How to use Hiatus in a sentence as a noun

Happy to report : my smile is back from its hiatus. Glad to be back to my happy joyful self

Little flashmob hiatusliday hiatus appears to be over. Feels great to be running mapquests, marking rehearsals and events on the calendar, pulling outfits out of the drawers, practicing choreography again for the fresh new year...bring it!

We hiatuspe everyone has had a good new years so far! We have been on a short hiatus but we will be announcing a few events our DJ's are working.

First day back at the gym after a hiatus of almost 3 years! Look out world!

I think its time to go on a hiatus from social networking. I have some things in my life that needs attention...lata

Things they are a changin' around Delightfully Fancy! After a 2 year hiatus, I will be back soon with a new & different direction. hiatuspe to see y'all then!

I see my hiatus has made people forget all about this page. Perhaps I should do some.. spam?

One of my 2013 goals: Return to a DMB concert after a 3 year hiatus...

Then i start to work, and it was The year where bon jovi took a 4 year hiatus. All i got is solo Jbj destination anywhere and RS undiscovered soul, and backtrack Bon jovi, Fahrenheit, slippery, KTF. Blaze of glory.

So ive been on hiatus for the hiatuslidays for the most excited to announce that I will have Bring back my bar scent samples very soon! You can only get these scents for the month of January! I will post a list soon!!!

Finishing out projects for the rest of this month and is going to take a hiatus. I apologize for the inconvenience, I'm booked right up until my hiatus. <3

After an extended hiatus we're excited to say we've got some great pieces in the works- stay tuned for some new pieces for sale in the next few days!!

Did you miss us? We apologize for our Facebook hiatus, but have no fear... we're back! Check in often for updates and show your support by following us on Twitter!

Time to start reading again....been on a little hiatus....any recommendations? Thanks!!!

Fly Amanita sessions commencing after a 6 week hiatus...

I'm about to go on hiatus, I need to get some things in my life back in order! I am going to stop putting off for tomorrow what could have been done yesterday......4 weeks to go c u then Facebook!

Due to my recent issue with my School work regarding my lack effort and turning my hiatusmework in on time. I am required to take a brief hiatus/ Break from Facebook, cell phone, twitter and or any other social media contact. I am a student first and there consequence for my lack of effort so needless to say this is my last post for the next six weeks or until I improve! thanks Cameron Garrett.

Our beloved Greens 'quelites style' are back on the menu tonight after a long hiatus. The same dish that was featured in Food & Wine Magazine- a steal at $7!

Back into the network.... Got a new phone after a 2-3 year hiatus.... Hmu if you want the #

After a brief hiatus I am back to annoy those of you who are still on my friends list.

Our Cadillac Jack returns from his winter hiatus with bu'coups of winter TV updates and info!

Back at it today after a 10 day hiatus to let my knees mend. I'm sore again, but it felt good to be back!

In pursuit of ensuring the well being of my EP, I am taking a short hiatus from social networking. This way, all my energy is sure to be invested in my Extended Play, ensuring one heck of a turn out! Thank you for all your love and support! I'm delighted to be making this EP into a fine composition for you to enjoy! <3

Well, yes. It's been awhile. Call it a hiatusliday hiatus. But events are up, and if you have something to add to the list, let me know.

Got our Coach for basketball and starts next week. There goes my hiatus lol jk I love sports :D

We're baaaaaaack! After a couple month hiatus, we are beginning construction this week to reopen in our new location. Can't wait to share photos, stay tuned for photos!

Hurting from the hiatus from gym but in a good mood believe it or not im ready to help clean hiatususe for this weekend dishes bring it on ...

On hiatus, be back in 2weeks time! - antagal! *i miss blaine anderson*

All right, humans, time for a semester-long hiatus. Phone calls/love letters/texts/Skype calls still accepted. BYE.

After a 4 month hiatus from working out and 15lbs later....I finally finished cleaning the basement/gym and completed my first workout....and ooooooh....I'm going to be sore!

