Inebriated in a sentence as an adjective

Clubs and bars tend to be dark and the patrons inebriated.

And you don't know how inebriated this guy really was.

Girl shows this to slightly inebriated boyfriend in bar.

Now a taxi rolls up, and the person you're to be sharing the back seat with is a large man who seems inebriated.

We'd all have a beer or two in the afternoon and call it a day. Nobody got inebriated, weird or uncomfortable.

There are few things I find quite so unpleasant as sitting in a noisy bar with people who are getting progressively inebriated.

I'd prefer flexibility in places to meet and not having to resort to getting inebriated to meet someone :/ Coffee shops?

Steve would have said, is he inebriated?Anyhow, the $99 Logitech keyboard case is available today.

Dude, Get your *** to SF so I can buy you the many beers I owe you!I get truly excited when I see your replies, I'd love to banter in [inebriated] public!

To sum it up: EVE is no idle pastime and you do not just log into EVE and "zerg" through a few battleground inebriated without any consequences or danger.

Put yourself in the mind of the people-who-want-other-people-to-get-drunk, and picture someone who can drink like a fish but won't actually get even slightly inebriated--and who purposefully put themselves in this state, instead of "just being that way." How do you feel about that person?

Inebriated definitions


stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol); "a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors"; "helplessly inebriated"

See also: intoxicated drunk