Grizzle in a sentence as a noun

Some had years of experience and were grizzled veterans, some of them were right out of college.

Maybe they are grizzled veterans who have been in startups that run low on money and they have tricks up their sleeve.

[And I say that as someone who definitely belongs to the "grizzled" end of the spectrum].

Grizzle in a sentence as a verb

A 27 year old developer is a grizzled vet whereas a 27 year old doctor is considered a noob at the start of their career.

Teams where all of the grizzled engineers know javascript cold, know the idioms and thus are rarely bit by "javascript: the bad parts".

Structural realities of the video game industry are common knowledge but you can take a grizzled old hand -- say, a 30 year old engineer -- out for coffee if you want to hear about what a typical development cycle looks like at a company you love.

Grizzle definitions


a grey wig


be in a huff; be silent or sullen

See also: brood stew


complain whiningly

See also: whine yammer yawp