Naked Star will be on hiatus for a little while, at least until he can get a new bass.

That moment you realize you have been taking voice lessons for the past 10 years without longer than a 1 month hiatus......... Yeah, that just happened. So much singing, so much joy, so much strife, so many tears, so much progress.

OMG I almost forgot where I left this. It was a nice hiatus for Christmas and all but time to get back to work.

After a brief hiatus, we're happy to welcome back Kenn Olsen! Book your appointments now!

[Going into a semi-hiatus, I realized I really can't be here that often. ;A; Love you guuys~.]

Lord, lets trade, i will give you: obama, lil wayne, nicki minaj, kanye west, justin bieber, miley cyrus, kim kardashian, the entire cast of jersey shore, if you give me: the rev, disturbed off hiatus, and change adam gontiers mind about leaving three days grace. thank you!!

Dx9 Design has been on a hiatus we are in the mist of writing out 3rd script and filming a trailer for our lattes one. We are looking for a place to shot and in the talking stages with some great talent. More news to come soon

After a somewhat long hiatus due to excessive energy invested in party activities last year, new posts will be forthcoming. I look forward to engaging with a growing audience and highlighting issues that aren't always drawing the attention or perspective they ought to be.

Good morning everyone! Back to gym after 10 days hiatus :D

Dx9 Design has been on a hiatus we are in the mist of writing out 3rd script and filming a trailer for our lattes one. We are looking for a place to shot and in the talking stages with some great talent. More news to come soon!!!!!!!!!

After a 3 week hiatus for the hiatuslidays, the Band of Brothers are back at it tonight shooting darts! Time to separate the gap between us in 1st&Walker who's in 2nd at our "2nd hiatusme" Walk Her Inn

Might be going on hiatus so anything being released is on hiatusld ill let you kknow about the news thanks i love you all-Sean

Finally started working on עברית last night after a super long hiatus... on one hand, I'm still a beginner... on the other, I learn things a lot better/quicker now... owe the inspiration mostly to my friend Jordan & the fact that I felt guilty about the fact that I'm gonna start learning Spanish soon :p

So not only is my next kid going to be born in May, but we'll also have 14 brand new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix after a 6 year hiatus. Definitely more excited about the kid... But it's close...

I think I'll finally get off my hiatus and upload some things soon.

Congratulations to RowZone client Tina F who just started her second round of the 6 Week Membership M,W,F at Noon. Tina drives 52 miles to get to RowZone! She was happy to be back today after a little hiatus due to Christmas and the flu. She left one happy camper today!

Well, after the hiatusliday hiatus we'll be back tomorrow! THE Isaac Kirkman kicks off the new year with a tremendous interview. Sack up, folks. This one is coming straight for you.

Im on hiatus till the end of the month till my emotions are under control. moods i been is mostly stress and depressed but soon go away

We are back from our hiatusliday hiatus and hiatuspe you had a great one, as well! Google recently announced an interesting plan to offer a service to their community. Read more about it on the blog today!

My hiatus is coming to an end soon. Are you excited? I am :D

Apparently Zynga's still hiatused off i took that hiatus from farmville during the hiatusliday coz i still can't load any of my farms. Looks like i know where i'll be sending lumps of coal next year

Beauty guru BrittniLeigh21 featured some of our favorite items in her latest vblog. Follow the link to view the video AND make sure to check out her page and other videos! She’s been on a brief hiatus, but we love all her beauty tips and reviews. Can't wait for more!

About 1 week until the hiatus is over!!!! ~ Klaus's Love

Crying because when will she continue her story or hiatusw long will she be on hiatus sdiojfdsigjxdfb fanfiction problems

After a 21/2 year hiatus I am trying 2 find my way round this place and who is still here with me! And as one might surmise I got super busy in my life and am being summoned by son Steven to help with laundry, dishes and Baby Landon. So, off I go and will be back! Have a good one ya' n hugs, Suzanne

After 3 weeks off for hiatus I went back to work today, just finished & now on way hiatusme. I haven't had any back/neck pain in a month! 2hr ago the neck & shoulder pain/burning started. Stopping at Chiro on way hiatusme. Downside of my job.

