Proper Noun Examples for Incomputable

Incomputable and undetermineable are probably different. Even those methods that slip the grasp of incomputable will probably run headlong into undetermineable. Even if our models become sufficient our calculations can only be faster than reality for large events. The tiniest things will always be very hard to anticipate.

Related Sentences for Incomputable

"A Friendly AI would have to be able to aggregate each person's preferences into one utility function. The most straightforward and obvious way to do this is to agree on some way to normalize each individual's utility function, and then add them up. But many people don't like this, usually for reasons involving utility monsters. If you are one of these people, then you better learn to like it, because according to Harsanyi's Social Aggregation Theorem, any alternative can result in the supposedly Friendly AI making a choice that is bad for every member of the population."

Incomputable definitions


beyond calculation or measure

See also: immeasurable inestimable