Hunk in a sentence as a noun

It is like they are trying to plug holes in a hunk of Swiss cheese.

At the end of, say, ten years, your hunk of gold is still the same amount of gold.

Tesla is just as much of a "hunk of plastic"That is exactly my point.

You trust a private corporation to strap you to a flying hunk of metal, but not to ensure your safety?

If you mount a 30-inch-deep hunk of desk on it there is a much higher stress on the mounting points since the long desk acts as a very effective lever.

There's a concept called the 80% receiver, which is a freely-transferable hunk of metal that's almost but not quite a receiver.

I'm fond of Warren Buffett's view on gold: you could buy a hunk of yellow metal that just sits there, or you could buy an equivalent amount of Coca-Cola.

A big hunk of this is team, project, company, technology, and building specific.- As long as you're adapting, you could end up with any kind of office space.

Given that the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, I would recommend taking anything it says about climate change with a giant hunk o' sodium chloride.

Obviously it would be better for the patient to retain B cells, without which they will have no adaptive immunity--just like a patient with melanoma would prefer to keep the hunk of their nose that the surgeon had to remove.

But isn't all of capitalism based on the idea that two entities can make an exchange that is mutually beneficial?On the purely economic level, Google is offering a hunk of electronics and software for $250.

You cannot wield the kind of economic power Google does and not be evil, at least for the working definition many people have of "evil".We've put a huge hunk of our intellectual and economic capital under the control of a marketing company.

This is a much higher level of tech than we have now, and none of the quintillions-is-probably-a-conservative-estimate must ever decide that hey, that juicy looking star system over there could be converted to another hunk of VR simulation and if I send over the hardware to do it, I can completely own the resulting VR installation.

Hunk definitions


a well-built sexually attractive man


a large piece of something without definite shape; "a hunk of bread"; "a lump of coal"

See also: lump