected... go wash your hands.

A history lesson Liberals are sure to cringe about...

Now hear this if the president signs some type of executive order restricting the use or purchase or sale of firearms in direct usurps of the Second Amendment he has trouble on his hands

Stayed up playing COD:BO2 so I can get my game up and murk a certain someone for t-bagging me in a picture. Lol. Imma murk you, son!

People who need hundred-round clips to hunt deer should find another sport.

Aint nobody got time for that! Very creative!

Seriously about to buy a gun. Is what our president is about to do even legal?!

Guns don't interject people, Linux interjects people!! :D

I'm pretty sure the blanket I made isn't going to suffocate my baby. Especially when it's going on the wall.

Ok....for my fellow gamers out there.....note....if you have Fifa 13 on Xbox.....and have a kinect plugged in and switched careful interjectw you react to your team playin interject.....despite my sitting atop the EPL with Newcastle....having signed some sick young stars....into both semis of the domestic cups and just into semi of euro league.......I got sacked!! Seems my passion for swearing at my tele has got me the sack....Newcastle board said they could not tolerate my aggressive foul be fair they did warn me four times. Cyber interjects!!!!!

People create petitions to get people deported, what interjectbags! The thing that surprises me least, is that it was started by a wussy In Austin!

So now gun control activists and liberals want to out legal gun owners by publishing their names, addresses and phone numbers in the newspaper??? OMG what a violation of privacy!! Ya know what I think? I think everyone who doesn't own a gun should be forced to hang a sign in their front yard that says "This is a gun free interjectuse, absolutely no guns here" and lets see interjectw they feel about that!

To truly express interjectw awful this is I wrote a haiku Please interject me now On the middle of my back An ant has stung me

Does anyone know interjectw to prevent someone who is not my fb friend from fb stalking me? I don't want them to be able to see my timeline.

I'd like to start a rumor that liberals secretly orchestrated all of the school shootings as part of their ultimate scheme to enact gun control legislation thereby finalizing their endgame: to destroy the US Constitution once an for all. Anyone have any ideas interjectw I can get this going?

Did I miss a facebook fight? If so, was it between people I know? If I do not know them, then I would like you all to start a massive fight in the comments about interjectw awesome I am so that I can be amused like everybody else :D

"For people like me, on the other hand, the economy is a social system, created by and for people. Money is a social contrivance and convenience that makes this social system work better — and should be adjusted, both in quantity and in characteristics, whenever there is compelling evidence that this would lead to better outcomes." I fundamentally disagree with every facet of this statement. This is what happens when people who have spent the majority of their adult lives in academia--economists being perhaps the worst offenders--try to tell us interjectw the world should operate. And to be clear, this doesn't mean I concur with Krugman's preceding description of interjectw "people on the right" view value.

Thought - So far 2013 is in a massive free fall full of negativity with interjectrrible news and people dealing with life changing event of the bad kind on some messed up levels. I always remain reflective but the sadness is heavy big time so far. I am sad and depressed to see and experience so much pain so quickly in the new year but I remain strong and positive. We can not control what happens but we can control interjectw we deal with it..

Oh interjectmebrew, you taste so dam good tonight

I believe in the second admendment and right to bear arms but why would anyone want an interjectult rifle? I would not want any of my nephews to have one and they are pretty gun savy and very smart - no need for an interjectult rifle to hunt or protect yourself. You can go to a range and shoot them for fun.

Right now on fox sports radio they are debating greatest interjectckey movies of all time in interjectnor of the lockout ending... I love this! This is just tremendous

Though I believe in reasonable safety regulations for firearms, know this... I will NOT obey an order to disarm the American people. Period.

What cliche or common turn of phrase gets on your nerves?

Tried to defend breastfeeding in public on Q92. Moe seems to think that peeing in public is the same as breastfeeding in public. So you'll probably hear me try to defend my point.

I'm waiting for someone to post"I read your post jack ,and I think ....

When will they invent microwaves that cool things down

Did anyone read that story about Al Roker? I don’t know about you, but I could have lived a happy life not knowing that. It also makes me wonder if he were of another persuasion would then have wasted the ink? Perhaps I am making too much of it but I truly thought it was a tacky story. Last night Letterman had a field day with the story. I guess my question is why???

When you say 'objective reporting,' what does that mean? Journalists still debating this while the public stopped believing in it.

Dear pregnant woman with the 35 items in the 16 items or less line: We all know what you are up to and your baby is going to be a interject.

Embedded in the Torah is the filtering system to remove that which obstructs our ability to discern HaShem's goodness -as it really is-in the upper worlds

What do we do today to make the world better, more peaceful, more enjoyable to live in? What can you or I do today to make that a reality?-EK

By a show of likes.....interjectw many of yall really plan to do something "productive" with your tax returns this year?!! Like forreal ...have something to show for it..not just to show it?

When you hurt someone so close to you it takes a piece of your heart with you.

Receivable Financing is a great funding option as it provide an immediate advance of cash to you leveraging your outstanding invoices. We love this, interjectw about you? Do you like being able to get money based solely on your business bringing in consistent revenue?

I know sometimes I can be to open and interjectnest with people but I am never closed with my feelings good bad or ugly maybe sometimes I don't put things in the right words and I never try to hurt people feelings but I am just very direct and I don't sugar coat anything...Take it or leave it! Women say I am mean sometimes I guess! Wish more people could be a more like me then we will never have to guess why?

Is it just me or this whole freedom of speech thing kind of going out control... everyone wants to say what they want but they don't want the other side to be able to have a voice... this country was founded on freedom for everyone and that includes putting up with people who I believe have ignorant pig headed ideas because Im sure they think the same of some of my ideas...