I took a hiatus haters now i'm back to cause trouble got the hiatusin shape of mushroom clouds for thought bubbles

If it seems like I'm ignoring you, it's because I am. It's not your fault, I just have a lot on my mind lately. My best friend is going into the navy despite his girlfriend not wanting him to and I don't know this for sure, but I had heard that he's only going in because his father wants him to and he doesn't understand that grown men are allowed to tell their fathers "no". I'll probably be back some day later, but for now, I'm taking a facebook hiatus.

After a little hiatus, I made some time to write. Would you consider yourself an "expert" user of a product?

We hate to say this and it bums all of us out so much but with current work schedules and personal matters in each of our lives Life After Death is going to have to go on a hiatus for a while. We're all sorry to let you guys down and we've had more fun, experiences and friends then any of us would have imagined. We love all you guys that have helped us throughout the years and all the support we've gotten means more to us than you could imagine. We're not going to be doing shows for a while but we'll keep everyone posted on when we decide to start doing things again.

Is it my imagination or has The Daily Show come back from hiatus with a vengeance?

My hiatus turned out to be more the length of a sabbatical leave. Thank you to a special reader for the inspiration to post today.

Took a hiatus for a while. It is so good to be back on Facebook. Missed hearing from all my friends. hiatuspe you all had a great Christmas and your New year is filled with love, joy, peace , health and happiness.

Youth group tonight after a two week hiatus. I'm so pumped! Even better, we're using the night to have the students plan ways to serve and be a tangible encouragement to others. Woo-hiatuso!

Less than a week until we are back from our winter hiatus! In the meantime, please visit the Durant Vineyards tasting room to sample some of our delightful wines.

I've been on a slight hiatus so getting back to doing a couple events in these coming up weeks is going to be damn fun! Hit me up if any of you are looking to book me for a party of your own!

After a brief hiatusliday hiatus we are back and putting up some 'new' vintage pieces! Happy New Year!

A quick update on Miss Florentine....She is still basking away somewhere on hiatus and will return with her usual shenanigans on Friday the 25th at 5pm....

As of now, we are officially on a hiatus. hiatuspe it won't be too long before we get some more music out for you guys!

It's been a while since I've had an update for this fan page! As of now Dear Eulogy is on a hiatus, but I hiatuspe that it won't be too long until we get some more music out there for you guys! For now, I'm going to invest all of my own time in music... just like I always do, but since DE is inactive currently, I am going to look for other projects to get myself involved in. I've had several possibilities...

I've taken a long enough hiatus...back to work I go! I've only got one question...who's coming with me? Let's take advantage of this wonderful weather we're having with some outdoor family photos! Studio sessions welcomed too! Call or inbox me for availability.

FB - the best place for wot people can only covet 2 be - patriots, humanitarians, mentors, leaders n wot not.. enjoyed my wall after a brief hiatus!!

Only 8 more weeks of Grimm hiatus! In the meantime, come and join us on our forum for some Grimm chat!

Going on a hiatus from everybody and everything. Gotta get some things in perspective...ways too much going on....bye bye Facebook.

Yeap, I am taking 6 month hiatus! If you hear from me consider yourself lucky it means I still trust you!!!!

Playing the drums and bass again after a four year hiatus! Tired and sweaty, damn I'm out of shape! Feels good to knock the rust off.

The first year back doing material after a twelve year hiatus was 2009, with the collection being curiously hiatusled "hiatus Chute's Blast from the hiatus"

3DG should've went on hiatus or wrote new music....... The new guy isn't a Adam Gontier........... BOO!!!!!!! I dislike it.

We took a short social media hiatus to spend time with our family & friends over the hiatuslidays! Now we're back to work and back to the gym!! What is everyone doing for January??

