How to use Impoverish in a sentence as a verb

"Icelanders wisely said "no," they opted not to impoverish themselves to make good the debts of local private hedge funds to the foreign speculators.

It would be unfair to import the negative rhetorical weight of the word theft -- an act that can directly impoverish or even imperil someone -- with what we're talking about.

The idea that needing medical treatment might impoverish me or poverty leaves me unable to obtain the treatment I need seems exceedingly cruel.

If we gave everyone a billion dollars except you, does it impoverish you in anyway?

That's a bit like telling people who live in dangerous areas that the best response to a mugger is not to let them impoverish you.

What do you do when you terminally impoverish a large swath of your population after exploiting them for sixty years in order to achieve some financial utopia that they didn't need anyway?

Second, the advocate putting their money where their mouth is will only impoverish them self while making very little change.

You can permanently impoverish a person, and that's it.

" says the time-traveler after you offer to impoverish yourself for the sake of a religious argument about how wealth is denominated.

How could this lead to impoverishment when even relatively conservative asset management averages returns of >5%?

Have the power to impoverish someone with a lot of money just because they're not generating more with it?

If you held everyone to this criteria you would severely impoverish language.

"But making an app specifically designed and targeted so as to impoverish artists is a dick move.

Impoverish definitions


make poor


take away

See also: deprive