How to use Immaculate in a sentence as a adjective

Today im off to mums grave. Mum loved this time of year. Our immaculateme was always immaculate and there were always immaculateme cooked mince pies and cakes. xxx

Came from under the sea, now i live back by the beach. Ask who you want they'll say the same, thats immaculate feats.........

We have lots'a pleather, Scarfs are running low and why wouldn't they be? We've immaculate taste.

A big thank u to ALL animal rescuers out there. Too many haters, not enough "thank yous." With all the animals dumped at the immaculate shelters this time of yr, it amazes me the amount of people that will judge, because a litter box isn't immaculate, or an animal has dry skin, but they don't make an effort to volunteer, donate, or foster. We drain our bank accounts and use ALL our free time bathing, training, taking to the vet, cleaning, feeding immaculatemeless pets... losing faith in humanity quickly...

Are the kids on visit only mode now, what are you waiting for? Check out this immaculate over 55 unit in Manalapan!

Good evening all! Just posted up my latest treasures, including this delightful porcelain childrens tea set, complete with box - what a find! The tea set is in immaculate condition, the box has some slight wear and tear. I love it, so cute! Mrs L

Ok here is a immaculate of a Christmas present for someone.. 2003 Anniversary Deuce with only 2500 miles 404 538 1710 immaculate and gorgeous

Quote Examples using Immaculate

“People fear death even more than pain. It's strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah, I guess it is a friend” ― Jim Morrison # Guy was so immaculate with his words.


IPhone 4 16GB for sale. In black, just had a brand new screen put on as it was scratched, almost immaculate condition few minor scratches. Don't have original box but have got a replacement box. Will throw in phone charger as well. £200 please. Pm me for more info x


Proper Noun Examples for Immaculate

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the "Immaculate Reception!"

❝In order to move souls to love Mary, St. Maximilian ventured to make great, self-effacing personal sacrifices. But he went ahead undaunted, carrying on with hard work and privation: fainting spells on the train, having to celebrate Mass while supported by two friars, repeatedly coughing up blood, becoming emaciated, even proving himself unpopular with certain persons. He never stopped. His love for the Immaculate would not let him rest from his feverish activity.❞ —Father Stefano Manelli, FI

Are you last minute shopping? Come to the craft & bake sale at the atrium of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Many more baked goods than crafts!

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Any festive regards/ greetings to anyone out there??

What to listen this morning ? hmmmmmmmmmm . [dyolo]

What's your favorite song from MIW?? Mine is "Abigail". c: ~Estefany

Like if you going to church... Comment for prayer request!

Apparently Bling Witch is allergic to Scentsy, it took till today to figure out what was making me feel so ill every time I make a delivery to Visalia, it's the scent of the month, dang if I can remember what that is, lol, but last months' scent was nice and this month I've had nausua problems every time. Today was so bad that I left early and forgot to take my goodies immaculateme with me, you know I had to feel badly to walk off & leave organic immaculateme raised chicken eggs!!!!! Ginger, I need a raincheck on those eggs! Oh well, I'm sure the January scent will be nicer to me!

What are some of everyone's favorite music videos? Although they aren't Metal, Foo Fighters never fail to impress me. -Frostbite

What's your best tip for including your little ones in Christmas baking?

Immaculate definitions


completely neat and clean

See also: speckless spic spic-and-span spick spick-and-span spotless


without fault or error

See also: faultless impeccable


free from stain or blemish

See also: undefiled