How to use Hour in a sentence as a noun

hourur. I just realized we'll be driving into Downtown Atlanta smack in the middle of rush hourur. This could get ugly. Grrr.

10 mile Run follwed by an hourur on the Turbo trainer

Ill be busting 13 hourur shifts today and tomorrow ..

Need to borrow for couple hourur,s black short leg trousers,straight leg NOT skinny leg size 8-10 if aNybody has + don't mind, thanx creatures of facebook!!!!

"Power in the money,Money in the power...minute afta minute hourur afta hourur..."

Well it's been an hourur and the two pieces of toast i ate are still hourlding strong. hourpefully this is the end to my bug!

Took the puppy for a long drag this morning and a half hourur of playing ball and running crazy circles around the yard while I pick up poo... Then running more crazy circles while I take the lights down off the fence. Finally Gogi is tired out. Yes!!!

Ok Linux can wait for a bit, time to chill for an hourur been studying now for the last 3 hoururs. Anyone wanting computer upgrades or repairs please message me.

So Rained Out at 1 then set 5 minutes down the road for a hourur cause some idiot doesn't know hourw to drive in the rain

Anyone in brig have a pet carrier I can borrow for an hourur!?

No matter who you are and no matter what you have done There will come a time when you can't make it on your own. In your hourur of desperation know you're not the only one Praying Lord above I need a miracle.

If we can hit $45,000 in the next hourur, I'll post a picture of 11-year-old me.

It takes only a minutes to get a crush on some1,an hourur to like some1 n a day 2 love some1 but it takes a life time to 4get some1.

A toranto just hit my girls room!! Wow its amazin hourw much three lil girls could to together in just an hourur lol just gave me something to do!! But first its nap time for them!

Wasted almost a whole hourur on hoururin welfare. So houred off.

6 hourur work out yep that's me now if I can't loose weight I'm just sol

Insurance wont pay for my pescription due to "changes" in policys....spent 1 hourur on the phone with bcbs and they are useless... Then locked my keys in my truck in walgreens parking lot... FML today

Going to complete 13 hourur shift... hourur with this work...

Think i will go take a nice warm bath tired and still feeling blah need to get some real sleep napped for about an hourur and half this afternoon but still did not make me feel better

Half hourur later... Still sitting here! Was hourping to be out by now! What's the hourld up, Doc?

3 hourur journey hourme from nottingham tonight... Very greatful for Chris Weston, who had food ready!

Just spend an hourur trying to fill in various forms and planners to use Star Alliance website. what a joke! typical german efficiency! so clinical and mechanical that you cant book.

God I gv Ʊ al the glory Απϑ hournour for making it possible to Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ dis hourur

Its been a long time coming, Like a 6 hourur porn flick.

Very productive 2 hourur run today my legs so sore but I refuse to give up now for my 2 hourur work out till to night.. People here I come a new and improve Jerel Timms aka jabori Steele ... But first eat my steam broccoli uck but ......

Last hourur of the market! Who needs a sweet treat? Cupcakory is here!

OMG thanks Nic for the pain I am feeling today. Who would think that one half hourur class could hurt so much. Haven't done CX in a couple of months so feeling the pain.

Start work in 1 hourur and my Knee has been throbbing since 2 am this morning wish me luck Gang

It's not deep of evil Not dark of dead But deep in the night And dark of the hourur

2 hourur break then back to Jury Duty....Bastards!!

Leo Thomas Bloomfield is enjoying his first hourur in life!!! 8 lbs 3 oz

Ths guy told me gdnt lyk an hourur ago en he is eating now!!

One more hourur to go then its time to get it in. Standing strong along. Thank u father for caring me lord.

3 hourur break till next class...ummm ok lol

1 more hourur of work, have some things on my mind that wanna get of my chest. Probably will write tonite to do exactly that

It's funny on hourw im searching for Zed Zaidi in twitter at this hourur #ohwhybother

Jerry the snow man I made in 5th hourur Bryce picked the name lol

These mfkerz jus had me on hourld for a hourur jus to tell me to call back between 4 n 7 r to leave a call back.... Wtf #Fla medicaid sucks ughhhhhh

The lines in Manhattan on Election Day were around the block. Never saw anything like it. Shouldn't take over an hourur to vote. Here's a petition seeking to make improvements.

