Infuriate in a sentence as a verb

It tends to infuriate the cop, but is legal.

Also it's so much fun to infuriate friends when they try to use my trackpad and it moves windows all over the place.

Of course I can afford to lose $1 or whatever - it's not the cost but the fact that I had been scammed what would infuriate me.

This technique seems to infuriate DHH in the context of rails, while to me it seems a far superior design.

All these statements do is infuriate customers, create bad press, and drive away other customers.

Do it yourself!Your complaints infuriate me!It feels like at some point the quality of the discourse on hackernews went downhill.

Weasel words that create even more uncertainty and appear to be hiding an agenda tend to infuriate people.

It frustrates me to see this BS repeated on an almost daily basis, I can only imagine how much it must infuriate you.

You can imagine the tech team at the Onion feeling a race against time before their editorial team managed to so infuriate the attackers that the situation got out of control.

The result of that second part tends to infuriate other developers, but at the demo the UI works, with the project only half finished, which is something customers and managers appreciate.

This would infuriate me, because in my mind, if you wanted to be able to ask all these interesting questions that rely on the data, then you need to spend time to make sure you've done the computation correctly and in a way that is reliable.

Infuriate definitions


make furious

See also: exasperate incense