Freezing in a sentence as a noun

I think that's more common than freezing to death.

Follow this advice, and the odds of freezing to death go way down!

Meanwhile everyone around us was freezing their hands off.

If you're freezing to death inside of a computer cluster n-queens will save your life.

And electric cars use electric heaters, and you might be forced to pick some combo of heat and miles on freezing days.

When you're in the room with clients?If you freeze up in interviews, then it doesn't seem like the problem is with interviews -- the problem is with you freezing up, isn't it?

When the body is finally perfused fully and dunked into liquid nitrogen...flash freezing isn't immediate.

This is exactly the reason Square was and always will be justified in freezing the amount associated with any chargebacks.

A possible alternative is mutable collections with snapshots or freezing, but I think persistent collections are a better approach.

Just freezing can indicate indicision, panic, or calculated caution just as easily as it can indicate a desire to surrender.

Due to the massive lakes that surround us, we frequently get a blast of warm, wet air that causes rain, and of course that warm wet air is being pushed off the lake by a cold front, causing high winds and sub-freezing temps.

It is dictated by a rising bureaucracy, a receding initiative, a freezing of caste, a damming of curiosity - a hundred other factors.

I think the main takeaway is that governments are making a strong case for an alternative, decentralized currency: * preventing transactions they don't agree with * inflating savings away * freezing bank accounts of adversaries * seizing cash at security checkpoints

I'm not a fan of freezing the assets of someone and then overwhelming their legal defense, but this puts the formerly privileged in the same situation that the poor have -- if you think this is unjust because it deprives people of adequate legal council then you should also believe it is injust that the accused poor also have a lack of adequate representation, but you'll never see that presented in Forbes.

Freezing definitions


the withdrawal of heat to change something from a liquid to a solid

See also: freeze