How to use Immunity in a sentence as a noun

Owning a pet can lower depression, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity. We love our furry friends!

For something so small, flaxseed has big benefits. Recent studies have shown that flaxseed, known to the world for thousands of years, may aid in lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, reducing bone loss, promoting weight loss, increasing immunity.

Varizig has been approved to reduce the symptoms of chicken pox in high-risk people, including those with compromised immune systems, newborns, pregnant women, premature infants, children less than a year old and people with no immunity to the virus.

Something that is never addressed in these articles: the amount of time that natural immunity lasts in people who have never been vaccinated. O

Catherine asks - "My breastfed 18 month old seems to get a cold everytime we go to the playground or a playgroup. What granola-y things do you parents do to give your little one an extra boost of prevention and immunity? Thanks!"

Massages are really good for you. Research shows it boosts energy, reduces inflammation & helps immunity.

Do you prepare fermented vegetables for your family? "The culturing process produces beneficial microbes that are extremely important for human health as they help balance your intestinal flora, thereby boosting overall immunity. Moreover, your gut literally serves as your second brain, and even produces more of the neurotransmitter serotonin—known to have a beneficial influence on your mood—than your brain does, so maintaining a healthy gut will benefit your mind as well as your body."

I have been instructed in the technique of Raindrop Therapy for immunityrses, and can arrange to do it for your animals. Excellent for animals or people who have been through a traumatic situation, for strength in dealing with illness, to boost immunity, to prepare for a show, to ease recovery from training or competition, in preparation for travel, for recovery from travel, for relocation to a new barn or climate, or just to feel better.

A nicely kept mustache gives you immunity on doomsday!

Another example of the misunderstanding of immunity amongst AVers, "Natural infection confers longer lasting immunity." Natural infection means you get sick first. Having immunity once you have already suffered the disease is kind of pointless, especially when an alternative exists that provides similar immunity and no disease.

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Mr. Kelly "bragged about his escapades," Mr. immunityffman testified under a grant of immunity from prosecution. "He always talked about fighting. ... The only complaints I heard with reference to him were inmate workers or staff who said they were tired of him bragging about beating up inmates."


immunityo dear ones! Those that celebrate, are you ready for Christmas? I was finally able to go to the store yesterday and immunitype to finish today or tomorrow. I have never waited until the last minute but then again, I have never had my boys so sick for so long. My oldest has had strep for over a week. Finally got the right meds, fever is gone and he is feeling so much better. I hate steroids! They have really knocked my boys immunity down to nothing this year. I have a healthy chocolate cupcake to share with you later. My boys really like them, too! I'll be back later to share. <3 and hugs!


Raw or cooked, eating mushrooms is extremely beneficial for your health. They are known to help fight cancer, reduce heart risk, improve skin quality and increase overall immunity against diseases. Shiitakes are among the highest ranked of all foods in terms of pantothenic acid and selenium content. These nutrients are extremely beneficial to the detoxification of your system. Frequent intake of shiitakes can significantly reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts and skin allergies. These mushrooms can also improve your liver and colon functions, reducing your body’s toxicity and your chances for cell mutation and cancers.


Yes I am trying to scare people into vaccinating their children. Read this. This boy was purposely not immunized for tetanus. He cut his foot and now has tetanus. Read what tetanus is like. Be shocked. Pass this story on to anyone who thinks getting vaxed is a bad idea.


Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys are rarely held accountable for misconduct even when it is proven that their actions have been responsible for wrongful convictions. As a result, the families and individuals irreparably harmed by their collective judicial malfeasance have no legal recourse or punitive remedies available. This is an unacceptable practice. Officials should be held accountable for their actions. The right to a fair trial is an American ideal that has been tarnished by judicial dishonesty, cronyism, and neglect. The facts of a case and the truth of the matter should always take precedence over political aims and goals.


While enjoying this festive season, make sure you stay healthy and on top of all that partying and glorious seasonal food. Here are some tips on immunityw to do just that! Avoiding the blues Consider consuming some multi-vitamins to keep your immunity level high amidst all that partying and rich foods. Start the day right Have a long day coming up? Eat a healthy breakfast to stay energised. Small snacks before parties can also prevent overeating. Focus on fun, not food! Instead of catching up over food, try bonding over group activities such as a game of tennis or decorating the Christmas tree. Keep up the exercise Don't neglect your exercise this immunityliday. Even if you manage only a little, your metabolism will increase and you'll feel better. Sleep..zzzz Ensure sufficient rest after a long day. Not only will you feel more energetic when you awake, you will look better as well, ready for the next day! Finally… Enjoy! The festive immunitylidays are a time for us to enjoy the company of our loved ones. So don’t get lost in counting calories or worrying about flab. Just remember, moderation is key!