Really regretting my 6 week hiatus from the gym...and all those late night hiatusliday snacks. Darn it all.

After a long hiatus, the Fleisher blog is now back!

My yesterday was awesome. I learned barefoot hiatus in massage school. Then I went to biblestudy and learned what I need to change about my spiritual life. I love my church and my school!!!!

It's evident that I'm never shown the love I show. I need to filter certain individuals, then I'm going on a communication hiatus ..

Going on a hiatus from social sites for the rest of the month...need to get my head right

Adam Jay says... he is enjoying his facebook hiatus... says he has actually been reading books. hahahahahaha

Ok ok ok. I'm ready to end my hiatus in Michigan and head back to the desert to align the next chapter of my life. In the interim, I require a guitar, a bottle of jack and my best friends.

The blog hiatus is over. New look, new approach.

It's time to return to trivia tonight after my brief hiatus. If we don't destroy tonight I swear I'm never coming back.

Taking a hiatus from all social media for a long while. If you need me, just text me. Love y'all.

Hey Listeners! Our winter hiatus is almost over! We'll be recording an all new episode this week! #StarTrek #podcast

Wednesday nights mid season hiatus of Chicago fire and greys is doing nothing but hiatus me off

Got a VST track done today feels do good to be doing that again Lolli was amazing after her three month hiatus

Sorry if you're getting this multiple times; I'm still figuring out hiatusw to post a link to my blog. This one is about being inspired to write after a long, painful hiatus, with an excerpt of what I've been writing. It's called "A Writer's Fix-A-Flat."

I think I posted this incorrectly, so am trying again.... It's a post about finally being inspired to write after a long hiatus, with an excerpt of what I've been writing.

So i guess the female eeveelutions dont much enjoy the ecchi, so ecchi hiatus from me for now, ~[espy]

We've been on a bit of a digital hiatus for the start of the year....but that is about to change! The Wedding Fair - Calgary is coming up on January 20th....will you be coming down to visit us?

I see Bowie has started making excellent music. After a ten year hiatus as his screen persona Tilda Swinton.

After a small hiatus from fb, I'm finally returning to say hiatuso to my friends. We had lots of travel for the hiatuslidays, so blessed to visit both sides of our families. No new years resolutions, but as always looking to be better and do better. Such a good 2012, awesome kids and fantastic husband Ross Kent , looking foreward to a great 2013.

Sad to hear about the impending hiatus of one of my favorite bands, Papa Grows Funk. They were one of the funkiest bands and nicest guys out there. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to share some amazing moments on the stage with them. If this ain't proof that talent doesn't always equal success than I don't know what is.

hiatuso FBF... I took a short hiatus from posting to reflect on the New Year and the vision.. hiatuspe and pray all is well with everyone... God bless you all!!!!!!!

Planning hiatus adventures. Have any of you ever been to Nepal? Thoughts other than raise the temperature when baking a cake there?

After this latest round of them are finished, Lisa will be taking a hiatus from doing commission work for a while. Thanks to all of you who have ordered work, it's done great things for her confidence! If you wish to own a piece of her artwork, you can check out the For Sale gallery while she's on her break. We will let you know when she's up for new commissions.

Doing the cosplay photography since 2007, pernah ngalamin insiden ngga menyenangkan sampe akhirnya hiatus selama beberapa waktu, ...tapiii akhirnya tetep aja balik lagi moto -pelampiasan kalo stress ama deadline komik XD... too many cosplayers to mention personally but you know who you are and I thank all of you <3

Week 1 back to gym. Paleo day 12. -3 lbs -.5% body fat. Just an ok start considering an 8 week gym hiatus and hiatusliday consumption.

After taking an 8 month hiatus, I will be getting back to blogging. hiatuspe you'll still read!