Not givin you an hourur or a second or another minute longer... I'm busy gettin stronger.

For those of you who know my former wife, Gail but are not Facebook friends, her beloved mother passed away about an hourur ago. Please say a prayer for her and the children.

Meeting at work for an hourur or so. then gettn food. i just wanna get better. i feel like hour

Y'all, I just knocked 300 people off of my friends list and it took an hourur. I still have about 700 "friends". Why did I friend these people in the first place?

After an hourur of practice- roughly ten minutes of which were spent tapping rapidly- I feel like I could crush an I-beam with my left hand.

Just finished my first 1 hourur work-out in 2013!!!!!! ouch!!!! hourw does one get so out of shape so fast???????

hour! My cheeky little 20 minute power nap turned into a 3 hourur sleep!

Well my head is houring me, think its time for a nap. John has been napping the last hourur! He hates Steve Wilko's Show

My 2 year old drives me crazy! Everyday I fight him to take a nap and he refuses, but come 3 pm he falls asleep while we wait for big brother to get out of school. We live 5 minutes from the school. So needless to say he only gets a 10 minute nap, if that! Then he is cranky the rest of the day! When he could get a 3 hourur nap if he would nap while brother is at school. Does anyone else have this problem & have you found a way to get your LO to nap? -Jen

hourw are my legs gonna feel after my half hourur walk to go jiving for 3 hoururs on my 7 hourur shift tomorrow... Radio 1xtra makes walkin laaaavley yeaaa m8

Anyone else notice hourw the last hourur of work is the slowest?Oh it's just me....Well ok then lol

Hi one an all. Don't forget "OutbackTruckers" part 2 of 5 is on tv tonight 9pm sky channel 154 an plus an hourur on 155 ,, freeview channel 38

Already working on something really special for the next hourur, lots of playbacks. Lots and lots of playbacks... -DJ Stardust

They like hip why dnt u get ur rest on cause im up for every hourur i was slept on

Don't you just love when you come up with a brilliant new idea just as you're dozing off and then you have to lie there thinking about it for the next hourur?!?

As lonaldo acompanies messy in receiving gold medals for all those yrs,,,thats hourur ua enemis will acompany u in receiving ua blessings.

I should of learned my lesson about the Splendora clinic when they messed around with Justins shoulder. Not only can you always expect to wait more than an hourur to get in the room no matter what time your appointment is, but for a business to advertise they see pediatrics and not have a changing table in the bathroom or even offer to let you use a bed is ridiculious. If I didn't feel so bad I would leave this place and never come back!

No one elected to Baseball Hall of Fame this year! That's what happens when Steroids are used to hit a hourme run 10 miles and Pitch 1,000 miles per hourur.....

These 10 hourur days suck. Oh wait, 9 1/2 hourur days. I was 30 minutes late this morning! It still sucks!!!

FYI- Easton parking meters are being changed over to $1 for an hourur right now and also they will start to run from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm and also NOW Sundays from 10am to 6pm!! No more 1 day of free parking, this can happen at anytime

Wow I actually took a 2 hourur nap. Need to get up and clean my houruse and make dinner. I never take naps I hate taking naps. Glad I am off tomorrow too I have stuff I needed to do.

I got an extra hourur of sleep in and woke up refreshed. Looking forward to eating enchiladas at hourme.

Loves Pramface, new series, 1 hourur, lmao :D

My three hourur shift would turn into a six hourur one -_- great so much for my plans

They just took her off the o2 the next hourur will tell us if we are going to be going hourme tomorrow

Nothing worse then being pregnant sitting in pick up line for an hourur and have to go pee! Ahhh let's move a little faster ppl!

Sometimes, it's just best to step away for lunch, talk a walk, leave cell and computer, ipad..whatever behind...give yourself that hourur....thanks, Phillip Ward!!!

I've been stuck in my rocking chair for over in hourur with 2 sleeping kids on me. I just can't put the down, too precious.

I need male help moving a couch and love seat for prob about an hourur..... any takers????

After a stressful half an hourur presenting the pro's and con's to the adjudicator I feel he made the right decision for everyone. Now, let's get a drink. We've earned it.

The drive down here started out good, then it rained for about an hourur, but in the end there was sunshine and a place to park. I'm happy now.

8 hourur delay at Jamaica airport... What a cruel joke

What the hourur, i left my ultimate team before and i had 0 fifa points. Then like 1 hourur later i go back on and i have 2200 fifa points? why? hahaha

Do you ever feel the need to decompress? Where do you go? I usually find some area of low-occupancy in Central Park on Sunday mornings. During the week is tougher, but I've found that closing my bedroom door and putting on Enigma is one way to decompress during a 45-hourur work week in which the sun sets while I'm still at my desk.

All coursework complete!, woo.. feel like a weights been lifted. best get distinctions, been at it for four hourur solid!

It takes a minute to crush someone, an hourur to like someone and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.</3 Mehr Sprüche auf -->Heartbroken≮3

Work part 1 done! Using my hourur break to go pick up my new headshots and then back for part 2!

Just realized my phone has been off for the last hourur.....arghhh stupid phone!

Dam im ready to get off one mo hourur in this hourur

1 hourur to go. Am melting now I have 3 heaters in my room

Well I am finally hourme after a 4 hourur journey that should have taken one hourur !

Can we just take a moment to realize I just did a 12 hourur houruring shift??? D; The guy at tire kingdom kept me there for almost 4 hoururs! Wtf man, I has been in mah truck since 2am, Can I just go hourme nowww? Bethanie is super unhappy. :C

I think I'm over my flu I had- thank God it was only a 24 hourur virus. But now, I think I have a freaking cold:/ Oh well, I will take that over throwing up any day!!

One hourur to go before I go hourme. It's been a long day!!! Staying on my mine set making money!!!

Okkay I like getting out of class early but what the heck am I suppose to do for an hourur and a half till my next class starts :-\

It z said "of the 24 hoururs per day, 1hr z spent in anguish, sadness, pain, loneliness but its just one hr, soon it will pass, don't ware away over just an hourur.

OK, the page has reached 250 likes in under an hourur. Based on experience, we'll probably need to get over 500 tonight for it to really fly, so give it a bloody like! - rav

Last hourur of work, then hourme to take a nap with the pups havent been sleeping good :/

Don't you just hate it when you plan your time wisely when going somewhere you've never been before and you gave yourself too much time and now you have to figure out what to do for the next hourur and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad is out of surgery! We get to see him in half an hourur and he will be enjoying a nice sleep for the next 4 hoururs. All went well! Thank you for the prayers.

If your going to give us hourur breaks, at least give us something fun to do !

Glad to finally be hourme from work! One hourur late.. This calls for food bath then bed!

Ok people, you have another hourur to comment on the status below to be in with a chance of some free trial biscuits!!! I will pick 3 people randomly at 9pm and post them off tomorrow x

Every year is not promised & neither is every month, week, day, hourur, minute, or second.. So make the most of every one of them!

Just got back from Morristown Memorial hourspital. I adjusted a 4 hourur old baby!!! Made my day, being able to give this baby girl the best 'welcome to the world' present ever - a nervous system working perfectly, right from the start!

Stephen will be hourme in an hourur or 2 at the most!!! The past 4 days have seemed to last foreverrrrr!!

What is up with these 8hour days? The first three hoururs I have all kinds of ambition and get lots if stuff started, the next two are mixed with "what's for lunch?", then I eat and lose all hourpes for getting anything finished. I recommend 5 hourur days that end with lunch. They were on to something in kindergarten...

Oh houruro 6 o'clock wake up 2 & 1/2 hourur Drive just to get a tattoo if that isn't commitment what is.

houruro fb is a bout to get this day started with my son on my way to the docters end hourur end just have mom end me time to gather ok fb friends have a great end bledd day today one love e be bless

Hi everyone will be doing readings when anyone is ready it will be £10 and will give you my PayPal email to pay that way or I can do 121 readings and its £20 for half an hourur I also will travel or have you round mine many thanks to you all x x x

Work in an hourur :/ just doing computer work though.

Great! Lets hourpe I'm not late for my flight because this blind person doesn't know directions and took the wrong exit and my flight is in an hourur. Plus I have to check my bag still oyyyy

The security of a crib is over! Now what?!? I've worked on an over-due nap for an hourur and now she's laughing at me when I replace her in her room...And a stern/angry voice gets laughed at too!

Today we go for the first installment of the 4 step process that is the UW Autism Center's intensive evaluation of Constantine. It'll just be Jesse & I today for an hourur & a half. The next 2 will be 2 hourur sessions w/Con, then the meeting to go over the results. hourping for more answers.

Off to watch a bit ov tele in bed these early mornings are tiring me out, roll on the weekend.....i may just get an extra half hourur in bed lol x

A 2 hourur nap after work. Is this really acceptable?! Ah, sod it.. It's winter!

Just got back from Morristown Memorial hourspital. I adjusted a 4 hourur old baby!!! Made my day, being able to give this baby girl the best welcome to the world present ever - a nervous system working perfectly, right from the start!

Well an hourur after starting to clean out closets I think it's safe to say that I have a serious hourarding problem.... And I need to sit down :S

They sent me hourme for today because i am really sick and tired. I was working at a slow pace and i slept the whole hourur long bus ride which isnt normal behavior for me. Im usually up and playing my ds lite on the bus.

The pain you feel in the gym is temporary, no matter if it's the last rep or two or an hourur intense workout, the pain will only be temporary, but the pride will last forever, if you quit in this progress, the pain will last forever ! #Dont give up on your dreams # <3

hourme an hourur late due to a car crash on the A40.... Maybe I should get the train.

13 hourur shift done time for munch and bed !

Also did a quick mile and a half to complete the hourur of training. My goal is to workout at least an hourur a day 6 days a week until I reach my fitness goal.

Have an extremely personal reason to ask you all to do this. Only some of you will and I know who you are. If you know someone who fought cancer and won, or fought cancer and passed away, or is currently fighting it please add this as your status for ONE hourur as a mark of respect and in remembrance. I hourpe I was right about the people who will post

62. Off to bed for an hourur or two before a meeting... Ended up working a 13 and a half hourur shift so pretty tired.. Got good news today but cant let the cat out of the bag yet....

The 5 hourur energy commercial when the guy hourlds a book with his toes creeps me out.

Its been a hourur sense u gone and that tooo long so come back hourme #i cant live wihout you!

Been waiting to see tha prosecutor for an hourur houruring woodbury

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hourur, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, hourwever, it lasts forever.

Went to see my sadist/dentist again today and after 4 needles and two brain shaking drills and an hourur of being upside down in the chair of his torture chamber... he told me not to go hourme and bite myself. I told him after an hourur of being in the chair, I wasn't about to go hourme and get my freak on by gnawing off a limb. I think he likes me, lol.

About to spend the next hourur and a half looking pretty houred! dance workout, briiiiiing it!

Is having half an hourur break then is going over past papers for a couple of hoururs before bed...genuinely can't wait for 12 noon on Friday!...It'll all soon be over folks! Good Luck fellow Phase 3b's!!!

Another damn brake ughh 1 more hourur till I go hourme...thank god

Have an extremely personal reason to ask you all to do this. Only some of you will and I know who you are. If you know someone who fought cancer and won, or fought cancer and passed away, or is currently fighting it please add this as your status for ONE hourur as a mark of respect and in remembrance. I hourpe I was right about the people who will post.

I've been up for 2 hoururs and have yet to grab a coffee .... wth is wrong with me? *drags hourur to kitchen*

I am on the phone with unemployment and I have been on hourld for half an hourur....I just want to know why am I still having to file unemployment every week if I'm employed now? Nothing is making sense to me right now about was disallowed, and still have to file, why? Employed and still have to file, why?

Omg why am I awake at this ungodly hourur... Freak I'm going back to bed good night

Being locked out o f yoir houruse for an hourur ismt fun still waiting for somebody to get hourme

Someone just phoned up to do a survey - passed over to Scott 'half an hourur' ago - just so I can get on the bloody I pad!!!! Haha!! X

Full from tea .............. give me half an hourur max n i'll be finding something to eat for desert hehehehe ..................

He's turning it around in your favour...Late in the midnight hourur God's going to turn it around he's going to work in your favour.... Your favour! Gloryyyyyyy.....

This day has been insane to say the least. Not getting a full lunch hourur today. Way to much to get down! Anybody from Evan want to move to Birmingham I could use some help on my team? I'm sure dottie, amy and cindy wouldn't mind if you moved. LOL

Av been hourme all ov an hourur an can't stand the sight of these same 4 Walls chewed int word man....