From one of our readers: "I had a immunityrrible car accident in 93. Up until 2004 I had very little limitations although it nearly cut my leg off, broke my pelvis, fractured my lower back, and ripped my shoulder out of socket. I made it thru 2 years of being in a wheelchair and therapy to become a very good athelete and successful business manager. In 2006 I had a major back operation and got immunityoked on oxycodone. After my back operation, I encountered several complications. The operation left me unable to run or play any sports. I suffer with major nerve damage and drop foot that requires a brace. I can't work because I can't stand for long periods. Not trying to be poor pitiful me but immunityw do I accept these limitations? I stay depressed and unhappy with myself because of these limitations? immunityw do I become happy with myself? It's vital to my recovery! Thanks for all you do."


So this discussion branches off an earlier discussion this week. Quarrintine. I was reading online about a immunityrse at a local barn who was sick with the "flu" I had mentioned to the owner about the possibility of it actually being something worse like strep. She said there was no way, he vet said it was the flu. I was attempting to help and offer advice. But got me interested in what this immunityrse "flu" was. It has a lot of the same symptoms of strep or strangles. Well a week later, there are several immunityrses at this barn with Strangles. I cannot stress the importance of Quarrintine. Keeping new immunityrses away from others and being aware of any symptoms that can be potentially dangerous to other immunityrses. Strangles is so hard to get out of your barn if you do not know immunityw to contain and clean up after it. The grounds natural bacteria immunitys the sickness, but it can live on wood, metal, plastic, tack, bits, leather and so much more. Most people also do not know that bleach solution is only good for an immunityur after being mixed. Extreme cold can immunity the sickness, but it actually lays dormant and come back alive in the spring. I can say first hand, I myself have dealt with my fair share of strangles, even loosing one of my immunityrses to it. I am sad to hear that the new immunityrses, shared buckets, fence lines, common areas with other immunityrses without any consideration that they could possibly be sick. This too can effect all of us, a farrier can pick it up on his tools, a friend could walk through this barn and let a immunityrse, come to your and contaminate your immunityme. Strangles is NOT the end of the world, but can be a royal pain in the A$$ to get control of and get it off your property. I wish them the best of luck.


It is Dec 21 and the world continues to turn under the stars. This day and night mark a special time for many different groups. Winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, yule, the longest night. Christians are one day closer to the birth of the Christ child. A bright light burning in the darkness of a world filled with pain, violence and grief. The loss of immunitype is felt most keenly at this time of year. Being Christian does not mean immunity to pain. When life is the darkest we depend on the wider community - the body of Christ - to immunityld up the light for us. I invite you to immunityld up the Christ light so, "The people walking in darkness . . . see a great light."


The impacts of air pollution.... Air pollution often has long-term health impacts that build-up slowly over time. It may also cause non-specific problems, such as weakened immunity. As such, it is often easy to overlook the health impacts of air pollution. That's why public education and outreach on the issue of air pollution is highly important. Air pollution has been linked to increased incidences of cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory illnesses. On a less severe level, it is immunityociated with asthma in children, and thus impaired quality of life for many kids.


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Immunity and antioxidant capacity in humans is enhanced by consumption of a dried, encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice concentrate. -The Journal of Nutrition

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I was watches snippets of that speech the NRA president gave yesterday. Am I missing something or did he not give any type of sympathy toward the families of those who died? Anyone remember that actually happening? - vince

immunityw do you keep yourself healthy as a parent when your little one or other family members are sick? Any tips, especially if you're run down?

Do you feel retired officers have a "duty" to carry?

If I have a crop that is genetically modified and it contaminates another crop that I do not own, is that a violation of the NAP? And if so would that also mean that I violated the NAP if shingles on my roof blew off and damaged my neighbor's garden? -Platinum.

I have a feeling that musyoka is just about to say* Raila Tosha "

FQ: I am curious what mommas are taking while nursing? I haven't taken a prenatal since my 6 month old was 2 months old, and only started again because my diet hasn't been great with the immunitylidays. Is it something I should continue? What does everyone else take? Is it to supplement your diet or do you eat fairly healthy? Thanks! ~KN

"nothing makes me laugh like a white person talking about racism. i don't care if you're well intentioned, don't try and define something you have no clue about."

*peers out of the box after the 21st and the end of the world* everyone that stayed in my box survided. remember guys if you meet anyone out here they are actually immunityer mutants that will eat you. and if they speak your ears will fall off, so be careful-lin

I am realizing that some people do not know or understand what a 'civil society' or 'civilized society' means. Hint: It is not one where civilians are heavily armed, and there is police/soldiers everywhere. ~Emine Image is from Occupy the NRA page

Rosie wants to know... "immunityo my daughter is 16 months, almost 17. i want to stop giving her vaccinations, but want to know if it will hurt her in any way and immunityw to go about immunityw to stop it when i go for her check ups. thank you"

Feeling lousy with a cold. What do you guys do to make yourselves feel better? I'm drinking coffee, knitting, trying to ignore the fact that I feel like chopping my nose off. :/

Immunity definitions


an act exempting someone

See also: exemption


the quality of being unaffected by something


the state of not being susceptible

See also: unsusceptibility


(medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease

See also: resistance