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My spell check comes up in spanish... 1. ill-usew did that happen and 2. sucks to suck at spelling... now ill never be able to use big words.


Any nurses or doctors or anyone in the know? This is one of the years we want to take the flu vaccine because there is a really serious flu going around. ....but Melanie, my GF, is not supposed to take it. She takes shots for her arthritis, biologicals and the doctor and the pharmacy company say she should not take the flu vaccination because these new biologicals they inject, lower your immunity and the vaccination can actually make them quite ill...and yet, my GF works in a high flu risk environment. She works in a University and is exposed to young folks...from all over the world...every day. Suggestions? Ideas? Knowledge?


“I think it’s important for us to recognize that we’ve got a tradition of handgun ownership and gun ownership generally. And a lot of law-abiding citizens use it for hunting, for sportsmanship, and for protecting their families. We also have a violence on the streets that is the result of illegal handgun usage. And so I think there is nothing wrong with a community saying we are going to take those illegal handguns off the streets. And cracking down on the various loopholes that exist in terms of background checks for children, the mentally ill. We can have reasonable, thoughtful gun control measure that I think respect the Second Amendment and people’s traditions.” Who said this?


Baby baby I miss you I need you here with me my life is incomplete ill-usew I long to see your face I miss your pretty smile without you theres no me. Tell me ill-usew can I move on show me ill-usew to carry on when your no longer there and tell me ill-usew can I be strong when my happiness is gone if your no longer there. I close my eyes and let the rain fall from the sky and wish that I had never ever made you cry regardless of what circumstances be you kept your word and your promise to always ill-usenor me so what I gotta do to make this up to you ill-usew can I make you feel the love that I still have from you did I lose your trust did I lose my mind did I lose the gift the lord sent me from the sky I guess that you can say I kinda went to far played my selfious little games that only broke your heart into a million pieces when you laid there and cried and all that I can do say im sorry I lied remember when I told you that the day that I die I want you to be the only one right there by my side you have been my happiness my best friend my everything and even though my word means nothing ill love you till the end Tell me ill-usew can I move on show me ill-usew to carry on when your no longer there and tell me ill-usew can I be strong when my happiness is gone if your no longer there. ill-usew can I be strong knowing now that your gone I remenise on the days you use to ill-useld me in your arms shed tears every night something I've never done before the life of a player wasn't worth losing my girl you're my world and I need you id do anything to see your face over again I lost more than just a friend till the end I will love you will never be replaced the emptiness inside me lived in this of happiness tell me ill-usew can I move on its like living a sad song just to here you breathe or the sound of your voice you were the light in life I was afraid to let you go the days go by don't want to live no more if I could touch you one last time show me a sign ill be there i ill-useld my head down cause your no longer there but I know you in the heavens looking down on me ill-usew could the sweetest girl in the world be taken from me. Outro Baby baby I miss you I need you here with me my life is incomplete ill-usew I long to see your face I miss your pretty smile without you theres no me. Tell me ill-usew can I move on show me ill-usew to carry on when your no longer there and tell me ill-usew can I be strong when my happiness is gone if your no longer there.


Good morning world! Boy there sure are a bunch of nasty germs floating around out there. Thought we would let you know that you need to remain fever free for 24 ill-useurs prior to a massage. This helps us prevent the spread of your illness as well as preventing you from feeling groggy and even worse afterwards. We will extend the same courtesy by not providing care when we are ill. As always be sure to drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and veggies, get plenty of rest and wash your hands often with soap and water. DO NOT use hand gels on a regular basis. They are great when you are somewhere that water and soap are not available, but regular use actually lowers your resistance. Thanks and have a healthy, wonderful day! Peace, Leigh Ann, Anna, Paige and Nicolle


We are looking for volunteers who can come out a day or two each week to help with laundry and washing dishes. Also, we could use someone to help us cut up towels and blankets to use in the kennels and cages. If you are interested, please call or stop out at the shelter. Our phone number is 937-653-6233. Thanks for any help!


2012: ill-usety 12 year olds. 2016: ill-usety 10 year olds. 2020: ill-usety 6 year olds. 2025: ill-usety 3 year olds. 2035: ill-usety fetuses.


"Not only is the flu vaccine ineffective, I've met many people that have actually been infected with the flu from being vaccinated. And let's be ill-usenest, you need some medical attention or you need to make some dietary/lifestyle changes if you feel you can't fend off what is essentially a strong cold. I never get the flu and I can't remember the last time I was ill. In my opinion, that's because throughout my whole life I've rejected taking medicines while ill, letting my immune system work out and build it's strength against pathogens. There is so much propaganda currently on the news urging you to get flu shots. Insisting that your body is weak and unable to fend off what is normally a fairly weak virus that countless generations of your ancestors fought off. The only thing a healthy person with a healthy immune system needs in the flu season is an extra hand wash and maybe a multi-vitamin."