Its bloody freezing cant get warm afetr standing outside to watch footie for hourur

Transformer blew up behind my hourur gonna be hoururs till power back on. glad its not freezing today.

Beat the traffic happy hourur! from 4 pm. to 7 pm. Tuesdays to Fridays. 2 x 1 beer and houruse wines, Salmon roll $7 and ceviches for $5.

The half an hourur before my lunch is so long and the half an hourur for lunch is too short.

I wanna punch the 5 hourur energy guy in the face

A man who dares to waste one hourur of time has not discovered the value of life. Charles Darwin

People need to learn hourw the hourur to drive!!! 6 almost accidents in half an hourur is absolutely ridiculous. houruring watch the road hourures.

Watching sky sports news every bloody half hourur for malky news. Getting really frustrated now. Come on malky!!! we need some great signings to get us to the prem!!!

Stargazing Live is on BBC2 now! Today's topic is the history of everything. Seems pretty feasible in an hourur and a half.

Quote Examples using Hour

Funny story anyone?..... Joined a gym within cycling distance from my houruse. Got hourme from work, cycled to the gym, did gym related exercise for an hourur, including the exercise bike... laughed to myself at the irony of sitting on a bike in the gym when my actual bike was locked up outside...?! Cycled hourme... Fell off my bike coz my legs had a shock from all the exercise! Thought it was supposed to be good for you!!


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great. Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them. You don't get paid for the hourur. You get paid for the value you bring to the hourur.


Been so busy not had time to update my page. Unfortunately due to thye weather today my tests were cancelled which cannot be helped. I then had incredible lessons with Nick, who is well ready for his test outstanding driving from someone who very nearly had me worried at the beginning but is brilliant now. Also Jahnay again unbelievable second lesson driving and in one hourur we covered junctions left and right and also T junctions which normally take a lesson each. Must be my instruction. Also 4 new pupils starting 3 this month at this rate i will need another instructor to help me out.


Walk half an hourur to work. Work all day. Walk half an hourur hourme. Walk dog with Jay. 3km run. Spinning class. Then circuits then run hourme. If I don't sleep tonight then I need shooting!!!!


Dear Reality TV people: You really need to take a look at my family. hournestly. America would feel so much better about their collective lives after watching a half hourur of us every week. Think about it. I expect your call shortly.


Proper Noun Examples for Hour

Alumni, we want to hear from you! Where should our next alumni gathering be? We had a strong turnout on campus for the hourliday party in December and Life after Lab in January. hourw about a March Happy hourur? Bethesda, Arlington, DC... what's the easiest for you to get to?

Wed, hourur 1 - At 2pm CT, it's time for our mystery guest with a big announcement: our producer, Tricia McMillan, is expecting her first child! What is the best piece of advice you received when you were expecting your first child?

One more hourur para salir de trabajar..^.^..<3 I want to go hourme orready ya trabaje sufisiente este dia..

hourur of cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. Small meal.. wee rest for an hourur or 2 another small meal. hourur to an hourur and a half of weights.. another small meal.. couple hoururs rest another small meal hourur of cardio. another small meal bed at 9 pm. up for midnight another small meal.. back to bed. up half 3 small meal. up in the morning and back to the gym and repeat. Whos up for it.

hoururs into schoolwork and my brain is starting to short circuit lol taking a two hourur break before I permanently burn out. Lol

Landed in Uganda safe. hourur or so road trip ahead. Thanks for continued prayers everyone!

Related Sentences for Hour

Has anyone ever been induced? If so hourw long did it take to have your baby?

Nothing like keeping tallys of hourw many times a co-worker nods off during a conference call to make that conference call go faster!

Deleting facebook cause its a load of hourur if you need to contact me i have a phone!! bye facefuckers x

If someone can help me get my car that would be awesome! I just need someone to come with me to drive my car while I drop off my moms. Anyone?!

If any of you get impressive rainfall totals please post them! Would love to see different amounts!! Stay safe. Rain continues through 5 or 6 this evening... and then tapers.. sunshine tomorrow!

Hour definitions


distance measured by the time taken to cover it

See also: minute


a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day


clock time


a special and memorable period