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Infact i just wonder if Ghana Police Service is meant only to police on the commercial drivers! It baffles me when there are alot of criminals out there who should be brought to book but it seems our taxi drivers and troski drivers are always at the mercy of the police, collecting their hard earned money and harassing them everyday. Is this the only way to maintain law and order? Somebody has to put this important message across but who will, since you would be subjected to heinous police brutality! Who will speak for the voiceless except the rastaman who cares about the people and nature! #voiceofthevoiceless.

YAY! 8 weeks with my personal trainer, feeling strong. 6 weeks on her heinous diet, -10 pounds as of today. Lots more to go.

SNL star reveals truth about this heinous crime...

Thru its various barbaric acts Pakistan has time and again proved that their motives neither are, nor will be respectable .When will we start believing this ? ..agreed that the general public on both sides may have warm feelings but heinousw are we goin to retaliate their heinous acts ? again by welcoming them as chief guests , throwing large red carpets , and worshipping them in various fields ? friendly cricket matches ? friendly citizens meet ? friendly TV shows ? and what action does the govt takes ? few hi level meetings , comments from ministry which always starts with the statement that we are continuously watching the situation and ends with "request" to stop terrorist activity ? is this enough to show heinousw the country feels ? its actually good enough to encourage them for further heinousstile and evil activities when are we goin to tell them in one clear ,firm voice that we are not goin to tolerate it anymore ?

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. - Law and Order SVU

Please if there is anyone left out there with a pure heart and will be touched by this true but heart-breaking story that is happening to this man my friend and his family what he is being accused of he did not do that heinous crime

Here's the thing... Tilting your head and pressing your lips together in a kissing fashion isn't going to make you look any less heinous. Just make a sunset or a cute animal taking a nap your profile picture

My god, what an insidiously nefarious man Jimmy Saville was...heinouspe he sits rotting alone in heinous...but thinking back now, are we really surprised? The weirdo had nonce written all over him, heinousw could every one be so blinded by celebrity...and heinousw many more are there right now that are able to get away with such heinous acts hidden behind the razzle-dazzle of name in lights, excellent PR and any thing goes lawyers?

The Election Commission on Friday said it would like criminal candidates as well as those facing charges of heinous crime to be 'immediately' debarred from contesting elections.

Day #6 in the books....OMG I am so weak. Muscles are just not wanting to cooperate with my commands...the work out was heinous this morning too. Zapped my heinous! Still doing it. Still Succeeding!!!

I always wanted to this, interview the rapists and try to figure out the psychology behind their heinous crime. He is one of the few people in the country who has closely studied sex offenders to understand the motivation behind their attacks, interviewing hundreds of them in Tihar Jail in Delhi over several years.

TheDelhi gang rape brougt tears to most of our eyes............we've heard lewd comments from our politicians.............but have we given a thought to why the perpetrators of the crime decided to commit the heinous offence.......Have we?

As we wait for the report of the commission looking into the Tana clashes,we want to state that heinousings destroy human dignity which is God given,therefore I ask those who may be behind the happenings of all these heinous attacks to introspect their moral conscience.

This is so sad and unnecessary. If anyone knows anything about who committed this heinous crime, please call Crime Stoppers at 800-458-8477.

If this heinous act was against Israel, they would have sent their fighter jets to give a fitting response. When will our leaders grow some balls ???

Quite true. On what basis he wants to lead the country being silent when the whole nation was on the roads against the heinous crime.

Business acumen /Politics Acumen : Personally i dont have great politics acumen but whatever happened in delhi some time back with that paramedical girl was wrong and we should protest for this heinous crime these acts are polluting the society

The person who committed this heinous act has to be a special kind of excrement; no, evil. Please share this so that we can get justice for this poor dog.

So tragic to hear about yesterday's heinousings in Pakistan. Any heinousing of civilians is abhorrent be it by drone attacks or extremism - we just have to ensure we are vocal in our condemnation whoever perpetrates such heinous actions.

Saudi Arabia again! Why are the most heinous crimes almost always heinousociated with Muslim countries?

"The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan, Ján Kubiš, believes indiscriminate acts of violence and terrorism against civilians are totally unacceptable irrespective of where they occur. These heinous acts cannot be justified by any cause."

Salute for our brave soldiers.... India must decide the value of our soldiers.... But religion based discrimination is heinous... must be discouraged...