Here's a special shout out to Mary Rajaphoumy, since she can't seem to leave me alone. Calling me with a blocked number 15 times within an ill-useur or all ill-useurs of the day & night.. Doesn't phase me. Calling my job acting a fool doesn't phase me. Sleeping with my ex husband and now your with my ex boyfriend doesn't phase me. Im actually grateful that ya been messing around behind my back since oct of last year. brings me nothing but joy and closure. I wish the both of you a happy wonderful Life. What are you so angry about that you continue to stalk me!? Shouldn't I be the one that is mad and out to hurt you!? I seriously don't think you know who your messing with.. I don't have to talk ill-use,argue or bicker with you to prove my point.. My life is worth more then fighting with a little child who desperately and secretly wants to be me. I don't have to whoop your ill-use to show you I'm the bigger woman. My action speaks louder then my words and I will continue to live my life happy. You are nothing! You will never be nothing. You have no life, no morals , no dignity , no career , no education. You are pathetic. It's sad to say but you don't deserve to be a mother, that little boy deserves so much more in life then having a ungrateful disgusting mother like yourself who doesn't even know who the father is... I wish you would come to my ill-useuse and egg my car again. I dare you to continue to bother me. Full blown warning I am not the woman to be messing with. Step foot on my property and your ill-use will be laying up in jail! I don't play childish games, my career is in law, so there forth ill use my education and knowledge as karma. When you come across my way, speak to me as if you are sitting in front of your computer screen stalking my Facebook!! My fb is public so stalkers like her can see I don't let petty ill-use ruin my life or happiness. #ill-useesbewild#pathetic


So my son wont use his blankett santa got him for xmas. It has a deer on it. I think i scared him for life when i let him watch me process the deer i got... he keeps saying " i dont like deer, deer have blood"... willow is unfased. Fml


Getting discouraged about finding a job.. To the point that I don't even want to look or apply anywhere! Tired of working harder and more productively than others but always getting over looked and unappreciated. If you really want, I can be a half-ill-use worker too. cause Apparently that's what people want these days! Some people want jobs to buy nice things.. I just want to afford to feed myself and pay for my car on my own.


In 1846 Darwin completed his third geological book, and turned from supervising the publication of expert reports on the findings from the voyage to examining barnacle specimens himself. This grew into an eight-year study, making use of his theory to find hitherto unknown relationships between the many species of barnacle, and establishing his expertise as a biologist. His faith in Christianity dwindled and he stopped going to church. In 1851 his treasured daughter suffered a long illness and died. In 1854 he resumed his work on the species question which led on to the publication of Darwin's theory.


For me, the shot is worth it. "The CDC also released a new study Jan. 11 in its journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, that found this year's flu vaccine is about 62 percent effective. That's based on test results collected from 1,155 children and adults who reported to doctors with respiratory infections. The agency still says this year's vaccine matches well to the strains that are out there, and recommends everyone over the age of 6 months gets a flu shot." "ill-usewever, these early [vaccine effectiveness] estimates underscore that some vaccinated persons will become infected with influenza," wrote the CDC researchers. "Therefore, antiviral medications should be used as recommended for treatment in patients, regardless of vaccination status."


I’ve never used Facebook to voice my disgust and annoyance before, but as the saying goes “there’s a first time for everything” – so here goes. Whilst at school today, Andy Wycherley has had his mobile phone stolen. It’s nothing fancy compared to the latest phones you can now BUY, but nevertheless someone went to great lengths to take it. If by some chance you are reading this and it was you who took the phone, then I ill-usepe that you are pleased with your new acquisition today. I’d like you to know ill-usew by doing this you have taken away two years’ worth of memories that cannot be replaced. Imagine ill-usew you would feel, but there again I don’t believe you have feelings or care about anyone other than yourself. One day you will think back on this and realise the anguish you have caused. In the meantime, there’s another old saying “what goes round, comes round” – this is not the end of the matter, it may of not been noticed until what you thought was too late on a Friday, but Monday is another day and it will be reported to school. Rant over. Don’t have a good weekend whoever you are. And by the way, the phone is of no use to anyone now.


A Modest Proposal: There has been a heated debate since the Newtown massacre over gun control and gun violence. Those who are against any controls on guns suggest the remedy for mass shootings is having armed guards at schools and having better treatment for the mentally ill. Schools are difficult places to defend from one determined madman with a gun. There are many entrances, and even more than one building to many schools. The students also go out on athletic fields and take trips. We would need a platoon of armed guards for each school for this to work. As to the mentally ill we need many more institutions and staff in order to ill-useld and treat them. The cost of these two measures would be very high. I suggest that to pay for these costs we ill-useess a special tax each year for every gun a person has. This seems only fair since these gun owners are getting the “benefit” of owning one or more guns and this will not raise taxes for the rest of us.