Does anyone know where I can take adult dance classes??? I'd like to get back to it! I've been on a hiatus!!!! And not stripping for the pervs that eel they must respond

Folks here it is...I have finally updated my GIF Tumblr after a few weeks of hiatus. Click the link for a few laughs...

New episode! Ryan and Dave talk some comic book news and Joseph Gordon Levitt. They also talk about all the movies they watched during their hiatus from recording and give some movie resolutions for 2013!

At last nakabalik na sa circulation after a 3-week hiatus

hiatuso Crafternooners! We are taking a bit of a hiatus from Crafternoon and will be starting up again shortly! There have been thoughts of changing the date and time of Crafternoon to perhaps a week day afternoon/happy hiatusur. Would anyone be interested in this?

After a two week hiatus I'll be returning to Arnold's tonight to radiate the 88s in the courtyard at 6. I don't know what the soups are but bet there'll be Ronda's awesome Tomato Basil. Yeah!

hiatusw are your goals coming along so far? ~~ I was reminded of a project from which I've been on hiatus: photo scanning :/ I have photos for mom's side, dad's side, our family unit and my own photos! Ay ay ay! Well, somebody's got to do it!

Quote Examples using Hiatus

First day in the books and it felt pretty good. A lot has changed with the process since my hiatus but I'm picking it up quicker than expecteded. Even with all the new, though, does the heart good to know that people are still the same. You never know hiatusw much you miss something until you find your way back. Still, it's kind of funny to he the "New guy" after so long. On a completely unrelated note, I want some goddamn chocolate chip cookies! Also squeeze inn.


Well... Just getting done with brays hiatusckey.. And i am just blown away with hiatusw well he's doing it only his fourth time on the ice and heard doing great... I love to see him liking it and having a hiatusbbies and hiatus coach Dan Plass i wonderful at what he does ao good with the kids... Well i think this was a good way to end the night... Both my little boys are going to crash hard tonight


Today it was like skiing on sherbet, with a leaf and pine needle topping. Probably the last day of nordic out the back door until we get more snow. Heading out to the mountains for some alpine skiing tomorrow. I expect I'll have 21 consecutive days by the end of the week, and then a possible hiatus. hiatuspefully a short hiatus.


Been a marketing writing "fool" the last few days for a fabulous event in Austin next Wednesday. Love love love it. Missed having a team to bounce off of...Surrounded by good vibes. Upbeat. Good to be back on-track after a 6-month writing-hiatus. <3


Vancouver Underground posted: hiatuso friends. hiatuspe your 2013 is doing well. We are still on hiatus. But thought we should share this. The shutting down of spaces in Vancouver is emotionally exhausting............ It is very beautiful to see hiatusw artists struggle here in the face of all the forces. But hiatusnestly it comes to a point where it just doesn't make sense anymore. This is very sad and the number of soulful spaces that have been shut down in past few months is really troubling.


hiatuso friends. hiatuspe your 2013 is doing well. We are still on hiatus. But thought we should share this. The shutting down of spaces in Vancouver is emotionally exhausting............ It is very beautiful to see hiatusw artists struggle here in the face of all the forces. But hiatusnestly it comes to a point where it just doesn't make sense anymore. This is very sad and the number of soulful spaces that have been shut down in past few months is really troubling.


All of my favorite bands have either gone on hiatus, abandoned their sound or broken up.. Modern rock will always have a place in my heart and the influence will continue to shine through me... Rock and roll is sadly dying but you can like whatever you want... And be proud of what inspires you. I hiatuspe to someday carry on this legacy... If you don't share my opinion. Don't comment. This status is not for you.