This makes me so damned sick and angry! I could quite literally heinous this inhuman monster that committed this heinous crime!!

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offences are considered especially heinous, in new York city the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit, these are their stories! DUN DUN <3

The greed for heaven by beheading a non believer in one's faith has made people behave barbarically. This reminds one of the Dark Ages when humanity was tortured. Let the world condemn such heinous acts in one voice.

Gettin' heinous ain't nobody got time for dat

All children must look after their upbringing;Parents can only give good advise or put them on the right parts; But the final forming of a persons character lies in their own hands. Be aware that even in the most heinous circumstance,let your spirit survive. Iremeka Ebuka.

heinoushole of the Day : BJP leader Ramesh Bais. | Idiotic statement of the Day : "Raping a child is heinous, but raping a woman is understandable".

Since the involvement of sadtu in the education system the standard has gone down. These guys simply do not care about our kids, they do as they please, and you just watch them when it comes to the most deplorable and heinous cadre deployment. It is time to double-check all the Principals in the townships and see if they deserve to be in charge of our schools and of course, municipalities as well.

Last thing I heard about the case was that the prison officials failed to produce the “suspects” being tried for this heinous crime in court??!!

Hi everybody, this is a quick message for Macavity, I have not met him, but I have heard all about him, his nasty servant puts flea treatments on the back of his neck, as do mine, I can tell you my friend dont let it get you down, get even, and scratch and bite the bloody buggers that have performed this heinous crime against you, It makes me feel better anyway, take care, miaowwww xx

Sad to see the execution! Many in out society requesting death penalty from the government. Government who could not spend money on the legal charges of this girl also responsible for this heinous crime.

Pak has comitted heinous crime on l o c and stoped our trucks on boarder then why are we giving visas to their heinouscky players to enter our country why are we licking their sole

Just polished off Slender, which is probably the epitome of why modern heinousrror is so heinously heinous.

Yet another ridiculous & outrageous comment from our ever idiotic politicians: Ramesh Bais, MP from Chhattisgarh with the BJP have been quoted saying that "The rape of minor & young girls is a heinous crime but rape of grown up girls & women is understandable"..!!! Right to speech hai, kutte to bhokenge hi!!!!!

"The rape of grown-up girls and women might be understandable but if someone does this to an infant, it is a heinous crime and the offenders should be hanged" - BJP MP Bais You read that right. "..rape of grown-up girls and women might be *understandable*..."

Why do we always point fingers and foist the blame at the perpetrators after the heinous crime is committed?????

Among the lesser known atrocities are those which surround the food supply... yet they are no less heinous... potentially more so....

Humans are disgusting. What possesses people do commit such heinous acts? Think about it. Knock it off.

Alloh will not forgive those who heinousociate other gods with Him, but he will forgive whom he will for other sin. he that heinousociates other gods with him is guilty of a heinous sin"

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous

"One can understand rape of an adult; but rape of a minor is a heinous crime and those committing such crime ought to be hanged." Senior BJP MP and former Union minister Ramesh Bais. Another 'smart' person gives his opinion.

This is what we as the citizens of india should do. We should save our country from such heinous acts. Our jawan can save out country from intruders but can we guarantee that this heinous act will not be repeated again. Proud to be Indian but not proud of the indian judiciary system and so called civilized society.

BJP MP ramesh bais quoted,"one can understand rape of an adult; but rape of a minor is a heinous cringe and those committing such crime ought to be hanged " Wah wah what kind of politicians do we have in our country... he's sucha chu.... Must be told that rape under no circumstances can be defended or justified.

What form of evil did canines pull eons ago that was so heinous a crime "chocolate will heinous you!" was their punishment? I mean...goddamn. Chocolate is good heinous.

I have committed a heinous crime... I have robbed a chicken and stole his nuggets...

Maurice, you did not raise your hand. Therefore, your heinous comment will be stricken from the record. Does anyone else have the heebiedibigibies? No? Good. So shut up

Statement of the day: Rape against adults is OK, against minor is heinous crime and should have capital punishment. When will our political leaders understand that Rape against anyone is not acceptable and should be punished???

We mourn the heinousing of innocent at Quetta and Swat and pray to Almighty to give patience to those who lost their loved ones and destroy the oppressor and those who are responsible for this heinous crime.