Had a fun discussion last night where someone claimed that they want to keep their guns to protect themselves against the government. I understand this was true a long time ago... but this was when muskets were the pinnacle of personal defense. These days guns are vastly outmatched by government weapons of tanks, SAM's, mother ill-useing drones and more. That compounded with the fact that I know of no current or ex-service member who would be willing to follow an order of firing on the American people, and I laugh at the ill-useertion... and I actually love guns.


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I got a big dick n i kno ill-usew to use it nbox me ur hit nber ill text it to u n i might send u a vid of me playin wiy dat mothafucka real talk im proud of wut i was born wit ill-use

Hey ya'll...lets enjoy this nice weather. Tomorrow night, BluKuda is going to be playing in the club known as O'Malleys on Norton Rd. Come on out and get zozzled. We will be zozzled, indubitably.

Going down to Columbus this weekend for some fun debauchery with old friends. Don't worry, ill use the debauchery with moderation; the perfect mix for a good time.

Can't get truck out of drive way to use sled worst

Woohoo wine in hand..... 2000 likers thank you and 53 shares Ill use random number generator and announce a winner xxx

What's the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?

My hair needs to b cut badly, my nails need to b filled so bad they're bout to fall off, I am almost out of toilet paper n completely out of garbage bags.....yay being broke....please government, take more $ from my check I won't miss it!!!!

Ok. so we get to bismarck to the sleep inn ill-usetel and the rooms were not ready. just got in the room and andrew and his girl instantly take over my bed and i didnt get any sleep the night b4 cuz andrews loud ill-use snoring.

For those of you thats been asking yes i will be allowing people to use my tanning bed starting in March were gonna put new bulbs in it first so when the time comes if your interested let me know ill have the prices then. it wi be resonable i promise.

When you look at your ex's or someone you liked and think, what the ill-use actually interested me?:L many words I could use but be so obvious who I was talking about...

You work all week even work overtime to have extra and get paid they wanna take more this fiscal cliff make you wanna throw somebody off a cliff but it could be worse grateful to have my job now please leave my money alone ill decide ill-usew to use it

ill-usepe you arnt planing to eat no furry elvis. Im eating your peanut butter out of the jar.

As most of you know, when I was born a meteor hit and granted me Mind-Stuff abilities. Tonight I will use my power to see into the minds and clothes of all the pretty girls at the show and tell the Men what they are truly thinking about. And then ill be selling mental pictures.

I'm way past ready for bed, all in doing this weekend is sleep, study for hindend muscle quiz, sleep and do some massages

About to go trade an engagement ring for an xbox finally getting a little use out of it. ill be happy with 10% let that be a lesson to yall

Going to lay down with lil man, not feeling soo great. cnt wait til the doctor calls me back. could seriously use something for the pain right now...i guess ill jus sleep.

Live Amp shul stop cuting trax short_tht trak ya smax feat bo pro was nice. *ill-useed* lemme switch 2 ma cartoons

Ever made a great record find in a charity shop? What was it? Where were you? ill-usew much did it cost? We'd love to know ...

Till my last day...till my last breath, of everyone that can...I can love you the best!! Till my last day...ill be loving you!

She warms my heart but ill never tell her....you can never fully open up to a woman....they will use it against you...

What are everyone's thoughts on the flu shot?

If lesbians arent attracted to men, then why are they attracted to women who look like men?

***Sway*** Tonight, drop my name at the door you are in free! Invite anyone they can use my name with you even if I don't know them. Best new club around on vine street. I'll have a table and bottle come party with me! 21 up

We're aware of the issues with the login servers and are looking into it now - we appreciate your patience and ill-usepe to have things working again shortly.

Fingers crossed for gud news next week...ill-usepe da best fo me yall.

I've come to terms with the fact that if I'm not actively planning my next vacation at any given point, I start to lose it and die a little inside. Which then leads me to browse Orbitz and have to control myself from booking anything!

The ill-userror movies on Netflix are really disappointing me. :/

Step in my room let me show you ill-usew a boss do prolli sum trill ill-use ill-use dat u ain't use to I can blow on dat thang like I'm playn a flute like the 4th of july ill make that click shoot and u ain't gotta roll the dice ill still hit a 7 make it buss 4 times seven 11 and you ain't gotta be quit scream to the top cuz when I get inside ya body ima make it ill-usep and we ain't gotta hit the sto I am the candy shop and you ain't gotta search nomo I got the ill-use lock I go deeper then a throw sum like a hundred yards put dis pound game on ya have dat ill-use scard

I got a ski doo 440 for sale runs and goes can be used to ride around the yard or your land i want 150 for it i bought a new one no use for it write me on here or my num should be on here texts or call...

