Hydroplane in a sentence as a noun

"You don’t need to know your seat number until you are on the plane"Maybe on a hydroplane.

A fully loaded inflatable displaces maybe 2 tons, and can hydroplane.

Balancing shouldn't be an issue - this thing is not affected by waves as hydroplane is under water.

Hydroplane in a sentence as a verb

Shortly after encountering this section of roadway, she apparently lost control of her Cobalt as it hydroplaned across the center line.

Then I moved out to a coastal area where burying the lines wasn’t really feasible and pretty much every time it rained someone would hydroplane into a utility poll and knock out the power for a couple hours, and it rained at least once a week.

> 'Despite the conclusions of the police accident report, which claimed that Brooke had been driving too fast for the road conditions and lost control when she hydroplaned over a sheet of water...'I would love to see an article on statistics of how many police reports are factually inaccurate, even if only proven inaccurate by later reporting/exposition.

Hydroplane definitions


an airplane that can land on or take off from water; "the designer of marine aircraft demonstrated his newest hydroplane"

See also: seaplane


a speedboat that is equipped with winglike structures that lift it so that it skims the water at high speeds; "the museum houses a replica of the jet hydroplane that broke the record"

See also: hydrofoil


glide on the water in a hydroplane

See also: seaplane