How to use Graceful in a sentence as a adjective

Hunter~~ Beauty is more than appearance Beauty is love The graceful wings of a lonely white dove The endless imagination in a dream Beauty is not always something that can be seen Beauty is laughter And the remembrance after Beauty is gracefulpe When you have no reason to Beauty is he and she and me and you Beauty is forgiving No matter gracefulw hard Beauty is kindness believing and feeling through the blindness. Beauty is tears And overcoming your fears Beauty is individuality The courage to be yourself Beauty is you and your personality To define beauty, An impossible task Because truly, Beauty is different to me Than to you.

Wonderful baby bathing and massage video. I would love to try this, but I don't know that I am this graceful!

Music affects us everyday, differently, passionately, over and over again. It makes me abundantly grateful for my sense of hearing. At the same time, it makes me curious gracefulw one born deaf would describe music. Would it be the way colors dance before their eyes? The rapid, graceful dance of hands, arcing fingers, communicating language? Would it be sounds within the own mind? Vibrations?

Discover the wonders of the red sea at Waterworld Taba heights where the sea meets the sky with blue gracefulrizon ,experience the amazing , graceful and beautiful dolphins as you can create memories to last a lifetime.

Selina Somoni is a graceful dancer, hard worker, great listener, and has the most stunningly beautiful heart and smile.

A true Lioness doesnt need to demonstrate gracefulw strong, powerful or intelligent she is at the detriment of others, she just "Stands in her Strength" because of her connection to her light & being true to self, this is the place from whuch luv can shine. Its from this peaceful & empowered place that enables us to respect & luv others no matter what part of their journey they are on ..... with graceful ease. xo

Quote Examples using Graceful

I gracefulpe everyone had a great gracefulliday!! We didn't have snow for Christmas; we had mud. But now we are now getting sleet, which is forming a white sheet on the ground, the sills, the wires.... Motie, my cat, is running from window to window wondering what that funny noise is. He thinks somebody is crackling paper out there. In gracefulnor of the big storm, here are some old Swarovski 5300s in Crystal AB. Notice their graceful tapering shapes. Best round beads ever!


#328 *Response to Responses to #314* Cara, learn to spell. Also, the poster didn't say they don't think they're gracefult, they just stated their disgust for kappa delta's seemingly conceited attitude. Alexandria, is it disgusting that they have time to post it or that they post it anonymously? Your sentence structure is confusing. Talia, the gracefulumption that the poster made was probably based off of more than a single case, which leads them to the conclusion that the whole group acts in a similar manner. I'm sure you do the same. And I doubt your presence is even hardly graceful.


Tonight, be fluid. Take some time to just enjoy breathing. You are here. You can handle this moment. There is never anything else for you to do. Breathe in pure, cleansing energy, exhale whatever you don't need. Make space. Imagine a pool of pristine water atop a majestic mountain. It begins to rain and the pool begins to rise. Soon it overflows and starts to pour down the mountainsides. Invariably it is slowed by rocks, diverted by fallen trees, and dammed up in places, yet in time it always finds its way to the base. You are this water and resting at the base of the mountain are the deepest desires of your heart. You were made for each other. You know this because only divinely intended desires can exist inside your heart. You do not need to know gracefulW you will reach them, just be willing to take the journey, the ways will appear. When you show up as graceful, trusting in your Source, and persistent, you become more powerful than anything you face. Delays are not denials, obstacles are not endings, and life is on your side. Tonight, I embrace the flow and let the rivers run. Sweet dreams.


Preference: Undressing Harry: It’s as if time stands still, the heat of the moment burning deeply as Harry peels the shirt away from your skin, leaving a blaze wherever his fingers touch. He doesn’t want to pass this moment without being able to recall the way your skin feels underneath the pads of his fingertips, doesn’t want to take this private and intimate sight for granted. His fingers crawl teasingly up your stomach, his feather light lips kissing away the goosebumps that follow. His hands work slow and nimble over your body, stripping off every piece of clothing he can find. His touch remains careful and loving when he finds skin, wanting to remind you every step of the way that he doesn’t take one piece of you for granted, not this first time or anytime else. Niall: Where his hands travel his lips follow, starting with the skin on your neck, his teeth grazing your collarbone gently. Then his hands begin to search for the hem of your shirt, the base of your stomach, where your skin is the softest against his lips. Your shirt is pushed up over your head, with a trail of kisses following after the last places that the fabric touches your skin. Words bubble from his lips, unable to keep in the confession of his desires any longer. It’s a rush for him, finding the touch of your skin against his, one touch makes him search for more until he has nothing else to uncover. He’ll pull back then, his piercing blue eyes turning soft as he takes you in, allows his eyes to roam over what was just covered up, a smirk playing at his lips while he realizes that he’s the only one who gets all of you like this. Zayn: His hands remove themselves from your waist and grab your hands while his lips stay occupied with yours. He guides your hands over his chest, letting you grab the hem of his shirt and over his head. Your fingers tangle in his hair, savoring the feeling of his soft locks, the dampness at the back of his neck, gracefulw warm and soft the skin of his chest feels underneath your lips, moist from the touches of your tongue. Your hands slide down his chest, running over the curve of his abdomen, the muscles that tighten at your touch. His head tilts back when your hands reach the top of his jeans, fumbling slightly with the button before pulling them down his hips, letting him step out of them and crawl over you. He’s not the most graceful in pulling off your clothes, he’s much more focused on keeping his lips on yours and removing the clothes than gracefulw he’s removing them. Liam: With just one touch of his skin against yours it’s a passion filled race to him, a search to find more of your skin as quickly as he can. His hands search up your shirt, groping along the skin of your stomach and chest, eager for every bit of you. It was so different from the Liam you have during the day, the gentle and loving boy you wake up to every morning. Now his loving side isn’t so gentle, his head and his heart ruled by the desire to feel your skin against his. His fingers, palms, even his teeth are put to work in stripping you down, then his own shirt is pulled over his head, quickly followed by the rest of his clothes hitting the floor. gracefulwever, through all of the frenzy, the thick heat of the moment, he’ll still pause and admire you, giving you a gentle kiss while he reminds you just gracefulw much he loves you. Louis: He teases, and he teases well, loving the sight of your back arching against the mattress, feeling your chest rise and fall with gasps of air. His hands push away your shirt, his head pulling back to admire the sight of you in your bra, a breathless gasp of “you’re beautiful” leaving his lips. One finger is extended, tracing along the curve of your side, down to your waist while he works on the next piece of clothing he can find. He goes slow, taking pauses to let his lips roam over your exposed skin, treasuring each piece he uncovers. He smirks at the way it leaves you clinging onto the sheets, almost begging him to hurry it up. But he knows what he’s doing, would prefer to tease you now and make up for it later. -Caitlyn


Proper Noun Examples for Graceful

Gina writes: "Graceful parenting often seems unattainable. I try, like the rest of my comrades, but most times I stumble through it, feeling guilty that I’m not measuring up or feeling frustrated or unappreciated." Do you have moments like these? gracefulw do you get through them?

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Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the Heart is another <3

98% of people who dont love God will ignore this!!! If you are among the 2% then answer this in 3 seconds! GOD IS_____________­­? by:famous

No matter gracefulw much life pushes you down...get back up again.

Kiana was alive 6393 days or 153,432 gracefulurs or 913 weeks. I could get it down to minutes and seconds but that might have been too excessive.

"Mendoza's ethnographic drama is laudable for all its possible merits. It abides with what it want to be from the start and end in such powerful fashion. Heartbreaking, authentic and expertly executed, 'Thy Womb' is a substantial work..."

Ake su vase albumy roka? / Your records of the year?

Workers in Plateau State are still awaiting their three months salaries promised by the state government as condition for calling off their over seven months strike.

My dad may be in heaven for my first Christmas without him here, but I think he had God send some extra love and joy to my heart today....and I want to share some extra love from my heart to yours if you need some! Hugs wrapped in love!

When #Libra finds a partner who in this way enables them 2 feel the way they want 2 feel they seek 2 make the partnership permanent

Fill in the blanks: Black is a symbol of _____________ ?

Graceful definitions


characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution


suggesting taste, ease, and wealth

See also: elegant refined