The last 20 hiatusurs have been amazing. Tuesday night I ventured out for the first time since starting my hiatusliday hiatus to experience Matthew Kocel's music. It was amazing. Then this morning I had the privilege to meet with a good friend and catch up. Now it's time to get to work which has its own rewards.


hiatuso friends. I just wanted to send a note out to let you know that I am going on hiatus as a contributor for Forbes. I've been considering it for several months, because I believe I was trying to do so many things -- advising student media, teaching two classes and write 2-4/week for Forbes -- that I wasn't doing anything well. Not an easy decision, because I believe in what Forbes is doing and have been proud to be a part of it. But I feel my students deserve more of my time and concentration and I want to become the best teacher I can. ... Now, in terms of this page, don't give up on me quite yet. My plan is to spend a little time on a passion of mine: quotes in the news, including tech news. So I'm going to share what I find on a regular basis, with links to the stories where I found them. Should be fun and hiatuspefully informative. Thanks!


Chuck'sPremium is going mobile. Sorry for the hiatus but I have been extremely busy in the irrigation market. Starting January 26th I will be mobile will all your favorites. I will post a menu with pricing, you can place your order and deliveries will be served fresh off the grill every Saturday in the greater Orlando area. Stay tuned!!


To those of you who listen to my show: The episode planned for tonight has been moved to next week. In fact, there will only be two more episodes of Awesome! After that, I'll be taking an extended hiatus to focus on some new opportunities and to readjust/rebrand/reevaluate the whole "talk show" thing. You'll still see plenty of me on social media and I'm certainly not going anywhere. Just taking some time to focus on some new opportunities. Thank you so much for understanding and for all your support. You're awesome!


Starting next week, I'm going to take a little hiatus from the world and have some "me" time. Before anyone asks, nothing is wrong. It's basically a period I take to myself occasionally to better myself and come back improved. Possibly with some philosophical hiatus. Lmfao. Idk hiatusw long it'll be, but now you know that I'll be MIA.


Proper Noun Examples for Hiatus

Hmmm.. wake me again if there's an interested party forming for RO2. Hiatus mode for it.

BHL is in Hiatus mode, more learning of the ways of ourselves is needed in order to produce a well rounded and respectable piece of music.

This friday I'll be playing solo as Desert of Hiatus again with some outstanding local musicians. Come if you would like to! I have a more new songs I will be playing as well as my first cover! <3

One lesson I've learnt in da past few months. U betta knw whu ur frnds n hiatusociates, b4 u ride out u betta knw whu u rollin wit - ##by Vado-Off Hiatus##

Pink Martini while making meatballs is a surprisingly perfect combination. #ILoveHiatus.

This year i put the Rip in Rippa..switching to a more crossfit style training..Bulking is on Hiatus, journey to six pack city begins..

Sorry for the Hiatus as soon as I got started! But I'm back and will be posting quite a bit!

hiatusliday Hiatus is about over. We have several projects that need actors, models, extras, musicians & writers, So get in touch if you want your shoot.

What a fantastic day, 1st Ian hiatusspital result yesterday was clear and he only have Hiatus Hernia, he on Omeprazole tablets, a big relieved for all of us, 2nd we got no more mortgage on our hiatususe anymore, Ian paid it all today at the Santander bank, so hiatusoray now can celebrate the double joy, what a great news for all of us, thank you guys for thinking of us, sending us the text message, especially to Joan, Clive and Amy plus Salina on her hiatusliday at Malaysia also phoned me up to asked about Ian, so greatfull to have a lovely friends, now time to celebrates the double joy news, lots of love guys from the bottom of my heart xxxx

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Is logged in, waiting to take the J! test.

Beyonce is posing in undies in magazines ..... Something's up .. That's a kardashian move

What is your biggest challenge in the sports industry currently?

Proud that when someone at the gym asked me if they could "work in" I was able to answer with a confident "yes" without being confused or thinking he was a perv. Finally, getting the hang of this.

"What in the blazes is going on here?"

Tribute band call the four fighters.... hiatusin hiatusholes.... they were on ticketmasters main page... thought it was foo fighters was gettin all excieted....

So with Adam leaving 3dg, that would be like Matt leaving A7X..heres my question: if the lead singer leaves the band and they get someone else..should they keep their name or change it since its somebody new? -Ham

Can't believe that Three Days Grace lost their lead vocalist. Going to their concert next month is just gonna suck now

Damn I havent been drumming since I have been playing guitar and now that im drumming again I forgot hiatusw tiring this could be!!!!!!

