Hooking in a sentence as a noun

And then having to learn a third language for hooking them all up and running them.

It did this by re-hooking the system call table in the rootkit's unload handler.

This is essentially putting a Kinect in your phone and hooking it up with hopefully high-level APIs.

For instance, the architecture is built around a pretty dumb server, so hooking into Streams would seem counter to that principle.

People start taking all those PCs they bought and hooking them together into networks... and suddenly all those things you were worried about back in the day come roaring back to bite them.

Why would you even want that?There may be something interesting here, but between their quite bizarre syntax and poorly chosen examples, they aren't doing a very good job of hooking me.

Finally, some code just makes no sense out of context - some of the code I'm most proud of were just binary patches to firmware of an old mobile phone with delphi gui for hooking it up to specified functions.

GCC won\nits war; the cost and time-to-market advantages of hooking into\nopen-source toolchains are now so widely understood that new processor\ndesigns support them as a matter of course.

I dig into it a bit more and find that Avast is hanging all our sandboxed processes, because their system-level hooking is so invasive that they won't let any process run if their injected DLL hooks don't attach.

And "since weve found each other, Ill be hooking you up with all sorts of cool stuff"Maybe it works, but to me it just seems so cheesy after seeing the same email format and same tactics from thousands of other wannabe "internet marketing gurus".

Highlight detection worked ... reasonably-well to know when text changed on a form, screen readers would perform nasty little hacks including API hooking and other black magic to give a pretty good picture of what was going on at any one time.

As the article mentions, 'Data from American colleges show 20 per cent of males - the most attractive ones - get 80 per cent of the sex'.This means, when women are in their early twenties, they're use to being in relationships or hooking up with the most attractive men.

The house became a place to throw a party for forty out-of-town guests, and the neighborhood residents...well at $500 a night why should a renter give a **** about them?The couple hooking up on the down-low, well they sent the brats outside during morning nookie time.

He calls games like Angry Birds or Bejeweled, which ensnare players in addictive loops of frustration and gratification under the pretense that skill is required to win, 'abusive' -- a common diagnosis among those who get hooked on the games, but a surprising one from a game designer, ostensibly charged with doing the hooking.

Hooking definitions


a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer; "he took lessons to cure his hooking"

See also: hook draw