Folio in a sentence as a noun

I don't want to come off as a folio hat but what is the actual evidence of the *******?

There is other work in my folio that does take full advantage of the platform and really pushes it to its limits.

* Be very communicative, friendly and more open than a simple 'Here's my folio' etc.

And the cases you see around town aren't the mag covers, I'm talking about fully blown folio in synthetics or leather.

But initially since you might not have a portfolio, it will be difficult to get work this way. Also until you're able to price your work higher than average, you won't get the right kind of clients.

This isn't actually as rare as is being made out, though good luck to him, once he has an online folio of work sorted he should be able to freelance off this.

Destroying a file or folio creates visible gaps and broken references, so it's actually a pretty robust system.

In my experience, the debaters don't have any conviction at all, just a folio of out-of-context quotes and a strong grasp of technicalities.

How long has the "pay me something to be published in our folio of Very Important People" scam been going on, with a never-ending line of suckers willing to pay to be included.

Folio definitions


the system of numbering pages

See also: pagination paging


a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book)

See also: leaf


a book (or manuscript) consisting of large sheets of paper folded in the middle to make two leaves or four pages; "the first folio of Shakespeare's plays"