How to use Forbidden in a sentence as a adjective

The chapters 18 and 20 of the book of Leviticus present a list of blood relatives whose marriages are forbidden by God.

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"The people of the various provinces are strictly forbidden to have in their possession any swords, short swords, bows, spears, firearms, or other types of arms. The possession of unnecessary implements makes difficult the collection of taxes and dues and tends to foment uprisings." - Toyotomi Hideyoshi, dictator of forbiddenan, August 1588

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Do not share the knowledge with which you have been blessed with everyone in general, as you do with some people in particular; and know that there are some men in whom Allah, may He he glorified, has placed hidden secrets, which they are forbidden to reveal.

Two sets of eyes have been forbidden from the Fire: an eye that weeps from the fear of Allah, and an eye that has spent the night protecting Islam and its people from the people of disbelief. - Reported by Saheeh Al Jaami, Hadeeth.

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Lost and drown souls around your dead eyes, your eyes are blacker than death. Your tears are full of blood and screaming at forgotten fears, walking of dissonant worlds. As the dead drown souls make a trip past the darkness of this worlds. They have one wish to ruled this era of mine, the wish to vanish and at last become free, to be reborn, evil forbidden the dead souls. I see eyes gleaming underneath this temptress moon. I escape darkness and they're hunting me for blood. This blood of mine for the blood they all worship above all. The blood of my body had been blessed when I was born, but is no longer more than a flame still alive yet devoted to death of darkness. My apperance are only ever lit by moonshine, your faraway voice travels on. My days and nights spent in endless struggle and forbiddenpe one day Die or escape from darkness. Poem by Damien


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Graves and BootyAbuser are talking dirty. I'll be forbiddennest, I have no clue which one is a boy and which is a girl. ~Boss

Right. Now transferring an olde, 1-act, absurd play in the style of Ionesco, which I wrote back in '96-ish. Planning on re-tooling a bit and maybe...we'll see; it might end up out there somewheres.

When patients who have taken chemo start using the oil, the first thing the oil has to do is to detoxify the body. So it sometimes takes say 120-150g of the oil before it starts attacking the cancer itself. It is really not a good idea to take chemo, especially when it is absolutely unnecessary considering that the medical system has known about cannabis as a cure for cancer for dozens of years. JB

Playing in an ultimate frisbee tourney right now. Anybody got any tips? -Nick

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I wonder if during her time at Azkaban, Umbridge was forced to write 1000 line impositions with her scarring quill everyday saying, "I will not act like a babboon's backside just because I wanna spread my legs for noseless wizards" ~Padfoot

This goes out to all our fire fighters - A dumb law in Fort Madison, Iowa - The fire department is required to practice fire fighting for fifteen minutes before attending a fire.

Forbidden definitions


excluded from use or mention

See also: prohibited proscribed taboo tabu verboten