How to use Guarantee in a sentence as a noun

The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.

I have just seen a commercial for a product known as "Wipe New". Apparently it restores old, worn out products to their previously new state. I have ordered 10 gallons of it and will have Karen and the kids to paint me with the stuff. There is a money back guarantee if it does not work, so what's to lose right?

While we do our best to offer accurate estimates via phone, web, or social media contacts, please be aware that we can only guarantee an estimate if we have had an opportunity to examine the device in need of repair in person.

Seriously???? My freakin social security went up 40 bucks a week????? It is almost a guarantee that it wont be there for me and i am paying in 124 a week. This is some guarantee

How to use Guarantee in a sentence as a verb

Are you sick of buying lotto tickets but never winning? Why not say goodbye to the lotto and give rubicon a quid a week ? We can guarantee to change lives with it

Indeed! Thank Allah for giving us another moment after moment to repent and race in good deeds! Don't wait for calendar to turn its pages ! What guarantee we will be there to witness that year ? Utilize every moment !

"If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." - Clint Eastwood

If there's anyone who mite nid an Hp desk jet printer brand new with ink jets for only R1000 wit guarantee pls inbox me for more info!!

Quote Examples using Guarantee

This time last year i was 21 stone 6 pound and now 15 stone 11 pound. Dedication + patience = only one winner... which is you. I am still on my journey of weight loss and getting fitness model ripped. If anyone wants advice on nutrition, workouts etc feel free to ask as it will be all good practise for me before my personal trainer course begins. Why not ask someone who has actually been in your shoes. I got loads of nutrition tricks and other handy advice that will guarante fat loss. So please ask away even if you wanna drop 1 pound or 10 stone


Had a blast with two folks who are as much family as friends. Went to the hamfest in Springfield and then a couple of other stops. It was the most fun best day of the week. Only thing that woulda made it better was if the two of us who couldn't be there because of way more important things could have been with us. Next time the five Musketeers will roll.


I need your help! My wonderful cousin, Scott Lester, is looking for a new position as a draftsman in Mt. Airy, NC or the surrounding area. He has exceptional skill and years of experience and can also currently take on odd job CAD design projects to tide his family over. Let me know if you have any leads or if I can shoot you his resume. I guarantee you won't be disappointed by this man, he's a dedicated worker and a man of great integrity.


Proper Noun Examples for Guarantee

Ladies don't forget if you have claimed the £10 Shellac offer you can use it for your Valentine Date! Get booked in now for 12th 13th & 14th of Feb the Guarantee the date and time you want! Call 01704 510784

Related Sentences for Guarantee

My advice is no dnt allow him 4 sex he migth end up to go pls d man dat lvs u wil always stay by u no matter wt and sex is nt real lv ok

Self knowledge is no guarante of happiness but its on the side of happiness that can supply the courage to fight for it! <3

If you come back to me, I'll guarante' that I never let you go .. la laa la la.! #Onbendedknee#

Love iz like a chinesse mobile has no guarante!!!

By freely sharing your wealth of good wishes, you earn the guarante of a right to happiness.

It's worth a try. 45 day money back guarante.

You broke up with me but ma heart doesn't broke. You know why??? Cuzzz ma heart is not made in china... lol

My sweet princess is no where to be found,instead all I see is a grump that won't talk to me. If this keeps up I can guarante one of us will end up crying before the day ends!!

Do we seriously think that girls-only educational institutions and covering up the girls will keep girls safe from sexual guaranteeault? From street sexual harassment? From being victims of gender violence?

I believe evrybody is smbody...d fact dat we hv dfrnt beliefs,backgrnd nd perspective doesnt guarante u dat u re beta dan d dnt take pple 4 grnted..smtyms lyf often goez bynd wat we thnk of it...

You can't blame someone for being themselves, but you can blame yourself for dating them #A man can only do to you what u allow him.

Umbrella can't stop the rain but protects us. Likewise, confidence may not bring success but it gives us courage to face any challenge! Morning.....

Don't keep big and high dreams, but crawl and doubts and demands for 100% guarante of no failure.. ©©©©©©©©©

My i pod cracked lol xc good thing i have guarante xp

Man man man all i can do is shake my guaranteeing head!! guarantees will try to drag yhu down no matter guaranteew yhu done changed or try to do better!! But Its all good what want guarantee me will make me stronger i guarante yhu that!! #Selfmade a$$ guarantee#

Woke up in a good guarantee mood and now just frustrated....

Chris Christie 2016? Okay, we hate 2016 speculation as much as anyone else, but he'd surely make an intriguing candidate, whatever your political persuasion happens to be...

Teacher-Pyar kisne banaya? Student-China ne. Teacher-Proove it. Student-because iski koi guarante nahi hai, chale to chaand tak nahi toh shaam tak.

They rarely ever do. but when a friend cries over,I can guarante to hates you. Because friend only cry when they lose something of affraid of losing something that they leaves as themself.

Ke ratile go bolawa ke batho ke ba jetse ma clipa ke ba tsenyetsa 0 dstv the next moning ke fa go kgaotswe

Life has no guarante we can die at any time so we have to enjoy it

Truth z hvng a bby wif a guy daznt guarante dat his ur hubby,him introducing u 2 his fam daznt mean he'll marry u so stop colng ppl bicthes cz it takes a bicth 2 c 1 #Lord hve mercy #GM fb frnds

I know there are no guarante but in love you take your chances but some guaranteew it seems unfair to me look at circumstances.. now that you say you leaving me i dont get that part was you lover secretary working everyday of the week i was at the job when no one else was there helping you get on your feet... you can leave me at a drop of a dime swallow fears stood by yourself... i love that part oh well vibing to my ipod nothing but mary j and trina and lsg

I guarante these kids wernt pushing pencils at a desk. Don't forget these kids and remember your job could be worse

If the prophets of today cn cast the demons out of an individual, where do ths demons go? Do they die or they jst gt out to poses another individual? My sugestion z ths prophets if they are real they shld command the demon to die rather thn comandn it out. Whn they command t out, do they hv guarante tt it won't poses other individual again?

Always being ten step a head and stay positive you wil never fail thats my guarante 2 u take it easy and keep it real god bless

Runin 2 fast does not guarante u wil reach ur destination

Eish idk if ill make it 2 d wedding

New year, new diet... 6 days in and guaranteews everyone doing?

All im sayin you cant turn no guaranteee into no guaranteeusewive. Stop cryin bout the guarantee and move around bc I guarante she done txt the nxt mf tryna get blowed down StraightUP #ijs

To the person that could do this to a child , I offer me to beat on !! But I can guarante with the rage i feel toward anyone who could do this to a child It will not be fun for you

If a girl is stupid enough to love you after u broke her heart, i guarante u she is the one.

Lakers going to be 5 games under 500 by the end of next week sorry guaranteees

He said he loves me he's giving me guarante but? ?

Hey! Dt ur datin dos nt guarante u to hv sex bt me i prefer caln it frndshp bt i kw mst peple alwz say dey are datin bt mind u dnt alow urself to b deceivd wen a man tels u i wnt to marry u den u kip ur whole self wt hm.

Ota kan se koba je ni, bet i will neva 4all back lailai, cos God ave guarante me 2 performe on dis hearth, so i fank my creator.

Goodness! guaranteew I hate fish smell n in a mat where the fish are kept under my seat,Nitafika lini????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning dalz e ro ju c club activity undi seminar hall lo presentation evvali well excited about . . .

My brother messed up on my hair cut nd now I look like Dora!!! D':

Running too fast does not guarante that you will reach your destination pray for God mercy

guaranteeme to a £70 fine from euro car parks for over stay at sainsburys car park in stoke.. Bar stewards

I am looking for a job today I just need something till the weather gets nice then I go back to my normal job if anyone know anyone hireing I don't care if it snow plowing or what ever just need something going crazy

Does the Federal Government need a new department of Obesity? A cabinet level Secretary in charge of weight and measures -- of the human body. Mandatory weight loss legislation? Criminal penalties for the over weight? Liberal authoritarians are very sympathetic to such government controls as part of ObamaCare.

I realize that if I wanted one day to delete my Facebook account to make sure no third party, including the Government, can use sensitive information I would have to delete all my pics , info and posts ONE by ONE before hit the Delete account button!!!

Guarantee definitions


a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications

See also: warrant warrantee warranty


an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true


a collateral agreement to answer for the debt of another in case that person defaults

See also: guaranty


promise to do or accomplish

See also: undertake


give surety or assume responsibility

See also: vouch


make certain of

See also: assure ensure insure secure


stand behind and guarantee the quality, accuracy, or condition of

See also: warrant