How to use Incontrovertible in a sentence as an adjective

From the data they cited from the surveys, it seems pretty incontrovertible that there is some sort of problem, despite your own personal anecdotes.

You want it to be some obvious, incontrovertible scumbag.

As soon as incontrovertible evidence was provided, Rossi would become a media superstar, make history, and receive billions in pre-orders from all over the world.

Curiosity can detect a wide array of organic compounds, and if a sufficient quantity of the right variety of compounds were detected it could be near incontrovertible proof of life.

As someone who stopped reading them years ago, let me tell you an incontrovertible fact of the Internet: if it's worth reading, it will show up in every aggregator you still pay attention to, three times on the front page of HN if necessary.

Just FYI: people usually prefix a statement with "Make no mistake" when they're about to present a disputed claim as incontrovertible fact.

There are many ways to convict a person besides incontrovertible direct evidence of guilt.

Now we have absolute incontrovertible proof, above and beyond any of the documents that Snowden leaked, in the tangible form of the US Government's illegal actions in spite of international law, that prove what Greenwald said was 100% right.

You can see a list of every bank failure and the outcome here [2].The simple and incontrovertible fact is that the US banking system is as close to 100% safe as you can get.

It is pretty incontrovertible that the guy did beat up his girlfriend for a solid chunk of time.

In any event the plane took up a heading for Langwaki which appears incontrovertible at this point..

Incontrovertible definitions


impossible to deny or disprove; "incontrovertible proof of the defendant's innocence"; "proof positive"; "an irrefutable argument"

See also: irrefutable positive


necessarily or demonstrably true; "demonstrable truths"

See also: demonstrable