How to use Groundbreaking in a sentence as a noun

Happy groundbreakinglidays! We'll be offering limited free model testing during January for a new series we've dreamed up. If you'd like to apply, or have a friend who could use some groundbreaking modeling shots for their portfolio, hit us up!

Butterfly Conservation new groundbreaking report reveals restoring and joining up habitat will prevent the UK's threatened butterflies and moths from becoming extinct in the future.

This groundbreaking program creates a dialog between female Service Members targeting MST prevention through mentoring that Educates, Empowers, & Inspires. I invite all female veterans to join this page!

A groundbreaking artist in many respects worthy of futher investigation. This record received enormous critical acclaim on its release.

How to use Groundbreaking in a sentence as a adjective

In fear of the world's potentially untimely end, we as a band decided to cut our losses, pack up shop, and enjoy what little time we had left on earth to indulge in an inhibition-free lifestyle bordering on hedonism. Now that the air is once again clear, we're now working harder than ever to bring you, the people, what you've waited so long for and have probably given up on at this point. Surely it will be the most groundbreaking music of this new era of ours, to date. So stay tuned! Forreal this time groundbreaking

Dr Lissa Rankin is doing groundbreaking work in educating traditional MD's to become actual healers! Love her.

The groundbreakingbbit, the Lord of the Rings and space exploration have key themes in common: extraordinary adventure, groundbreaking discovery, monumental change for all civilization.

groundbreakingw do you create the next big thing? Take Apple for instance, which refuses to test products with customers before launch - and conversely, Dell, which crowd-sourced 17,000+ ideas. Which is the way to groundbreaking ideas? #rewritetherules

Quote Examples using Groundbreaking

Find the keys to... • Repairing painful family memories • Releasing buried unforgiveness • Recovering from generational dysfunctions • Restoring the four building blocks of covenant The power that family exerts upon us for good—or not—is like electricity: when we embrace it, we gain tremendous capacity to benefit our loved ones. If misused, that same power can bring disaster—or dysfunction, as we often identify the painful disconnect that most families experience. Dr. Daniel Brown’s groundbreaking approach to our universal struggle reveals a new way of looking at our families. “Family” isn’t just a collection of people; it’s a spiritual entity fashioned by our Creator to do us good all our lives. Dr. Brown’s insights into this spiritual power called covenant will astound you, providing effective tools to get at the root causes of family pain—and to restore the wounds it has left. Discover the four keys to covenant relationships…and begin turning brokenness into blessing for your family.


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- hey everyone! Mark groundbreakingerberg decided to block me for 24 groundbreakingurs because he didn't like a pic I posted... groundbreakinghole. But I'm back! groundbreakingw's yours Saturday goin?

Forget every 2013 sci-fi trailer you've seen so far. We want to see this bad!

I'd never seen this before, but a few people have mentioned it and groundbreakingw closely this parody resembles actual statements being made by the NRA and gun nuts in general, so I looked it up. groundbreakinging pitch perfect.

Wow Fear 3 is 5 bucks? I might pick up a copy soon then...... I'm still looking for a game that's a penny

I like all of them very much. ruby and sapphire were probs my fav of all time though.

Can you review your favourite album in 10 words or less?

Groundbreaking definitions


the ceremonial breaking of the ground to formally begin a construction project


being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before

See also: innovational innovative