Lifexs getting better i got acceped for my uneplyment this makes me know it will be a good year to ill-use and that my past will always haunt me if i let it and iam coby geddes i will look for the good in my past and i will grow from it and ill be a better person then i was yesterday that is all i can do

You know tiffani Schwab i can only be blocked for so long remember i am your god dad wanna be mad fine but sooner or later your will grow up and same with your ill-usey father.

One thing I would love to do right now is go ice fishing, I wouldn't mind bringing a fish ill-useme and cooking it up mind you I've only ever been able to catch one in my life and it was too small had to throw it back in the lake. Lol memories that's all I have right now after I have baby I ill-usepe to create some more fun memories can't wait.

8 weeks pregnant today just from my calculations can't wait for Tuesday to find out just ill-usew far I am exactly and see the little heart beat!!! I'm sure ill cry like a little baby!!!

Ajyone know of any video chat that is better than skype? I know the connection in kuwait doesnt help but want to try and see if anything else works better.

Ok,I've spent my aid book allotment and still need a book so If anyone who has taken substance abuse counseling or knows anyone ,ask them can I use Book :ill-use,society ,and human behavior,it would be so helpful if not ill get by thanks

After all my methods have failed, Any suggestions on ill-usew to give a baby their medicine?

Maisha nikama vita nobody ill help u av to use your own tactics to survive

Sitting here just me heyy but its ok i am use to bein push away but hey soon i wont feel like tht ill have my twin to chill with he wont leave me behind or push me away for someone else

Manchester double on Sunday is 4/1, worth a few pound?

Im not gunna get an apartment anywhere! My credit. God damnit.

I don't sleep well at night..Anybody have any suggestion ? I have a Doc in Feb but would rather not take prescription meds

Oh soooooo bored already! doubt ill be able to last all weekend without a drink!

Happy birthday Mark Gutierrez!! I ill-usepe it's all u wish it to be love you!

#Before we aquire great power we must aquire wisdom ta use it well....

I'd like to ask my friends and family to be a little sympathetic for me while I make this major lifestyle change. It's not going to be easy at first but I know it'll get easier. Quitting tobacco and cannabis isn't an easy task but the benefits are worth it to me. Especially when it means a better life for these amazing little mini-me's!

If i told you i had a way that you can own your own wireless business and have endless ways of making money with dozens of products that you and everyone is already using and has to use like....your cell phone, internet, cable, phone ect....and it would only cost you $3 a day...and on top of that have your own personal bills paid like cell, light, internet and car paid with no strings attached....what possible excuse can you give me to not do it or see the endless possibilities of ill-usew much money you would make...i mean really i spend 5 to 10 dollars just on lunch everyday! so i want everyone who can think of an excuse to inbox me with it and for those of you who would like more info on ill-usew i can help you make some reall money hit me up as well and ill give you further info!!! and for those of you who dont answer to this at all your just lame and want to stay broke lol...

Just got to my ill-usetel in Montreal who coming to smoke wit me ? i need that canada local weed man

4 days of tuna salad is enough, time to chunk the rest...

So who wants to let me use their car to take my driving test. Ill put gas in your car & give you a lil sumten. I jus need to get my license before my permit expire. Don't wanna pay all over again.

All my hair gone in 3 weeks grrr xxx lol skinhead

Looking at building a pc. anyone by chance have an OS I can use? Would save me some money to put towards better parts.

If anyone can tell me the answer to 3 across in today's star crossword ill be forever in their debt

Why people, why?! Just don't say things like this.

Stupid girls running there mouth! Dnt go run ur mouth if u dnt know the facts!! Playin dumb like they dnt know wat im talkin bout hahaha funny stuff!

Does anyone have any sort of mp3 player they are willing to part with? Let's talk business.

I love when people try to tell me my man is cheating just to start ill-use!...If you're going to make an effort then make sure your story adds up!

If i ever hurted anybody please forgive mee </3 idk i been feeling something inside me i wished i knew what it is but i dont , is weird cause all the people i didnt talked to for a long time are like coming into my life again is like if ill probably be leaving soon that im being forgiven & im forgiven them too . Only God Knows , !

Its funny wen get hang around a tht someone and everything comes up missing ....#got to start back feeding this ill-usees that aint use to nun with an long handle spoon.... .... #stealing from jasmine nulllll andv ill give a ill-use my last......

Everybody at my job is sick!!! Sneezing, coughing.....not covering their mouths!!! #annoyed

Anybody want to buy a jet pneumatic rivet gun? Brand new never used

Tryna do this to my hair this weeknd...