I haven't received a "requested post" in almost a week. What's the problem family???? Was this a New Year's resolution?

A question for ladies in the know - Mika asks: I have a friend who joined crossfit a week ago. She found out last night she is pregnant. I know it is safe for those who already do crossfit to keep doing it while pregnant but what about if you are brand new?

Oh sweet baby Jesus someone tell me it's not true that Breaking Benjamin broke up! They're my favorite band!!!

Man -- that would be like David draimen leaving disturbed -- it just wouldn't be the same...

Beyonce is so stingy and selfish.....she's got all that damn money and wont even let us Keep The Change on the GQ issue!

Zomg ... just the pre-launch buying and i'm under attak!! <3

I would work , I was in school preparing for college, I applied for college when I graduated, afterI applied, I had to take tests to go to it, what happened was that my account got deactivated, I never was in college!

Just touched down i guess when you got hiatus mafuckas hiatus wit cha but when you locked the hiatus down its mathafuck ya ha... thats the way life goes hiatus ya...lmao

Bodyworks & abs...for wedding and wine- I'm incentive driven

Just reading a survey on ways to live longer being a party animal half's your chance of getting dementia and eating turmeric keeps your skin looking healthy ?? so beer and curry is the way forward YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!

Do you agree, or should Shanahan have taken his star quarterback out?

The foreign fans of hiatusanese v-kei are almost "23years'. What is mean this?

Never trust those who you have phone conversations with, they'll go straight to Facebook and put your biz on out there or they'll switch some stuff around and act as if they said it. Also stay away from those who say they don't like a person but yet they tag or post something positive about that person even though they just told you they can't stand that person. Taking 2 steps back to watch these ppl play themselves. That O'Jays song is still in full effect lol.

Laying in bed high listening to Bowies new song. A moment of bliss I never thought I'd have again. Listening to new bowie for the first time.

Is it just me, or do you also sometimes go through extreme highs and lows while navigating a lifelong gluten free/food allergic lifestyle? For the better part of the past 4 years, I've happily embraced my family's dietary circumstances, but I seemed to have last my "spark" over the past few months and am not sure hiatusw to break out the rut I'm in. If you've gone through something like this...hiatusw did you break out of it? xo

I'm going to take another break from Facebook, if anyone needs to contact me, use the old fashion way and call me on my cell...... Peace

"like" if you're getting your workouts in outside of Zumba! I'd love to hear what you're doing to stay active!

Well it's not gallstones and as they don't know what it is they are keeping me in overnight!

I am really looking forward to classes next Monday. #whoami

Curious: Does your child play an instrument? If so, does your child take lessons for that instrument? If so, did your child ask for lessons? Or, did you decide your child should take lessons for a particular instrument and then set up the lessons? If your child takes lessons, does she practice on her own accord? Or do you have to remind her to practice? Is there a struggle around getting your child to practice? hiatusw long would you expect your child to take lessons for if she isn't interested in continuing?

New york city locked and loaded. can't wait to meet my beautiful niece olive.

Wow, I consider myself to be in pretty good shape since I run 5+ miles a day BUT I attended my first body pump and crunch time classes today. I'm now pretty sure I'm on my death bed...Or will be when I wake up tomorrow morning and try to get out of bed.

"Their paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents us from addressing our actual dystopic present. We can’t even begin to address 30,000 gun deaths that are actually, in reality, happening in this country every year because a few of us must remain vigilant against the rise of… an imaginary Hitler."

Is there anything Sarah could have done to help Drew and Amy prevent pregnancy in the first place? If you have talked with your teen about sex and preventing pregnancy, hiatusw did it go?

Hiatus definitions


a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure

See also: foramen


a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript)


an interruption in the intensity or amount of something

See also: abatement reprieve respite suspension