How to use Gratuity in a sentence as a noun

I don't recall offhand, but for a 7-day cruise the "automatic" gratuity is, I believe, around $100 or so per person, so take that into consideration.

Cruise passengers pay an automatic gratuity at the end of a trip.

"Automatically adding" a 20% gratuity is a no-go for me.

If I was offered a $100 dinner for two for $40 plus $15 mandatory gratuity, I don't think I'd bark about it.

Inclusive pricing is what I'd like to do but people compare pricing without gratuity for most places... TFL can do that.

TippingYeah, it's pretty stupid when places tack on "mandatory gratuity", usually hidden in fine print on a restaurant menu.

"is in the nature of a gratuity; I dont have to pay you.

Yes, but at Keller's restaurant it's not charged in advance -- it's just a "gratuity included" situation.

I always tipped those boys well, but it shows how the gratuity can be abused.

I haven't used Uber in a while but seemed to remember a screen where you can optionally increase gratuity.

Comparing apples to apples, namely, plain old taxi service, they aren't much different but Uber is straight no minimums, gratuity set to a standard rate.

I put service charge in quotes, because in some jurisdictions[0], there is a legal distinction between a "service charge/fee" and "auto gratuity".

This is especially important as the team grows into "18% gratuity added" territory, as introverted folks are going to feel the need for more social space and shelter in proportion to the number of people.

The driver can be as rude and unhelpful as he or she wants, and I still give them "additional gratuity"?

I would really rather everyone was earning a good wage and tipping was an actual gratuity rather than a requirement to let the barista make rent.

You can call a cab with the app, pay the normal fare plus 20% gratuity and a small service fee. I don't use cabs often, but it's working out way better for me than when I used to call dispatch and maybe the cab would show up and maybe it wouldn't.

Gratuity definitions


a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

See also: pourboire baksheesh bakshish bakshis backsheesh


an award (as for meritorious service) given without claim or obligation