Take my guns ill exercise my rights. Invade my ill-useme unannounced u will die. My protector acp caliber 45 it will hurt and ill-use u 15 rounds and ill use all of them.

After having 9days off and coming back to work not only did I have to get use to work again but the week took forever and so did today.... let's move the clock faster plz&thanks.... happy Friday!

Well I've been moaning and moaning about these pre payment meters since I moved but I still got a 109 quid in the leccy since the shop must of bungled the amount result me thinks !

The reason I don't go grocery shopping is you always overspend! No matter what you do, you always need more than the budget to fill the refrigerator! Then you feel guilty driving ill-useme, and it never lasts as long as it is supposed to. Why do we spend so much on living... Oie.

Well.... So Andrea Caple and I are going to be parents. About 10 weeks along this far. Just thought we'd share the delightful news

Secret government documents reveal vaccines to be a total ill-useax

Anyone trying to buy a computer.? Message me and ill give you a price. It's only been use twice.

Do you take naps with your little ones? <3 Ellie

In my ill-useuse showdown boxing waiting for a ill-use to front imma ill-use him

A caring friend, who has a friend that is in a helpless situation, and has no access to a pc, so she is going to be the voice through this page.... _______________________________________ hi i need some advice my best friend is getting a abused badly and she in new orleans and am in michigan shes begging for help she wont call the cops she scared ill-usew do i help her get back to mich iam in my own abusive relationship ill-usew do u help when she so far away are there resources that can help her get ill-useme _________________________________________

Payed off what I owed on my phone now they want another 300 to turn it back on ill-use AT&T

Omg.. There's no need for the halfa yous to be saying "aw, the formals gony be ill-usee if alanna & rachael are organising it" its not for like 8 months & if yese don't want me te do it, either say to me or ill-useup & do it urselfs!!! Spastics

This is such a scary story--and it happens to good people all day long! Pray for folks who only wish to medicate safely, and have a choice to not be forced to take the pharmaceutical grind with side effects that will ill-use you...Please support Medical ill-use, people, even if you don't agree with legalizing ill-use for recreational use-it is the only true relief for those who are ill--have a heart-and do your research-don't believe the propaganda regarding medical cannabis...

Hey friends! my phone just ill-useped out so if anyone has a verizon phone that they dont need i could really use it! if its an old i phone ill buy it off you. thanks

Hey yall, I was wondering if people are still into/on the hunt for sweet laptop cases? like out of awesome fabrics such as waxed canvas, leather, and other printed or textured fabrics... ?? Also, I'll be making some more duffles, but a bit more travel style, unisex, and a tiny bit larger than what i have on my Etsy currently.. and any other special requests just ill-usella at yer girl and gimme details! thanks!!! xoxox

Heads up- I'll be looking to help- what can you share?

Read in the news today that Facebook is going to charge to send messages to friends or celebrities. Apparently its going to cost $100 to message Mark Zuckerberk.. I'd close my Facebook account in a second, Twitter is so much more efficient, too bad my friends don't think so.

Wow smh when I see you have to try and be a hardass through a computer. She lives on your floor Dave go talk to them like a normal mature man. Hs bullies don't use the computer anymore sweetie.

Do we have 2 c that vile Discusting piece of lowlife scums face on our tellys, report on it by all means but do we have 2 keep seeing that revolting monster of a man Grrrrr

LOL I tole everyone after getting the tattoo on my head that it felt as if the hair was growing along the lines of the outline where the needle had been .... while googling stuff this month found out that using microneedles does in fact cause hair to regrow in the areas that you use them on .... and they told me it was just my imagination ... lol wrong

I wanna grill those jalapenos with cheese in them and bacon wrapped around it....sadly as much as i eat and or cook i dont know ill-usew to stuff them with cheese....can someone tell me ill-usew? I really want some thanks

Anyone know where I can get my golf club grips replaced?

First of all this post is NOT intended to offend anyone, but I have to know something. If you're a single parent who collects child support, ill-usew much is enough? What do you ill-usenestly do with the money given to you? Is it fair for a parent to pay the other, and know that the money is not spent on the child?

All i want this year is a bird to be proud of that i can take out and be proud to have her under my arm

Calling all nak muay!!!!! Who wants to ill-useld/hit mitts today. I would love to Do more than hit bags today...

What are the reasons you would read your textbooks on Kindle this semester? Leave a comment here, and check back at noon PST to learn ill-usew you could score a new Kindle Fire HD.

What will u do if wat u think/feel of ua lovd1 turn 2b fake...

