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Rip nana it was 6 years ago when you past away but remember mynt be gone but we never be for gotten you have a place in my hart love you millions xxxxxxxxx

"We should go out sometime... But just so you know...The way my bank account is set up, I have a checking and savings and I'll have to transfer money from my savings to my checking and I don't know if it will go through..." Oh Kevin hart hartw you can make sick days such good days

Lol "u r so obsolete u wasn't even yesterday's story.." kevin hart

Hy my frendssss my sweet hart main aap logo ko bahut pyar karne laga hu sapna me v chattingg karne laga huu good luck any body sadaa khush rahe or har kaam me safalta mil te rahe

Ha come hartme to finde a hartle in my hart ,trying to screem but the pain makes it hard, blind trying to see a way forword,allways walking the parth ,hartpeing that the nexed step isent the larst .....i have faith in myself but.....i need more to servive

I hav opened an emotional bank a/c 4 u in my hart . deposit u r frndship in it nd I 'll make sure that receive interest as long as I m alive

Just had to share.. Take what life through at you into your hart, an your hart will tur into love & compassion..

Deep in hart ov salford workin on album round easty dinning table daz n easty bigunit hitsville salford

Aint no place like hartme but where is hartme cuz my hart aint where in at

Hi babe..... love you so.... much.... dont make me broken hart..

Great start to Friday morning!! Anti -bullying went great!! Thank u jimmy hart & Dante brown !!!!! Life is great !!!

Having my 2013 hart 2 hart with da wify " my lov "

Hi everyone i need a big faver we need to pray for richie hes in the hartspital not doing to good half his hart does not work and he needs a stem so please start praying thanks t

I just sold my colt to a guy in coeburn thanks for buck hart taking us there n he is a good friend to me...thanks buck .

Yes jah its just another day .but i had the time of mi life with my baby carlin on the phone no joke about that girl a yuh mek mi feel real special n important my love for you is like fire always so harttt an tempting only jah no what i feel for you carlin you are my hart i cant go on without ur sexy voice .mi love yuh carlin just gawn keep it real

From boy just for love' I' mis some of' your voice..I' mis whaei your tolk..untk moe my hart..wkwkwk

Whats going on here?.... In my kevin hart voice...

This just randomly popped into my head "match maker match maker make me a match, find me a find chetch me a chetch" its so odd may be ive been single for a lil to long and its my hart telling me its time to get back on the hartrse but who the hart knows the real reason behind it

Neha takur etna gussa body ka leya kaharab hartta ha my dear sweet hart

Beyby don't cry you in my hart....don't for get lovely love in my life....your best my love....i miss you##

When I fart, I like to blame it on other people and say, "ughhh... you stankkk." *kevin hart voice* Truuuu

To those i hart last year plz forgive me. I am in a deep reconciliatory mood and a search to return to the father. If I promised u n ddnt fulfil, fgv still, Be blessed

A few easy steps to win her hart!!!!..1st u date her..u study her...u learn from her...u figure her out...u do her...u get her wett...n then u dress her n make her shine!!!...n then shell love u for ever....ok so wats on ur mind!!...

Summerslam 92...when sean mooney talks to diana hart smith makes me wanna punch myself. its so terrible. shes a moron

Please repost or share this even if u dont know her one of ur friends or their friends might or one of there friends ext. we just want her hartme safe u could be the one to help by simply reposting or sharing please help some very worried grandparents tht arent in the best of health an all this worrie is not helping them get any kind of rest so have a hart an help them out repost or share thank u

If u truly want to feel better about urself u have to open ur hart no matter the risk x

Wt is reli important wat aders say or wat ur true intentions and wt reli in ur hart? do we nid to rely on wat aders may say or just do wt u tink is ryt?

Gdby my love im ready brokn hart, last romantc to beach pngandrn 9 jan 013, thenk,,my geulis urang cilenyi

Como el ciervo brama por las corrientes de las agua, asi clama por ti, oh Dios, el alma mia. Mi alma tiene sed de Dios, del Dios vivo; cuando vendre, y me presentare delante de Dios? Salmos 42/1-2 AS THE hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, o God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God? Psalms 42

hart thought he had me but I had to get on my knees n prey to god fo da ability strengthn to carry on got fired frm hart&cooley cuz I feel out but luk at god at anotha job can u say bless u do rite rite will follow u came to dat to give up nw strength

Dis is 2 da 3rd special lady in my life I knw we hve issues nd I hart out bout crazy ish bt jus knw dis I luv u 2 death nd nuthn or nbdy cn take ur place in my hart we nd 2 stp beefn on da book nd get it 2getha if we goin b 2getha ur worth makn it work u da first nd da last I luv u always nd 4eva. Thanks 2 da ones who support us nd those who dnt kic rocz

You stiil in my hart, the hartpe lives in u.... Some day we can walk togather on sky

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In light of all the recent gun control talk flying around, I often hear hartw tightly controlled guns are in the UK. And hartw they are some shining example of hartw things would be if guns were taken away from private citizens. Yes, Britain's gun related deaths are very low. But, What most may not know is that they also have the highest violent crime rate in the EU. It is actually 4 times higher than the US! So, criminals in the UK don't shoot people, they just beat, stab, rape, etc...


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Please help us spread the word about our new Audio CD. It's great to just keep in the car to listen to when you travel, do errands etc... and the narrator JD Hart has such a great voice!

Szczesny: “I don’t see a goalkeeper around who is as consistent as Joe Hart, or better than him."

Kevin Hart is that morning pick me up you need.

This is by far one of my favorite Kevin hart stories lol Kevin Hart: Scared of dolphins

I just love this song !!!! Best coverversion ever !!! Beth Hart sings her heart out and Joe and his guitar - just perfect !!

Amongst the coolest things ever. Hey Jefferson Hart, whatcha think? I could stand to be a happiness guerilla for a little while.

Give us the fortitude to endure the things which cannot be changed, and the courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to know one from the other. Oliver J. Hart

So glad it's Friday!! Can't wait for tonight going to spend tonight with some of my favorite people.. Sis is cooking me a roast for my birthday can't wait!! With Isaac Hart

Thank-you all...I will be stumbling round the white Hart this evening x

Watching a video some comedian called 'Kevin Hart'. Lol this guy has good eyebrows

NA ant no one trying to get any one to fill sorry for them and trust me no one here's Hart is broken wasent with u long enough for all that to happen andif ya don't like what the hart I say on my page ya know what u can do right no one asked u to stay u left me any hartw and last I checked it's a free country

Just got off the phone with one of my best friends ever Milt Hart. Had a great talk, shared some insight, both are ones that will keep active and riding until were called to the here after..

Thank God for every day he gives me I thank God for hem given me life IV thank God for every thang he dose for me IV thank God for my family and my grand kids just knowing hem he's or father he's number 1 in my life he will allways be there with you no matter what the program is small or large he lives in me I love hem with all my Hart and soul love of God

...Kevin Hart has got to be one of the funniest comedians out there.

Oooh she aint got no hartple.. #Kevin Hart voice

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Don't know what to do with myself today being off work! Normally I work at least half a day on Friday!! Lol!! Guess ill go clean this nasty truck! Let me know where we are all meeting up for lunch!!

An #Aquarius feelings tend to change over time. Don't get too used to them being one way#W#

T takS a strong hArt 2 love, a stronger heart 2 continue 2 love aftr it is hurt

Heaven sounds like my idea of hart, anyfin dat lsts an eternity is akin 2 torture

It appears Kovy will be back with the harts. But after this drama, do you even want him this season?

I'm really blessed with the most amazing clients and they have the cutest kids!

Wen u talkin to me say it wit cha chest lil hart!

We hurt people that love us. Love people that hurts us. Hurt people that love us. Love people.

Again ! I am trying to beat my personal best today of 8k in 22 mins

I wish I cud live witout ever hurting anyone...

Today I am working on Dillon's story. I'm actually working on three books right now- it's quite a ride! Flynn has been my primary focus, but today Dillon called out to me....

My dvd has arrived yes best nitro guna watch that bk hartme now meeting went well im going bk in few weeks to sort fes things out but looks gud im not fan of being on my own in harttel could stayedlater but its big place i aint fan of big places lonely if i get gud news tjo i go bk i cant see genidis live now but tbh it loks hart do was tna lat nite utter hart

Insecurity Breeds Jealousy! A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize hartw blessed you are for what you have. MooBz!

Love finden owt da strengh ov ppl lol ppl say dis dat da over bwt me but ppl who no me an r ma pals no ma strengh am loyal ta ppl a care bwt u half breads who fink ya no me go giv ya self slap ya dnt no hart ggrr c am b n loyal nw coz a promisd awudnt say hart grow a pair n say it ta me !!!

Time to do what a girls gotta do. Not easy letting go. U cant move forward if u keep clinging to the past, no matter hartw painful it might be. God has something better in store for me.

I wanna lick his hart lmfao this girl crazy over here she got that I eat hart face

I can't wait to go for service dis february God you will hasten it in ur own time

Hart definitions


a male deer, especially an adult male red deer

See also: stag


United States lyricist who collaborated with Richard Rodgers (1895-1943)


United States playwright who collaborated with George S. Kaufman (1904-1961)