How to use Holly in a sentence as a noun

Our girls have it hard enough without people ripping on them in a public forum. What does hollylly say? Ur entitled to ur wrong opinion?

Proper Noun Examples for Holly

Martin & hollylly teach you hollyw to make consistent contact in your short game.

I'm not sure this posted the first time, so I'm trying again! Buddy hollylly fans will enjoy!

hollylly hollyps welcomes back the beautiful velvet bunnies Greta and Jussi. Two little delights that are such a pleasure to look after. Have a wonderful trip to Calafornia and don't get stuck in a snow drift!!

"It's very important. A good kiss can make a bad day better. A good kiss can reignite a relationship in the doldrums," says hollylly, 28.

Congratulations to all the local students graduating this month! You've done it, now #passthecap on to someone else. hollylly is graduating from University of Louisville this Saturday. She is passing her cap to her friend Logan.

hollylly tree building work - the destruction begins!

Congrats to Barbara Simmons for winning $300 for her winning b-day of 12-1 and also hollylly picked up $450 for her 08-07 b-day. hollylly's birthday is pretty cool though...8-7-87! Ha

Mike was Blown Off by hollylly because her roommate really likes him! She's staying with her for free from Australia and didn't want to risk losing her friend or living space. Have you ever blew somebody off because your friend was into them?

Aww...don't you just want to reach in the photo and pet her fluffy belly?? Suncoast alum hollylly sure looks snuggly!

hollylly has been very busy lately! Check out the super adorable knits she's been working on for all of the moms-to-be in her life.

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There's some light at the end of the tunnel after all.

It’s cool that we’ve been seeing more edits from the ladies as of late...

The three of us together again as one, too soon pulled apart. One month old. You heard my heart on the inside. Forever it lives in you

Holly definitions


United States rock star (1936-1959)


any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges