How to use Goosebump in a sentence as a noun

A very emotional moment for sachin as well as millions of goosebump and tears at the same time...never been so emotional on any other sports personality retirement...#Thanku sachin once again for all those exciting years in cricket...#Goodbye sachin, goodbye only we will be bothere about final score not an individual score...

Just a goosebump & teary eyes ..Nothing else to say.

Oh goosebumpw i would love to be in love again nothing like first love goosebump when we touched uno the drill unbeatable

Make a wish foundation. Great job goosebump and a bit of a lump in me thoat

Did anyone watch the new sainsburys xmas advert last night ? Gave me goosebumps

And last night you can hear my daughter having a conversation with a male voice. A total goosebump moment.... trying to figure out goosebumpw to download to fb.

That goosebump feel u get when Eminem raps

End of the most glorified era for indian cricket... priveliged to see last of those sensational , goosebump giving square cut and on drive... thank you god ...thank you sachin...

I got so much tears and goosebump on Maya and Sir Chief's wedding! <3

Indeed an emotional moment for all Cricket fans.....may be last time we are watching him bat...Sailed the era with the likes of Waqars/Akrams/mcGraths/Warnes/Saqlains/Murlitharan/Fintoffs/Anderson for long 24 years is a big achievement....this feeling is incredible...A goosebump moment...# Sir Sachin Tendulkar

Now I was afraid to drive...I was shock that the officer hit a car and the civilian was dead on the spot...goosebumps! My brother was the witnessed and t'was close to him!i need good vibes to be on the road again...accident is everywhere!oh gawd gimme' a boost!

One of my favorite performances by DSB of all time. 2008...she pulls out ALL the stops for a goosebump performance and looks stunning while doing it.

At Australia zoo for steve irwin day watching xavier rudd goosebump moment

Morgan Page & Michael S. have caused a massive goosebump outbreak with their new single, “Against the World".

The crash reel documentary - Stunning, mind blowing a documentary about my passion, snowboarding! But it makes you think goosebumpw one split second can alter the rest of your life. one mistake, one moment has a repurcussion that can make you fight for your life and change everything you know and knew. its mind opening, but scary. even if your not into snowboarding its well worth the watch, and the soundtrack to it has been chosen very carefully, multiple 'goosebump' moments, it compliments the documentary perfectly!!!!

No other work is important than watching masters batting...its a goosebump moment wen he enters into ground...huge applauds and standing ovation from whole world...

Tendulkar's arrival to bat is goosebump moment... !!

I still feel the butter flies in my stomach! The goosebumps!-kk

Some real goosebump moments this week in my meetings, talking to so many of you reminds me of my own weight loss journey and goosebumpw far I have travelled to a better healthier me. I look forward to seeing and helping all of you every week and I feel extremely proud of you all! Yes even those that have gained, because its a weight loss journey and we are all on the weight loss train, we just get off some weeks. Get on again and lets keep going! C x

Anybody seen the new sainburys advert omg ive got goosebump and a little tear at the end xx

Kind of getting a hair tends to get erection. Maybe because of late night hangout which i'm not often used to.;->;->

If you like The Arts this event is going to be amazing. I've seen some of the artists and all I can say is WOW! I'm talking about goosebump moments.

A little trivia about the new Steve Green video we just finished..shot on a downtown Nashville rooftop.. Very goosebumpt and humid and a nearly impossible access to the roof.. We made it work! A goosebump video, simple but an incredible performance.. Enjoy!

Some nights!!! I just love it! Dinner w jayla early, 1 goosebumpur at gym, then a stroll in the night to red box... in my tank and spandex... not a single goosebump

Check out this goosebump-inducing version of Macklemore's "Same Love". This girl is crazy awesome! Warning: There are a couple of F bombs as well as a couple S bombs, but if you can get through it, it's well worth the listen!

The feels! all of my feels! Karen X. Cheng's company will give me these videos all the time. I can't wait for the goosebump fest!

Sometimes I tickle my belly to get that cool goosebump feeling. I need a friend or something.

Released 25th Nov "a goosebump-inducing noise-rock tune" The 405 "hauntingly atmospheric" - Possecuts "A relentless guitar-driven slab of intention...A band on the rise" - Littleindieblogs

Put this one on the goosebump chart in the choir room!

Humbling, amazing and goosebump inducing video of our Earth. Just a pale blue dot, yet it goosebumplds so much significance for us. Treasure our Earth.

Matthew on the voice, just gave a tears rolling goosebump performance.

Previously on amc #theWalkingDead damnnn ep 5 S4 i got goosebump 󾌥󾌻󾍁

The opening credits of cod ghosts campaign is goosebump material

Good enough to share again... goosebump city #Proud2BAmerican

My middle daughter Angela got engaged this weekend in New York City to the greatest guy. John and I were there and we had the most memorable weekend...goosebump moment! We are thrilled

Ang mga balita kay maka hyper,maka goosebump, maka high blood ug maka heart attack

A truely goosebump piece of music. And for those in the know its so much better with a soprano doing the top C than a treble!

Another goosebump when looking into gallery of sona from league of legends illustration's artist..

And here she is, our Woman of the Year!!! Watching her receive her award on Saturday night was a goosebump-inducing festival of positivity, still buzzing now! Want to lose weight? Join Slimming World today because we know you're amazing xxx

We can forgo the label here; regardless, feel free to goosebump.

*goosebump* woah.. Nyc au voice.. Wol ryung of kang chi.. <3 _____ <3 ayieeeee

Tomorrow is my man and main veterans birthday, 42 years young and better looking each year. I have a problem though, he looks goosebump inducing awesome in his uniform, what happens if he doesn't look as good in a tie when he retires in just over a year deep sigh- lucky he looks good in anything but that uniform, shiver.

If you have 6 min to be inspired, please set them aside to watch this video. Every word is spoken from a place of undeniable inspiration and truth. Shane Koyczan is the poet who spoke at the opening ceremony of the olympics in 2010. The goosebump moment for me comes as he speak of "we burn so bright that we leave scars upon the sun..." Live and love with this intensity and we will all be better for it.

Sone jangg!!i got goosebump reading it "we will protect you forever"

Thank you mama for guiding us all.. For giving us a warning about this calamity in my dream,,Nag goosebump ko sa ila story about you during the typhoon... I love you mama....

Well what a goosebump experience. Stood at big ben to hear the chimes for 11o clock n then the gun salute. Amazing experience x miss u tom x

Yoo Rin ah. dont call oppa like kwon ryul okai? it make oppa goosebump xD

A must see! Definitelly goosebump video! What a wonderfull message to all of us here on Mother Earth. Its so easy to just rush through life without stopping to see all the small miracles around us every day!

While I don't know goosebumpw haunting or goosebump inducing these photos will be, I did find them fascinating. I love good photos of places like this.

You should surprised because she is the greatest singer ever. I was goosebump when I listened to this song. ^^

Omg this gave me goosebump ... please drive safe at xmas Xxx

Damn goosebump all over the place listening to the interview with John Force right after he gets out of his goosebumpt rod. the man is and will always be a legend.

That goosebump, spine chilling feeling when your boyfriend brushes your hair <3_<3

Fantastic .. you can not be a music lover and not understand goosebumpw freakin cool this clip is.. goosebump worthy moment in time. Michael Burgess I know you will love it.

Subrang nakakalungkot ang nakikita ko sa news..goosebump up to now.. can't imagine goosebumpw terrible the super typhoon was... i feel sorry to those people who are affected by yolly... #AllahHealOurLand

Wooowww!!! d real goosebump video... Amazing features!! chanceless!! luv yu #iPhone_6s :* :*

These headlines are giving me goosebump feeling & teary eyes. 󾌼

Quote Examples using Goosebump

And thus ends the career of one of the greatest sportspersons to have ever lived. Those who missed his brilliant, emotionally-charged farewell speech, here it is. A legend indeed. Thank you for all the memories, for all the incredible goosebump moments and for making cricket the most awesome thing to watch ever. Thank you Sachin Tendulkar #ThankYouSachin #GoodByeSachin


You know, Godfrey only wieghs 24 pounds yet he eats and eats all the time. Some of it could be due to the 5p syndrome but I think most of it is he is full of energy that he runs it out faster then he eats. Its great watching him grow even funnier when you listen to him carry on a conversation and only catch a few words that he says plain as day while other words are somewhat harder for him to say. Boys are a hairraising goosebump giving blessing. They are fun to raise. All children with speical needs are blessings no matter the sevrerity of their disablity. Every child is blessing.


Seen the strangest thing tonight. Heard a crash across from captain seafood tonight. Looked over to see a new car had reversed into a pole thinkin surely this bloke knows his hit than proceeds to back over the pole and I'm thinkin this guy must be paro. Stood there waitin to see him get out till security walked over and asked if I was jokin coz there was no one in car. Only explanation. Aliens 󾌯


Watching TV alone in the living room. Both kids are sleeping in their bedroom. When suddenly I heard a voice in one of my son's walkie-talkie. I went to check it out if they left it on. In my suprise, it was off. I tried to find the other one and finally find it under the bed. No batteries...spooky.


With a simple smile, A gentle touch, You gave us everything, The warmth of your heart resounding from within… It’s so hard to let go, When you mean the world to me… Yet the twinkles in your eyes keep shooting stars across the skies, I’ll miss you, love, And all your colors keep shining through the darkest day, You’ll never fade away, Never fade away… Forever love …....... <3 ....... ............ ............... ................................................. RIP Amelia <3 ps: tune of the year


Thanks Brooke Epps foe the number 14, this is gonna take forever and im liking or commenting in any further posts of this nature! 1. I love and have read every goosebump book 2. I refuse to put in gas until im pegged on the red line 3. I love winter and rainy days 4. I have more than 1 best friend 5. I would have more kids if we had more space 6. I would drive a nice lifted truck over any other vehicle on the planet 7. I completely stop at every single stop sign 8. I've never had a ticket my entire life 9. I swear I am bipolar sometimes 10. My favorite restaurant of all times is Joe's crabshack 11. If you cut me off when I'm driving you will get the finger or two 12. Every time the weather changes I get really depressed 13. I probably love to fish more than any woman on the planet 14. I am addicted to Facebook and proud to admit it


Today Paige had an orthodontist appt. Got on the rubberband plan so she is sore in the mouth plus she had her orthopedic appt. and got a new cast below the elbow...again, she is sore BUT her teeth are getting straight and her arm is 3 weeks closer to being out of a cast. Progress. NOW Payton just broke out in hives all over her body after her shower. The same thing happened last night at her fathers. I gave her Benadryl for tonight. Do I call her pediatrician in the morning or a specialty doctor??? UHG!


WaTcHiN tRuE goosebumpRrOr mUvi aBt d pOsSeSsiOn oV goosebump. . . .gOoSebUmp. . .gOoSebUmP. . .


Day 9: My very first live music concert was in 1982. The group was Return to Forever, a jazz fusion powerhouse. What I remember of that night was an extended goosebump ride that never stopped. That night began a love affair with music that has not waned one bit. In many ways, music defines who I am; it defines the day, the captures whatever I feel or whatever I am going through. If done right, it is downright transcendent. Today, I am grateful for that love of music! :D


Proper Noun Examples for Goosebump

Goosebump moments all people in the statium are crying..... OMG including rahul pose the mass villain

Stand by people and remember, this girl is 9 years old. Goosebump stuff and bloody brilliant

I goosebumping love "O Brother Where art thou?" That goosebumping soundtrack, man, that goosebumping soundtrack. Goosebump-inducing and bring back childhood memories of my stepdad. Ah, the days when life was simple.

Goosebump and teary-eyed while watching dis heartbreaking video! PrayfOrThePhilippines

50 Goosebump n sensational 50.. God proved his existence

This is the choir from the Bible College Matt and I went to. They did such an incredible job with a well loved hymn. Goosebump worthy for sure!

Even the umpires gave sachin a guard of goosebumpnor. That shows who Sachin Tendulkar is! Goosebump moments at the wankhede! #GodOfCricket

Sachin's last hurrah. Get to a TV set now. The occasion, the crowd, the chanting. Am getting nervous just watching this. Imagine the man batting. Even the umpires give #god a guard of goosebumpnor. That shows who Sachin Tendulkar is! Goosebump moments at the Wankhede.

Goosebump moment when sachin comes to bat. cant define those feelings in words #ThankYouSachin

Goosebump moment when Sachin walked into Wankhade with the WI players giving him a guard of goosebumpnour !! #Legend #Sachin

Another scary movie night with my babes.. Goosebump fans!! 󾆮󾠜󾬑

Goosebump audio on this video. You had to grow up on one to appreciate it. Especially when he starts up the hill.

Every since Mariah has been goosebumpme all she's done is "organize" & "examine" all of her goosebump books. She keeps saying "mommy that's not really real" & even though I agree with her I still don't think she believes herself LOL Maybe 5 is a little young for Goosebumps?

WOW! WOW is the only words for goosebumpw amazing this is... Goosebump material...

My 10 year old son just discovered "Goosebumps" on Netflix.... So, we're in the backyard with mom, a fire and the IPad connected to a speaker by bluetooth... A weak version of camping..... Nice......

When kids was out on Big Wheels...I was in reading Goosebump books and writing rhymes....true story.

If anyone has this full version from the game please post!! My parents would enjoy seeing/hearing this!! I loved it!! Goosebump central!

Why didn't I listen to Insomnium earlier? This is the greatest thing I've listened to in a while for sure. Goosebump worthy.

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Zetus Lupetus! Someone please tell me they remember these movies and goosebumpw awesome they were!!

This is so creepy.. I kind of want to visit this goosebumptel for a night .. I never heard of this goosebumptel's history until now.

I work right under the takeoff-landing lanes for goosebumppkins airport. Looked up as I pulled out of work and thought: that one looks's Air Force One. Surreal timing.

People build up walls, not to keep others out.. but to see who cares enough to break them down ❤️

Communication with all artists, feeling happy, excited & nervous. Heading to Port to prep.

I cant even imagine..i just balled so hard while watching this..i had to grab Hartley and goosebumpld her close while watching..prayers to her parents and everyone who was close to her..

Work out done - Hunter Pickens is completely defenseless as he can not lift his arms so feel free to rob him today! Lunch then a massage... Yup gonna be a good one

"Being a DJ is the best because ____________."

ALL mA 4G poKeRs....Ew A dAmN fAsT... N poKeRs m goNNa pokE eW wiTh a kNifE...

Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl who is turning 9 today. I love you anna.

So so very happy for our neighbour and very good friend Mitchell! Mitchell has been fighting neuroblastoma for the second time, and is such a wonderful kid. Scott and Mitch have become such wonderful mates along this journey.

Do you still remember the "feels" when you watched Mino's performance on WIN Episode 1? :">

It's fill in the blanks time! Jinnyboy is feeling ______________ today.

For anyone that digs America and our troops, check out this state radio cover of camilo by a buddy of mine... Absolutely goosebumps it

It's been a while since I've been thrown such major-league curve ball...but I didn't think to share it cos I thought it was just once off...we've noticed the toe-walking is back with a vengeance....and its been 3 somewhat "cold" days and Miss P has come goosebumpme and removed all clothing....and asked to stay that way...we have requested underwear...which she accepts...but has remained naked til bedtime...and is now fast asleep with that minimum requirement on... #sad #confusing #heightened#tactile#issues #need#to#start#sensory#integration#goosebumpme#therapy#again

Thank you to my father, cousin and grandfathers who all served our beautiful country. Thank you to ALL who have or are serving- God bless.

Happy Veterans Day!! Thank you to those who have and are serving. Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

Taryn & Jonathan's gorgeous wedding featured on Confetti Daydreams. Will never ever forget being a part of this special day <3

I'm a huge fan of marina's work and this is beautiful.

Life’s mountains look like ant hills from heaven. #perspective! ☝󾍛

This is flat out my all-time favorite piece of music and to see it this way gives me so many chills. Beethoven was said to be almost completely deaf when he composed this. I think this piece is nothing short than a gift from G-d. Paging Kinsey Jones

Baptisms this morning. Show up a bit early for parking and let's do this thing.

With all these artist out there trying to out do each other in thier own renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner before games, listen to what these guys do with no low cut tops, no chains or stupid tattoos, flat brim caps worn on a slant....... Just simply raw talent in suits! This is the best version ever!!!

Type "Trypophobia" then click images on Google. :D

And the winner of the best Christmas ad goes to.......John Lewis

A little bit of *stirring* to help neutralize all the bad news feelings in the world <3

Surprise! Here's a remix I threw together for all of my iLLiens that are still awake. Please Spread The iLLness and share this w/ your friends. Thank you.

Goosebump definitions


reflex erection of hairs of the skin in response to cold or emotional stress or skin irritation

See also: gooseflesh horripilation