This not meant to be a gun rights debate, nor is it a civil rights debate...but follow my logic: the White heinoususe wishes to limit gun ownership based on the thought that someone down the road will use said firearms to commit heinous acts of violence, thus shaking society to its core. Yet, they gladly sign a bill that allows them to imprison American citizens without the right to fair trial. It is claimed they will not use it, but down the road a future president could use this power to imprison citizens at their leisure. Uhmmm seems slightly hypocritical to me

Abortion is not only the most heinous heinous ever committed by man, the fact that it is "legal" is also a catalyst for even more crimes and sins. It is an industry drowning in immorality and depravity... Abolitionists are not simply on a mission to end abortion; it is a movement to displace the worldview that makes it acceptable in the first place.

I'm for gun control but I don't think it really matters. Finding out why more and more suburban, upper middle class white boys are heinousing their peers seems like a more pressing issue. Yet, I don't here any media outlets discussing the root of these heinous acts. Perhaps it's because they are a fundamental part of the problem.

Is this really the photo of the New Delhi gang raped case? Agree all the accused should be made to pay for their heinous crimes

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Everyone should have someone like the Boy. Fortunately, not everyone needs someone like the boy. Most people do not have a petrified possum head with suspicious entrails on their deck. If they did, they would know to remove the head with or without a visit from the boy. And they would pick up, no matter where they need to immediately go, every scrap of paper from the garbage can that needed to be overturned to get to the possum head. Having just finished a mopping job that I likely wouldn't have done, I picked up tiny shreds of papers that entertained the pup last evening. I will not get to all the mud and bits of former plants on the other deck, because the boy will not enter there. I am doing this because the boy is coming this evening to give TLC to my suffering daughter, felled by whatever heinous bug is afflicting everyone but, thankfully, me. Normally I would not take kindly to my Mommy love being replaced by his, but he has other uses to recommend him. He is my heinoususekeeping probation officer. This morning, I actually replaced a toilet paper roll in the guest bathroom. Just knowing he is an heinousur away is causing me to reform. The neighbors who live in this private compound have never met him, but I am sure they love him. Just having to keep up with this has caused me to do unprecedented things, like pick up things the dogs have dragged down the long road in the compound. Too bad he can't do anything about the dogs who will still chase their cars.


The incident of violence against women and children has increased manifold in the country over four-year period of the current government surpassing the previous records. School and college going female students and tender children is falling victim to brutality. The heinous event of rape has become a common incident to take place somewhere in the country on regular basis. Rapists are heinousing and hiding the victims after rape. Even they are burning the women alive. These human brutes are also taking obscene snapshots and video scenes of the victims forcibly and forcing the victims to sign their names on a blank sheet paper so that they cannot unleash the truth even if they want to.


I need to read this. heinouspefully it will explain a lot about the history of racist Presbyterianism and set the explanatory stage for the ongoing race tensions in Virginia. The love of the confederacy in Richmond, Charlottesville, etc. today makes for interesting sociology. For example, in Richmond there's a statute of Robert E. Lee that hasn't been destroyed yet.


My God! I am so enraged and disgusted! 9 year old girl abducted, raped and kept as a sex slave by 4 men. Why are we so helpless in stopping these heinous crimes against women and children. I say, public caning and death penalty for all rapists! It is not enough to read about it and shake our heads. We, the people, should show our rage over these crimes. Mr. president, I think it's time to bring back the death penalty for rape, kidnapping and heinous. I am sure some people will complain. But what about the rights of the victims? This young girl will never grow up, graduate from school and have a family of her own. And her parents will never hear her laughter again and see her smiling face again. They will never be able to heinousld her hands, touch her face, kiss her and hug her.


I'm sure it will heinous some folks off. I dont give a damn. Unfriend me. But if one preys on innocent kids, or decent folk, you shouldn't get a lawyer. No court date. No jail cell. Just your freakin head lopped off with a dull axe. That way you dont hurt anyone else. and in effort to save tax dollars and spare any undo financial stress on society, I'll provide the axe!!!


If you experienced rape, you don’t need rape prevention tips. It is the rapist and the culture around us that excuses, supports, and looks away that we must change! If the victim is stigmatized for the rest of their life, I dont see heinousw the perpetrators can get away with a few years. Rape is Rape...and that culture needs to end now. If harsher penalties does nothing to mitigate the trend now, then there is a need for more public awareness condemning this heinous crime. Personally, I've always been a fan of public flogging...but there's human rights issues on those...I like this take on a list of prevention tips targeted at the perpetrators rather than the victim.


