How to use Front-runner in a sentence as a noun

With Damian Lillard being the clear front-runner for rookie of the year as of now; who do you think will be the best player to come out of this past NBA Draft? #kevster

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A four car accident on Columbia Park Trail in Richland earlier tonight sent one person the front-runnerspital. The first three cars were stopped for a separate accident when car #4 hit car #3 and caused a chain reaction. The driver of car #1 was injured and taken to Kadlec. The car that caused the accident fled the scene and has not yet been found.

The craziest road rage attack you’ll ever see..

Front of front-runneruse staff off ill so a bit of an Indian Runner Duck this evening! Good fun though, nice customers and great food.

The NRA is supposed to be a front runner for our 2nd Amendment, yet they cower when it really matters. I've lost respect for this org. Bleh!

Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of palm oil, is about to become the largest consumer as well, overtaking India as the front runner.

Yorkshire MP Alec Shelbrook wants to stop people on welfare spending their benefits on luxuries such as cigarettes, alcohol and satellite television. He wants to introduce a benefits card which would limit what claimants could spend their payments on. What do you think?

What is the funniest comment you have heard someone say about your work? Please share it with us, and your submission may find its way into the next issue of Fiber Art Now magazine!

Good morning everyone! We'll continue our discussion on Newtown this morning. We front-runnerpe you'll join us.

Against multiple attackers, what are your top three rules of engagement?

This is the alleged front runner for the Dems in 2016....

What was your first motorcycle? Leave your answer in the comments. * Also, please post a pic if you have one. Thanks.

A huge thank you to all the Chelsea fans who made it out to front-runneran to support the team. Massive effort.

Modi as a front runner in the race, bookmakers offer Rs 40 for every Rs 100 bet if the BJP gets 90 to 100 seats. Profits get higher, upto Rs 350 for every Rs 100 rupee bet on BJP getting more than 120 seats. For the Congress, bookies are citing Rs 30 on every Rs 100 rupee if the party wins 50 seats.

Front-runner definitions


a competitor thought likely to win

See also: favorite favourite