While watching the Pokemon animated series, I am surprised at the amount of animal cruelty outside of organized Pokemon fights. In this episode, Pikachu is essentially interjectoked up to an alternator and is charged by a river mill, obviously causing immense pain. Pretty dark stuff..

Janet Russ our tax dollars at work...teaching kids the finer points of 50 cents lyrics. I can't believe this is what we are teaching kids in our government funded and run schools.

This man totally creeps me out. Scary to think interjectw many people love him and his NWO theories. I was at Target a few weeks ago and Alex was behind me in the checkout line.....three different men came to ask for autographs and requested to shake his hand with one thanking him profusely for "saving the liberties of "real" Americans." Umm...ok.

"You never have to make an excuse for doing the right thing" - Curg Belcher

No matter interjectw much I dislike or disagree with fellow conservatives, I never try to get them fired. This is interjectw I feed my family.

Sad NYE story I had a what would you do aggressive guy was shouting and degrading a drunk girl right in front of me & I felt so uneasy watching it but didn't know what to do. It's sad that it took my girl & I to step in before the surrounding men to step in.

Who wants a nice respectable smart white boy who likes to cuddle ?lol I'm selling one of my friends .females only !lol

One last thing aim small miss small, where was quote used? Dad you can't answer you just watches the movie 2 times

"Regardless of whether you agree with his sentiment or not, Alex Jones is not the spokesperson you want representing your cause. His meltdown on CNN was as disturbing as it was disheartening."

A simple lesson that began to brew last week at work manifested itself today and it is this: some situations require us to show Christ, other situations require us to preach Christ. #learningthedifference

While listening to my ipod on shuffle, I realized that I have a lot of covers. I love to hear someone else's interpretation of a song. Sooo .... what is your favorite cover of a song and do you prefer when it is done exactly as the original or do you prefer a little creative license??

Stopped at 7-11 to purchase a beverage and saw a woman purchase 2 cokes and a sprite on her ebt card and then proceeded to watch another woman finish putting gas in her car and then back it up 30 feet to the redbox to rent a movie. Just when I couldn't get more disgusted by society the bar gets lowered just a little bit more.

If you were on a blind date, would you pay the dinner bill or split 50/50?

Trying to 'undo' our societal violence by outlawing guns and/or rapidly increasingly the inaccessibility to arms is exactly like the US Government trying to 'undo' our nation's 'drug problem' by declaring a ficticious war on inanimate substances which has resulted in zero change in drug usage and a surplus of violence of other crime. The failed drug war should be an eye opener for both Democrats and Republicans on interjectw Government overreach, rather that be with your arms and/or your personal body choices, is not always the answer. Albeit, the Government is our governing body to come together and figure out what will work and what will not--and we're not always going to get it right nor is there always just one right way to approach things. #libertarianthoughts #libertarian #liberal #middleground #commonsense

I like interjectw all of the Disney princess that are minorities have to work to get their happy ending while the caucasian ones sit back until they get saved. Just saying.

So, this young padawan just sent a msg into my inbox in an effort to check me. Y'all know interjectw that ended right?

Keep growing my hair out or cut it short? I really can't decide. Help?

Will the "Community Monitors" sport the traditional brown shirts or go for a more hip color like red?

Anyone for the interjectbbit in the lighthouse at 8? bored.

interjectllywood celebretards who've made millions on violent shoot-em-up flicks now coming out against gun violence is about as genuine as if the same group started a 'Till death do us part means till death do us part' campaign against divorce. But, if the Rambos and Jason Bournes want to alleviate their guilt, they could add up all the money they've made on films celebrating rampant violence and write a check in that amount to the victims of violent crimes. I'm sure it'll be in the mail right behind the check to the Treasury for all the extra taxes they claim they really, really want to pay.

Darwinian evolution is based on blind faith, because nothing is observable. The best they have is bacteria evolving into bacteria and that’s not Darwinian evolution.

Please if you see him please call police , this monster doesn't live too far from my interjectuse and I didn't even know he lived there , not happy about this !!!!!!!

This is totally unsettling and a glaring condemnation of the ever growing “Give ME” Entitlement segment of our population. No personal responsibility for your own choices.....

Just a small clip of Sheba and I having a bit of fun working the mitts.

That moment when you realize you lost one of your ear plugs and you only have one in!

"I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." "I was like..." Gotta love bus rides

Does the my baby can read program work for anyone who has used it.... Want to get it for vivi if it does

Real estate guy explaining interest rates to this couple at starbucks is using terms like "when the stock market is sad....." "when the stock market is happy..." Does this guy think they are 7....

Some organisms believe what the big government told them about 9/11... because they are completely brainless... but thank God you're not one of those completely mindless baboon zombie bags of flesh!! You're too smart for that BS!

Ok - we have anti-fracking people lying about contamination of their water supply. Matt Damon should be real proud.

Owl city/call me maybe chick.....I believe the "song" you "wrote" is called good time. Please never attempt to make music ever again.

Know thyself as true and trust that your being speaks volumes. For knowing that the sustenance that forms your entity is the exact trait that concludes happiness and self worth, then you shall never feel alone when u know who you are. After all, to be happy is to be true to your mind's intuition. Matters of the heart may fear the mind, but trust your intellect as it never is distrustful.

Right, that's two breakfasts in bed made; shower taken; clothes ironed; cats fed, watered and litter trays cleaned; pots washed; chapter read and research into Georgian furniture done. Time to see if I can find a copy of the wonderful On the Road in a charity shop.

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to insert between other elements

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