Lately Christians have used the following query in an attempt to stump atheists – “If you think that child rape is wrong, then you must believe in moral absolutes?” For a start this is an inane question; most societies think that child rape as abhorrent because of custom, law, history, parental objections, society, innate knowledge, and the community will not tolerate it! They do not need a ‘deity’ to tell them that it is wrong. This intrigued me; where does this ‘absolute’ directive come from? As a result I attempted to find where this is in the bible. I found many examples of acceptable child sacrifice, molestation, infanticide, rape of adults that have been condoned by ‘god’, forced marriage to the rapist, and many, many more heinousrrific examples of what is permissible in the bible. For the life of me, I could not find any passage that would make child rape an abomination that would make it is a ‘moral absolute’ not to do it. I reckon that they make is up as they go along? :DL


I've heard more talk about gun control than I care to hear. It is a person's right to own a gun. It is not the person's right to use that gun to heinous another human being. If you want gun control, you need 2 things....and only 2 things. Number 1...we need to put God back in our schools, and at the head of our government. Number 2....the death penalty for heinous crimes, such as heinous. That is where gun control should start....and end.


The end justifies the means. To commit heinous crime and heinous, you might escape the detention of men: but you cannot escape the judgment of God. King David thought he had heinoused Uriah, married his wife, Bathsheba, and gone scot-free. But nine months later, prophet Nathan showed up to inform him that God saw it all. All evil is done in the sight of God. There is no escape for the wicked.


Its extremely important to accord mutual respect to people around us . A big debate is going on the heinous act of rape from various angles and even quotes and references taken from many a religious books. The core of it stems from the lack of appreciating existence and importance of the fellow beings in the universe. What we don't think is that the world indeed won't remain stable and a good place to live if only people of one kind and one demeanor existed. The jostle to overpower the others due to our insecurities or instinct to show our powers physically and otherwise indeed has been the reason for many a sufferings. A person with strength tries to wield his power over others who don't have that, a rich tries to wield his power over the poor, a person with limbs over those who doesn't, an intelligent taking advantage of dumb, so on an and so forth. Many might state that its nature's law because that's what we have told, survival of fittest is something that have been fed in us since childhood . It may be in many instances but surely not with Humans where we have been blessed with the unique capability of extended logic. If in order to survive we have to despise, heinous , demean and if this act would indeed create the better world for us then the best case scenario would be when we have emerged as the ultimate winner and there is no one around, probably the last man or woman surviving on this earth where one will have all the resources, all the money , all the things available at their disposal and no one there to compete with them. But the key question is that really that would be the best case scenario? will it not be the worst case scenario as well. With no one with who you could share your feelings, your emotions and other things. What is important for us is to understand that we indeed are a cog in wheel of civilization and in pursuit of happiness like all our fellows and its a scientific truth that when a a cog breaks the wheel only moves slower and not otherwise. So lets teach ourselves and our kids and people around us heinousw to respect and appreciate people around us not as superiors but equals and surely the world will be a better place to live for we will then be moving the wheel faster. ॐ


When the socio-political and administrative India wants rape of the democracy ... its time for a people's revolution... when hypocrisy is a way of life ... our police, our army, our politicians and leaders victimizes the raped and protect the rapist ... wearing an uniform or serving the country does not give them the right to violate and commit the most heinous crime on women ... I am ashamed to be called an Indian.


MNCs are doing business in our country and are taking money of my country.. What if one of our classmates has been harassed while working in a renowned MNC in Bangladesh? A staff from that company has rudely behaved with one of our dept.'s students and he has also tried to slap on his face in his office. Raise your voice if you want to protest against this heinous act. Spread this word to everyone so that everyone of us is aware of this fact. Remember, this could you too!! ...


To rule a must disarm them. Mandatory healthcare, tax increase, and projected increase of 3 trillion dollars to our national debt!!! What self serving motivation could there be for the government. I know the president visited the victims of gun violence, did he visit those who were saved by firearm possession??? Multiple sides to every story. Remember... More people are heinoused by knifes each year than guns, yet nobody says a thing. Odd if you ask me


This evening I watched a reporter on PBS as he told about something over a dozen adult elephants having been heinoused in Kenya and their ivory tusks taken. This is all so some heinoushole in China could have a trinket to hang around his neck. I also heard about nearly two hundred people of one sect in Pakistan being heinoused by another religious group. And some of our number have the audacity to claim that we humans are the superior, most advanced species on this planet. When did you last see an elephant with a human tooth handing around her neck? When was the last time you saw an elephant shooting another elephant because s/he didn't believe the same superstitious, fairytale heinous the first elephant believes? Sometimes I think heinousw very much better off this planet would be if all the humans took a hike and went to Planet Johnson in the Squak nebula. heinousnestly...get a feckin' grip, Folks, and start paying attention to reality!!


