Hormone in a sentence as a noun

Sex hormone levels peak at around age 17 for men, senior year of high school.

" I've been there, twice, and seen first hand what pregnancy and hormones take out of a woman who has a baby.

However breast feeding is a significant time commitment, and opens you up for even more hormones.

Without performing adequate research, I began taking a medication that blocks the hormone DHT.

Vasopressin is the bonding hormone, and sure, you could probably make two people who were not in love fall in love artificially- but that's also scary.

It's like public nudity: it sounds cool when you're a hormone-addled teenager, but then you realize that most people's bodies aren't a nice sight at all.

Replicate the hormone and perhaps actual caloric restriction may not be necessary.

It helps direct your eating choices in a sustainable way while returning hormone levels to that of a normal person, preventing the death spiral of hunger and eating.

Perhaps teenage boys who have a hormone condition which leads to acne also have taste preferences which cause them to enjoy skim milk more, or perhaps skim milk really causes acne to teenage boys.

The whole beef hormone controvosy is complete ********; the EU has lost cases against the US & Canada in the WTO twice now, both times for lack of scientific evidence behind their decision.

In other words, do the opposite of what all these beleaguered people are doing?Bodybuilders disdain cardio because it results in hormone changes that actively inhibit muscle development.

For example, the original story explains..."In a 2011 report sponsored by Susan G. Komen, the Institute of Medicine concluded that radiation from medical imaging, and hormone therapy, the use of which has substantially declined in the last decade, were the leading environmental causes of breast cancer, and advised that women reduce their exposure to unnecessary CT scans.

Hormone definitions


the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect

See also: endocrine