Inspired in a sentence as an adjective

With all-new features inspired by iPad, the Mac just keeps getting better and better.

He did not get it here, and that is a sad testament to how crowd-inspired frenzies can bend our perceptions in such faulty ways.

So straight off the bat it eliminates that large segment of people inspired by the dot-com bubble to get IT degrees to earn good bucks.

From the American perspective, 9-11 was a terrorist attack and Pearl Harbor wasn't, even though they both inspired terror.

I searched a bit and it appears as if 1024 is also inspired by Threes, so my game is probably the last of a long chain of clones :PThe code is also open-source.

9-11 inspired terror because there was nothing to fight back against--it was people who were quite demonstrably willing to get killed in order to achieve their objective.

" The pixelated version was incredibly appropriate for a chiptune tribute and anyone that claims to care about art should applaud such a use of an imitation, mockup or inspired work.

[7]Shulgin's pioneering work inspired generations of chemists, self-experimenters, and explorers.

And tech-inspired sales and distribution methods in this and a broad swath of other fields will mean that those seeking to limit consumer choice by protecting local turf through bureaucratic pull will be fighting what will ultimately prove to be a losing battle.

> "Facebook creeps me out."Whether or not you agree with his decision, having Notch pull away from talks with you creates an instant credibility "situation".It's also noteable that Notch had been meeting with the Oculus team just two weeks ago[0], was tweeting about them in rather gushing terms[1] and seemed incredibly inspired to work on VR ideas[2].He is now the personification of the a near universal feeling of betrayal in the community.

"A Beautiful Mind" is the worst I've ever seen: - Most characters didn't exist, they are *inspired* by real persons\n - He never had visual hallucinations, only auditory\n - The hallucinations started *after* college\n - He and his wife divorced in 1963, they only remarried in 2001.\n - The pen laying and the Nobel ceremony never happened\n - Near the end of the movie, he say he's taking "new meds" while in real life, \n he stopped taking them after the mid 70's and he's vocal about it.

Inspired definitions


being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods; "her pies were simply divine"; "the divine Shakespeare"; "an elysian meal"; "an inspired performance"

See also: divine elysian