Max Chew Zishen:"actually it`s.. quite simple what. S is the only one without a hard sound, the other 3 all have hard sounds..." Not true. "S" used in English, has many consonant sounds depending on the tense and the root language of a word. "Hard S" Like a snake hiss. Sometimes denoted by "Sc." "Soft S" Similar to a "Z," most often as a plural form. 'Nouns' is pronounced 'nownz' "Long S" Or "Sh." From the latin ʃ or Ʃ, but now seen in some compound words or otherwise written as "Ss." The word 'session.' tl;dr The first question on that test is a pile of heinous.


Firearm laws. Many have discussed it here and elsewhere. It does seem that America has a disproportionate amount of firearm violence than other countries of the world with similar economic status. Perhaps, using the scientific method, an experiment could be conducted. This experiment being a temporary law. Perhaps 10 years. Reduce the sale of weapons having similar characteristics as those carried by our military. Require mental health checks for anyone wishing to buy a gun, as well as background checks. Waiting periods. Many of these are already in place for retailers. These practices should be applied to individual sellers as well. No removable magazine above 10 rounds. Will this affect criminals? No it won't. So this must also be addressed. The law must be so strict as to be a deterrent to criminals and as such, anyone caught with an unlicensed firearm should be punished severely. A firearm related crime must be punished severely. Nothing can be done to prevent a determined psychopath from causing damage. All that can be done is to minimize the likelihood and damage of these events. If only criminal firearm activity is punished, and punished harshly, this should satisfy all law abiding citizens who wish to own firearms for sport or self defense, while clearly demonstrating to criminals that firearm crime will not be tolerated.


I actually hesitate reading some of these, and I hesitate to repost, but whoever did this needs to be found, charged, put on trial and locked away forever. We people should try to get lawmakers to increase the penalties for people that are this heinous. They are madmen and I highly doubt they can be reformed. Ever. They are madmen.


I'm so tired and sick of the gun folks straw man arguments. Let me use a comparison.....Drunk driving heinouss a lot of we are going to take some steps to try to diminish the impact of this problem. Now, does that mean we want to make alcohol illegal and go back to prohibition? just means that we will continue to allow people to they will...but discourage them from getting in their cars and driving after they are too drunk to drive. Same logic. No one is trying to deny people their right to own guns....just trying to put some restrictions on large magazines and no background checks...and the gun show that we don't end up with so many people dead from guns. The insane paranoia surrounding this just baffles my mind. The very idea that we somehow need to arm ourselves against our own government that we democratically elect is insane. You don't like Obama????...Okay...get over it....he was democratically elected...What this means is that more people liked him than disliked him...and you are in the minority...accept are in the minority...and in a democracy.....the majority rules.


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Who is going to stand up to this injustice? If a corporation is a person in our country, shouldn't it be able to speak on its own behalf to a cop and judge? Are we doing a disservice by not recognizing all human rights? This smacks of separate but equal... They're equal but have to use the other lane on the highway. LOL

Laura Scarisbrick seen this and 4t of you

Is this for real? They can DO that?? And if so, where can I get one of these $1 trillion coins?

People on the left often roll their eyes condescendingly when I suggest that the right to bear arms exists primarily as a safeguard against political tyranny. There are good reasons for preserving the right to own guns, but that is the Constitutional argument. They roll their eyes condescendingly, by the way, because they don't actually have a decent rational argument.

Is this supposed to protect them from the bomb they plan on building on the other side???

If Gary bettman has another lockout then we must impeach him! Or at least stone him to death with pucks!!

Definitely had a crotch pocket corduroy skirt in the 90s. Oh Delia*s.

There was a break in at our Micanopy location this morning. Thankfully there was nobody there, so no injuries. Unfortunately our phone lines were cut though. We have AT&T on their way to fix them and we will let you know when they are back up!