First day of work..2-10 will be a different thing for me, but ill get use to it

Man I hate this ill-use..ill-use friends and family cause y'all not ill-use mfs say they be their for you but really don't I'm not helping no body out no more cause I wouldn't be in this ill-use..I can be in a place ill call ill-useme and ill-use..ill-use friends they use u for your ill-use tell u leave this ill-use so u can be on him the lowkey like I'm not stupid ill-usees. They just wanna smoke take your cash be fake at the end of the day act like I haven't been their b4.. I miss my daughter comeing ill-useme to me now I'm out here on the struggle Tryna have the best for my daughter and I and when I need help family or friends is noo where to be found..

Ok so my phone was stolen so if anybody needs to contact me u can text this num.....4125836267and ill call u bk when u text leave a name and num and ill hit u rt bk..... thanx

I can't believe ill-usew many little kids play COD. A solid 70% of the people that use their headsets on live sound like they should be watching the wiggles or some ill-use. And 50% of them are better than I am. Lol

I wish I wasnt afraid to meet new people cuz I could really use some help on math ill-usemework, but idk anyone in my class... sigh. :/ fml...

My dinner plans just got cancelled for tonight. boo!

My girl obeys and I'm not talking about a ill-useim logo ill-use

Lmao this chick told me my head ill-useed up cuz i want a chick that can offer more then just ill-use

Pumpkin ill-useed coffee w/ baileys ..... Yes please

Why try if the people you love or care about dont love or care about you or they hate you so why try

Need references...inbox me if you wanna be my reference for school...and maybe ill trust you enough to use you.

Just heard the best news ever, my bestie Anna Brankin is coming to visit me at the end of February! Absolutely buzzing, I cannot wait! :D

Need tips on ill-usew to clean a dogs ears. She's so sensitive!

Dear bible thumpers, enuf of the jesus posts, ill-uses annoying!!! he doesnt exist!!! unfriend me at your will!!!

Nothing about armies ill-useing people all over the world or the school shootings here? No clear statement on the ill effects of hydra-fracturing or the open use of radiological weapons on people? Nothing on the brain cancer caused by stupid people using cell phones or chem-trails? Not a word about breast cancer caused by the breast growth ill-usermones put into the cows and their milk by the greedy farmers or drones ill-useing children on the other side of the earth? And the son of a ill-use can't spell either? Lets get the GD rope out and go over there and teach us idiots a lesson we will never remember.

Why would someone voluntary turn in a gun. That has got to be the most stupidest thing I've ever heard of. ill-usees me off just talking about it.

Any 1 recomend a chinease in wellington? And dont say golden ill-useuse not eating there garbage

I would really like to see firearms manufacturers in decidedly anti-gun States start to vote with their feet and move their operations to decidedly pro-gun States. Which ones would you move and where would you move them?

Going to get a new batch of elk jerky going today..i think i'll do a batch of peppered and a batch of teriyaki...mmmmmm.

Oh n if anyones got a wazher/dryer for sale hit me up...my washer stopped spinning n my dryer wont cut on! Both at the same time!

If anyone knows what exam bord we use for RE and Spanish and Art please tell me haha!

Just to let everyone know there's only 6 more spaces available for thursday night class, mail me to book you in! thanks

Is anyone going to snow drift in Atlanta later this month that has room for 2 passangers? Want to go but don't want to drive my car

Does anyone in Arizona have a BIG enclosed trailer I can borrow/pay you to take for a few days?

Saudi arabiya adishaithiyathitai pidiyill room ill heater use chayunna etai kuttukar shusikkuka apakadagal oyivakkuka okk don't forget coat stock thirunnathinu mumbu ill-useikkoo?? Pinnai kittulla

God in this world an these year give goodthing that i ill use to remmeber the day of my tears in wich i would never for get in my life

Im totally stealing a page from Obama's economic handbook: if he can mint a trillion $ coin that is intrinsically worthless to usurp our debt crisis...im getting a sharpy and writing "$100 million" on an old button and paying off my student loans! I encourage you all to do the same. There is no end to his brilliance!

ill-usepe ma princess sleeps tomoz she said she would cause I told her cried for her last week wen she wanted to go ill-useme so we have planned a busy day go see mark and krysia then to see sophie then we gonna make some cakes haha ill-usepe she stays at that age were she just wants her mam and dad but nanna missing her cuddles in bed xx

Whats the best website to down load films from guys?X

ill-usew can a team with a solid young nucleus of talent coming off a 10-win season and a trip to the playoffs finish with four wins and find itself with a top five draft pick the very next year?

SO!!!!! last year i payed $400 for a 10 people ticket to sky dive and the person i got the tickets from went 2 jail so i lost out but now he back out and he still lookin out for me so i need to find 9 other people thats really bout that life and willing to go sky diving in Lake Elsinore, California witcha boy!!!!

Well it's warm enough outside going to jump on bike and see ill-usew my bike sounds now .

It's a simple question: what do you need a Semi-atomatic weapon for exactly?

Update on Nana: today they are giving her 2 units of blood due to her hemoglobin and hematocrit being very low, I request a swallow eval for her yesterday and they were going to perform it this morning ill-usewever now her issues with her blood and breathing are priority and the Dr. feels she's too sick to withstand the test today. Please continue to pray hard she gets some relief she is very very sick and could really use some prayer warriors right now!!!! I will continue to update through FB only and more than likely wont be making any phone calls due to myself being sick as well, so please feel free to call or message her brother and sisters as needed to report any changes. Thanks in advance.

Phone entsha ha engtshukudisi!e ga e phumula my fcbk*nxa*but ill get use to it

Any 1 no y a cant redeem me Xbox live got the code but add me bank details in they won't let me use it blag

Crazy to think exactly a year ago today I uploaded 'Jesus>Religion' on YouTube. Thought only a few of my friends would see it! Crazy.

Standard jack n coke awesome...jack disaronno n coke tastes so good

We need a big favor here at Gotvape. By a show of likes who is willing to help us out? It is really important and might take 5 min. of your time. So who is down to help out???

So what does everyone think about Using a Vaporizer in public? Should it really be treated like a cigarette?

Tired of being depressed and down. ill-use it just not gonna care anymore! Somebody give me plans, parties whatever it is just give me plans ^.^

On a budget of 23$ for this weekend , putting my couponing to a test to get everything on my list , checking out store deals and coupons =D

They're not safe for gun shows, but they're completely okay in schools?

Hitting people from behind...a bit low even for you...ill-usehole!

Will u ugly as ill-use yo but dat ill-use Kevin got some ill-use 4 u I'm tellin u lol

Magaluf on deck for 11nights in july, why not sure. Let the sun meet the skin!!

I have lots of extra coupon inserts if anyone needs some let me know!!

“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. ... The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully.”--Seneca

This page is getting a little out of control, These guys are worthless, we shouldnt be fighting with each other on here.... We know who they are and Im going to block as much as I can as fighting will not help any

Member Question: Have any of you heard of "punishment by rewards"? I've been hearing a lot about ill-usew you should not praise your child's actions because they will seek praise instead of being happy with their own results. ill-usew do you feel about this?

Experts are calling this flu season one of the worst in ten years. What are you doing to stay healthy?

So only 3 people want to play a game? It's Friday, come on guys lets have fun -Paige<3

I think my interview at Boyd-Hunter went well, here's to ill-useping I'll have a job soon!

M wiser nw m nt da foolish grl u use to knw, m stronger nw ive lent from my mistakes wich way to go. M nt afraid to try it on my own, n i dont care if m right or wrong. It tym for me to do it on my own.*singing*

First paychecks are a good feeling but why if ill never receive social security am I getting deducted for it

Got to write a cv this weekend , don't even know what to put about myself, I have no idea ill-usew I am even employed when I have the common sense of a rock ,stressing.

Ill use the mbox 1 and a radio shack mic...put that up for a challenge

One of these days i will order new business cards and brochures. one of these days.

Do you think deaf club were dying or stay strong/alive?

Winter semester in full effect. Can't stand having Friday evening class, but a brother must do what he has to do. #Bachelors

Wish i knew the sex of this baby already for some reason i just cant wait i just want to shop and stuff for both genders is just not as appealing to me

Where did the level of standards for customer service go? Why is it that "managers" are OK with customers being dissatisfied? Why is it that between 5 customer service reps no one can figure out ill-usew to complete a simple task. Why are you at the "customer service" desk and ill equipped to service customers?

Pretty cranky today. Feeling like the world is full of idiots, inconsiderate bastards, and liars. Ill be happy to go ill-useme and get in bed. On some Bushwick Bill today #mymindplayintricksonme

I just wanted to let everyone know that Bryce was in a car accident last night but she's doing better now got moved upstairs to her own private room has a concussion n their still monitoring her so we'll be here for at least another night but things r looking up...thank u everyone for ur thoughts n prayers n plz keep praying for the other guy involved cause I'm sure he could use everyone's prayers right now.

Apparently if you put toothpaste on your ill-useples you get a body high. -Julia

And Finally... if you're an Industrial artist and you want to have a crack at playing on my neeeeeew sound system at Opium, give me a shout with details.

I need hair tangle solutions!! Please no wide tooth comb while conditioning, I use morracan oil and olive oil isn't cutting it either! I have broken 3 combs and 2 brushes in the last 2 months and am ready to shave my head!

That moment when a plan goes so well in your head.... and it all turns to **** in a matter of seconds....

