Fortitude in a sentence as a noun

Let's hope we have the fortitude on this one.

I don't have the fortitude to read through all of that but I dipped in here and there.

Few people have have the mental and emotional fortitude to learn subjects from libraries alone.

"I hope if I am ever confronted with that uneasy tickle in the back of my mind that I could find the fortitude to follow it to its conclusion.

Its because they don't think women in general have the fortitude nor the willingness to not shower for days and be content with not going outside while living off cold pizza.

The fact that Ubuntu continues and indeed dominates, despite continuing to lose money, is a testament to his fortitude.

You have to summon a modicum of intestinal fortitude and say "Boss, the fact of the upcoming move means my salary is going to get renegotiated.

I don't know about you, but watching my money disappear as it's being controlled by a trading algorithm/model that is subject to all kinds of mistakes and bugs is well beyond my own intestinal fortitude.

But my hunch is that given two individuals of ordinary moral fortitude, the one born into a rich family will tend to be pretty successful, while the one born into a poor family will tend not to be.

If I'd found the fortitude to post about it in the first place, seeing the post linked on HN might well be enough to convince me it'd been a bad idea talking about it in public at all. She seems to have found a happy medium between the need to protect herself and the desire to put her experiences out there where they might be of benefit to others, and I say good on her for it.

But they must have worth to the startup founder, because without that burning desire to solve that particular problem, how can a startup founder have the mental fortitude to persevere when their first iterations get very negative feedback?

It's the intestinal fortitude to deal with technology, business and people, day in and day out -- especially when all three of those things are often acting at odds with each other that makes startup life hard, and being small, with startups those things can be magnified out of all proportion.

Fortitude definitions


strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage