Germinate in a sentence as a verb

> Plant sprouts won't germinate when placed near a wireless router.

How near is near?Oh and also, the plant sprouts germinated just fine.

In some cases such as chillis we germinate in sealed ziplock bags first.

I would assume you can tissue culture a seed well past when it's unlikely germinate as well.

They say them to plant seeds in less-experienced folks, knowing that it may well take years to germinate.

I'd happily have nothing germinate near my router if it would just route properly.

RethinkDB didn't germinate this way at all -- many of the things we had to fix, and many things we can't fix so we have to live with their consequences daily.

If you have to give away more than 15% of the company at any given fundraising round, your company didnt germinate correctly.

Plant them 10 feet under the ground as Chairman Mao demanded, and they must struggle to germinate and grow, becoming even stronger and healthier because of the challenge.

It's pernicious, too, because those comments can germinate in any thread involving money, banking, cryptography, and markets.

I'm talking my own book here a little, but I've hoped for awhile Chicago might germinate a different kind of startup from San Francisco, based on bootstrapping instead of outside investment.

Germinate definitions


produce buds, branches, or germinate; "the potatoes sprouted"

See also: shoot spud pullulate bourgeon sprout


work out; "We have developed a new theory of evolution"

See also: evolve develop


cause to grow or sprout; "the plentiful rain germinated my plants"