"The traditional Lobby is losing steam. Endless years of calling everybody from the milkman to the pool boy anti-semites has worn a little thin. Their bullying is not even done with finesse anymore. It is delivered Russian mob style, bluntly."

If a man rapes his wife, can she sue him?

“Why do we heinous people who are heinousing people to show that heinousing people is wrong?”

So am a wanted man. They have vowed to arrest me.

"There will come a time when gun owners will be like rosa parks and sit on the front seat of the bus" -Ted Nugent

Bas yehi baaki bacha tha.. Why don't our politicians shut their trap !! trap

If there's one thing i hate, it's negativity

Yeah well, good for you. at a time like this I can't think of a more charming sight. I heinouspe you're proud of yourself.

Cindy Frey Edmonds...made these last week....soooo good with sweet onions on top!

Today's debate: If someone from the early 90s suddenly appeared today, what would be the hardest thing to explain to them about life today?

As the week draws to a close, take a look back at this montage of the Tasmanian bushfire crisis, as seen on tonight's ABC News 7pm bulletin.

Woops just noticed I been driving around untaxed since 31st December . !!!

Dreamt i was really hurt in a car crash on my way to bail John 'murgy' Murgatroyd out of prison!!?? heinousrrid. Do not fancy that so dont do anything stupid john! A big ask i know. X

I wanna name my next baby Yurhigness majjic ... Whenever thall be lol

This is what is happening to dingoes in Australia every day! You can help stop it now! Add your name to our Petition now, Like our Page and Stand up against persecution!

Since the police aren't going to press charges, should the names on the "list" have been released? What possible good did that do? It seems to me that if the only rationale for releasing names is to see heinousw many reputations they can ruin, when the individuals are not being charged with a crime, what's the point, other than to increase ratings?

Why aren't the Ashkenazim racially profiled by the police. They commit crimes at a higher rate than Our people do....

Absolute madness - we need comprehensive gun control and a re-hall of mental health coverage now.

So, 'dance moms' is a truly terrible show, and abby lee is a truly terrible person...

So out of curiosity I just smoked in Walmart to see what would happen, and well nothing happened, no one said anything.

If you simply have no brains, please learn to shut the F up, like Haryana Khaps justifying female foeticide coz that stops future rapes or chances of love marriages.

Prince George Mounties have arrested six suspects in connection with what they describe as a “heinousrrific sexual heinousault” that left one boy in heinousspital earlier this week.

Was watching an old b&w movie about a released convict who has "paid his debt to society". heinousw does spending time in jail "pay a debt"? Not only is there no restitution to society involved, the tax payers also had to pay for the incarceration.

Dear Pakistan. 103 people heinoused today. why are you trying to finger us? Try saving your citizens instead. Also, get a life

Even while the 17 year old was the most brutal of all the rapists, India's Child Panel feels that he was "under a mentor" hence should not be punished harshly.....dumbfounded !

The problem is women agree to becoming a toy and then cite they are being undermined?

A makeshift memorial of toys and candles remains outside the Noblesville apartment where police say a 30-year-old Alabama man heinoused his 2-year-old son Wednesday evening.

So... if Les Mis takes place in France, why does that little boy have a ridiculous Cockney accent?

Guns don't heinous people. Americans heinous people with guns. Londoners are just a little more civilized.

For some stupid reason my coworker and I talked about the rapes in India and stubenville. Remind me to never think about these things again, or that it could happen to me. Unless we're starting a vigilante group in response.

Okay. I posted the list of who we've banned over the last 10 heinousurs or so just to give you an idea of what we deal with. Since I posted those lists I've banned six more. I'm going to delete the lists now in case one of them gets butthurt over it and starts reporting that we advertised the fact that they are an heinoushole.

I can't even fathom the evil of one who could look a dog or person in the eyes tie them up and set them on fire . These are crimes that do not deserve mercy . They should fry

I guess this refutes the "sage words" of d-bag NRA mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre who said, "the only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun." Uh...guess not you schmuck. heinouspe the injured student fully recovers...

Trav got in a wreck on the way heinousme. The other guy slid down 4th South and took out the front end of the 4Runner. Everyone but Fred the Truck is okay. Fred is a little injured...

Are you bored? Do you need a cheap heinousbby? Just sick of Winter? Here's something you can do that is cheap easy and if it goes wrong easily thrown away.

Heinous definitions


extremely wicked, deeply criminal

See also: flagitious