Hind in a sentence as a noun

Of course, in hind-sight, SQL injections are obvious.

I am frustrated that I didn't pursue RoR harder 2 years ago, but hind sight is 20/20.

So smart, and something I would never have been able to figure out without hind site.

You're right, this is long overdue, however hind sight is 20/20 and late is better than never.

Hitler wanted to be able to speak and get his followers up on their hind legs, practiced a lot, and got good at it.

In hind sight, it was completely obvious, but not before I ventured into calculus to solve this "tough" problem.

They made some poor decisions in hind-sight such as 2to3 and dropping u"", but otherwise the porting story is not as painful as it seems.

Hind in a sentence as an adjective

The fact that there were also feathers on the hind legs and tail-feathers instead of a lion's tail were only things I noticed after looking more closely!

Do none of them desire a top-ten finish?I look at motivation as the hind-sight rationalization for how people got lucky.

> Yet last I looked Google was still standing up\n > on its own hind legs without her\n\nSo for any of her accusations to be true, then Google should have crumbled when she left?

Dinosaurs are part of the tetrapod clade, so I never expected "four-winged" to mean anything other than that the hind limbs and forelimbs are both feathered and used for flight.

So for most significant transgressions against the 'culture', the voters get indignant, outraged, incensed, infuriated, and up on their hind legs and vote!

If you look at animals that don't have sharp teeth or claws, often they'll use their hind legs in a kicking motion to provide the most powerful hit, while moving their sensitive head/neck/chest away from the target.

Hind definitions


any of several mostly spotted fishes that resemble groupers


a female deer, especially an adult female red deer


located at or near the back of an animal; "back (or hind) legs"; "the hinder part of a carcass"