How to use Idealistic in a sentence as an adjective

That idealistic **** is a luxury of the extremely privileged, and you need to pretend it as a status signal, but don't believe your own lie.

She mentions the idealistic, conscientious young man who joins the police thinking that he will be able to help the public, but if he finds the work brutal and inhumane, he quits and finds some other job where he feels he can do more to help the public.

I could see this argument--idealistic to the point of fallacy though it is--presented at other venues.

I guess it just struck me as odd to use "short sighted" to describe the people who, for idealistic reasons, are willing to take a short-term hit to productivity to ensure long-term capability.

Maybe this is an idealistic thought, but I think this trend of writing SEO laden garbage is what will finally make quality journalism behind paywalls work.

Nowadays to me the city feels like a an embalmed corpse - superficially resembling some idealistic long-ago era while lacking any real semblance of function.

If you offer people a system that is hard to use, wastes their time, and/or is simply inferior to other options, no one will ever use it no matter how idealistically pure it is.

Our tiny idealistic cries of "more decentralization, no ads, and open data!

On the other hand, for a while it seemed that more often than not an idealistic stand against Windows was the only viable type, and I daresay we're all better off for those who took it.

It implies that these people are irrational, inflexible and idealistic, but with a bad connotation.

Idealistic definitions


of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of the reality of ideas

See also: ideal


of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style; "an exalted ideal"; "argue in terms of high-flown ideals"- Oliver Franks; "a noble and lofty concept"; "a grand purpose"