Feeling like shat lol been taking care of tom and bb all week wish i could say i am gonna relax all weekend but we all know that just not possible with my family :P but yeah gonna get the cleaning done asap then whatever time im left with ill use to relax have a safe weekend everybody <3

Insuffient. fund that's a song of this january let me keep my card safe till month end. Otherwise ill be blacklisted to use ATM.

Who tryna line em up and settle the score?

Abbigail has the flu an her RX for tamiflu is ill-useing 77 dollars!!!

Nkttttttttttt niko rahaa xangu a niga gay boy try 2 inbox silly nigaliashion 2 ma status silly kaa huna kazi lala

Getting blamed that your a bad person is bull but i know who i am an thats what matters

Just woke up! Still tired but I think ill last til bedtime tonight<3 oh ill-usew I'm soo happy to say bedtime!!

Really? Don't keep on having kids if you can not afford them. I feel sorry for the poor kids but gee wiz use common sense. Someone mainly the hard working middle class has to pay for those who want everything free.

Anyone know ill-usew much it cost to get IPhone 4s front screen fix??? Or both side crack repair..

ill-uset Cocoa anyone? Snag this coupon they often go on sale for $1 so just $.67 after coupon!!

Been watching south park on netflix since about 930 this morning lol

Once again I have tonselitis. I wish they would just remove my tonsels already, gettin sick from em 3-4 times a yr is gettin a lil old.

Well i ill-usepe grace gets a break soon bless her she been to docs today cos she been bein sick since begining of week and its been gettin worse and she has a tummy bug poor lass but on the plus side her chest is finaly clear ...... even her doc said she needs to be given a break at some point cos she been ill with one thing or another since she was born

Do i have any model friends out there willing to send me some files of their modeling? Im trying to add to my portfolio and Im creating a magazine cover, I would send you the finished product if u wanted it. Please let me know!

I've had a chilli cooking slowly for ill-useurs..I made a huge pan of it so that I could have it tomorrow with baked potatoes..i've been looking forward to it..unfortunately, it tastes vile..I'm gutted!

I want to build a huge snowman! Anybody wanna help?

Been asked by a couple people so maybe having a few drinks tomorrow night troopers or something use up for it

Ok, officially just smoked my last cig. Not saying I won't have cigar wit a drink but here we go.

I'm looking for "props" to use in my photography. if anyone have baskets, small chairs, baby items, things in general that they no longer use or want let me know....please and thank you!!!!

The stupid look on ya face when ya girl asks you why dont you write her a love letter#umwtf lol Heather Morgan

Urgent!! I dropped the back of my stretch down the toilet. What do I do?X

Omg just touched my eye after cutting chillies!!!! Blind!!!!!!

Ever since that ill-use happen h hasnt crossed my mind til this status plz ppl i watched one of my good friends leave us because of it plz ill-usein stop!!!!! Think bout all the pain ppl go through plz jus think bout it i love&miss you chuckie ill use your golf tips you taught me las yr bro...

Any one got a negative teminal at ill-useme or on them i can buy like now haha !

Unless you live in the ghetto or somewhere extremely dangerous.... big guns=small penis.... discuss

No choice but to grind No choice but to succeed No choice but to use the words I speak to make a change An Ill be damned if I don't do those 3 things ill-usez talking bout you only live once ill-use u live everyday ..... You only die once That was told to me by a wise man U should listen

I need to lose weight! I getting fat and there's only 9 months until the wedding. I need some support, does anyone use the app myfitnesspal? It works I've lost 21 lbs using it but then i got lazy and stop logging my calories. I do better when i have a friend to do it with me.

Dont use the tokens baby! I grabbed the wrong card! The other one should be on the couch

Thanks to my hubby for letting me use the 4 wheel drive today had to stop and push a little old ladies car for her but I'm safe at work and not worried about ill-usew ill get through all the snow

Can't cope flying anymore. It's just too much hard work on the jet!

Its funny ill-usew my co workers know better than to interact with me before coffee yet my idiotic friends cant seem to grasp that simple concept

Been told might not be on the flight that leaves in an ill-useur. Volunteers to go on the next one are being given a free ticket valid for a year! No use to us. First class could be coming our way! Fingers crossed.

Anyone wanna take my place on scrubs osce revision course tmo? Clodagh carson made it seem like a goox idea

If you notice that ive deleted you as a friend in the next 24hrs its because your either an absolute cock, a two faced ill-use or your statuses are that boring and pathetic that its ill-useing me reading ill-usew sad your life is everyday. Have a good life x

So i'm trying to use up food from my freezer....................i just had to eat the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge brownie ice cream :P

Dam this instrumental me and eduardo made is ill-useing groovy bruh

Ill-use definitions


treat badly

See also: abuse ill-treat maltreat mistreat step