How to use Footnote in a sentence as a noun

The whole of footnote 1 is such armor for example.

No, it would be like if a restaurant passed out flyers advertising its great food, decor, and excellent ties, with a footnote at the bottom saying "PS: only beautiful, successful, wealthy people are allowed in, and that doesn't include you.

In contrast, those same institutions do not yet know how to cope with the use of Bitcoin for illegal activities.--Edits: moved comparison of Bitcoin to gold and cash to footnote; also, made minor changes to several sentences so they more accurately reflect what I intended to write in the first place.

Tesla Motors would be another footnote in history that people could point to - "automotive startups are a losing proposition, do not invest".

The silly notion that only hard, technical inventions with academic papers attached are innovative is the reason why Apple has eaten everyone's lunch up till now."Fit and finish" is as innovative as a new algorithm, it's shocking how much of the industry still treats it as a footnote and a detail, despite the entire history of the tech world since iPhone 1 would indicate.

You would have made a better point and found greater comment thread success if your footnote markers weren't so clunky.

People on the verge of joining your cause are thinking, "Why should I believe this guy, he can't even keep his footnote markers under control!

How to use Footnote in a sentence as a verb

Eventually, their initial product offering becomes a footnote for them and they turn into something else, legacy related.

If Rick Santorum becomes president, I think the eradication of porn from the Internet will be a quaint footnote compared to the other draconian things that'll come to pass.

Pay attention to the footnote: *8 GB plus 46 GB .git directory

When they have a single AZ go down, they won't even give it a yellow marker on the status page, they'll just put a footnote on a green marker.

But by putting it in a footnote, as I understand it, it's more of a dream than anything else.

Don't overlook the Google-related footnote at the end:"Google keeps logs of IP addresses for 18 months, after which they keep logs of three-quarters of the IP address.

Footnote definitions


a printed note placed below the text on a printed page

See also: footer


add explanatory notes to or supply with critical comments; "The scholar annotated the early edition of a famous novel"

See also: annotate