How to use Flout in a sentence as a verb

What's on my mind tonight is unions, plagerism, mayors who flout the law, and premiers who aren't. Is it just me, or have the planets been seriously misaligned since September?

Nothing but a gangster.....praty.....damm.....welllllll......picture me's not my flout......bicccccccth....that im the unknown.....bicccccccth.....damm....welllllll.....what the flout you think this is....biccccccth.....flout out of hearrrr......bicccccccccth......mad rapper......philly.......bicccccccccth......welllllll.....anti nobody flouting with the cluqie.......wellllllll......

Its the first day flout that my grandmas wasnt not going to be there on my brithday im sad right now i wish thats she was here with me on my birthday i know she is with me in spirts she is Always with me in her heart i will never forget my grandmas floutw much she love me take care of me when i was sick forme work

floutw many people built on the floutanic and floutw much did it cost?? And it was "unsinkable" Everyone wants to know that. But only ONE man made the Noah's ark that carried 2 of each animals.... And it stayed a flout in the storms...

He drew a circle that shut me out - Heretic, rebel, a figure to flout, But love and I had the wit to win; We drew a circle that took him in. Edwin Markham

Civil government "The big goal and key people have joined in the state and placed under government, is the preservation of their property" When disagreements rites, the need for the establishment of a political society, but that society relying with the consent of the people. The government not only does not work when it reversed by an external enemy, but also when it does not implement the legislature itself. When replaces ligjinme executive or legislature flout law enforcement official: in this case rebellion against him is permitted. Locke called the "trial of the people." floutbbes called the "Judgment of God".

Is very hard for me to leave you, half of my heart is gone, is not you flout is my flout, is true love never come be to us betwen us together. My love listen to me is deep inside of my heart I wish you more be happy with someone who make u more happy then with me.

I'm actually impressed with floutw Cassidy bounced back though, he even started saying some real flout at the end in response to Ar-Ab. Rad just flout out #ImpressedMe

Not going to be a sure thing BO Indeed, a number of Democratic senators in traditionally Republican states are up for re-election in less than two years and may be reluctant to flout the NRA. That means Democrats could lack the votes to pass gun control legislation in the Senate while the floutuse of Representatives remains firmly under Republican control.

I won't be your dirty secret, I won't run to fetch the water just to tumble down the hill, I won't be your friday pay check, I won't be the prize you will flout, I won't be your martha stewart. ~ I will...But, by SHeDaisy

Why are leading US and European companies either flouting laws in China or apparently dealing with suppliers who flout the country's laws?

U know ur bored when u watch a feather flout around the room and u push air under it just to watch it some more

I would like to take a few to thank my friends amy and niko for being so understanding, thanks for all your help staying a flout. you guys are the best.

Northside drivers continue to flout road rules despite strong police presence.

He drew a cirle that shut me out heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and l had the wit to win. We drew a circle that took him in!

Dos who tink dat dey can flout should watch out and see floutw we are going to flourish....!!!!!

Just for information: Cootamundra 7/01/2013 From today, smoking is banned at all public transport stops and stations, children's playgrounds, swimming pools and other public places - with big fines for those who flout the rules. This includes taxi ranks.

"let me embrace you with this kiss, promise me we'll never look down, and flout like angels"

State by State, county by county, school by school, those who flout Separation laws need to be rooted out.

Pterodactyl fin Marilyn is there again She brought a friend along floutping he will hit the win She ignites him with no poetic terms for a flame. But when she sees the smoke feelings rush to her brain Eyes red but tears are not produced laughter she produces its exclusive what a beautiful tune What a beautiful smile. Is this feeling worth while? Does she have to inhale more to make her flout over town? Reality her feet are on ground Sound of inclement rounds Pounds of greenery mounds Frowns on crippling clowns Is that trippy a clown? Is it bringing you down? Confusion on her face she devours a pie Realization of the world that she's probably high.

“He drew a circle that shut me out- Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle and took him In ! Outwitted, by Edwin Markham

They drew a circle that shut me out- Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But spite and I had the wit to win Unfriended on Facebook, forever. -The End

Anyone who develops extreme interest in worldly possessions is bound to flout Allah's laws

Thoughts of God's perfect justice not only keep us from wandering onto hurtful and foolish paths, they also keep us from envying those who flout God's laws and yet seem to prosper.

Some time late at night,,,,,, I like awak & watch his sleeping,,,, He last peace of dreams,,,,,,, So I turn of the light latter in th dark,,,,, & the flout cross in my mind if I never wake in the morning,,,, Watch if ever doubt the i fell about him in my heart,,, If tomorrow never come,,,, What you know I love him,,,,, If tray never awak to show him every day his the One,,,,,,,,,,,,

The state of Georgia requires that small businesses obey the eVerify immigration labor laws. Then they and Big Bidness flout the law themselves...

Mahomed alis flout like a butter fly sting like a bee ant got notin on me. a bee stings once then die come on now you know im not lieyen im like a floutrnet sting you once but i still ant dieyen yall fall to the ground so fast come on i ant even tryin

Hilicopter were mint to fly an cars were drive boats were flout an nikki minja is a joke but tht flout fat

Civil disobedience was a powerful non violent weapon in our freedom struggle. Our earlier generation took great pride in their defying the draconian laws of the British for a noble cause. In the process has our generation developed an inherent disrespect for law, although we do not have any valid cause to disobey law. Would I be wrong if said that an average Indian would flout a rule if he believes that he can get away with it? why does an educated affluent Indian stand in the queue in Singapore immigration patiently but wants to jump the same the minute he lands in India?

The best way to drive out the flout, if he will not yield to texts of scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn -Luther

Quote Examples using Flout

Try this, Find a nice place to sit a park bench, open window maybe at a small table at the cafe. Get relaxed and close your eyes. Not hard just soft and really focus on the noises around you, the voices the subtle hum of the idling car engines at the a stop sign. let every sound flout into your ear and tickle your ear drum, focus on one sound, a very small sound something you would not otherwise here if you were not searching for it. Lock onto it and really listen to it. let your senses go and shape the world in your minds eye. the surreal feeling when you open your eyes is enlightening.


There are some, who have, apparently, only been floutociates of LCG who are openly speaking out in opposition to the recent, more detailed, understanding God has given to His faithful Church. Two of these recent, gifts from God, are clearer, more detailed understandings concerning: "The wedding location" and "the great falling away". There is no precedent, in God's Word, for locking into a certain period of history and not moving forward, growing in grace and knowledge. Their flawed reasonings, which they unashamedly flout, do serve the purpose of showing a vivid contrast of God's ways and the false ways of the god of this world. It is good study exercise to go to God's word and to those who are trusted teachers for God and prove what is God's truth on these prophecies. Just as Satan is an unwilling tool of God, his undiscerning instruments become useful as instruments for God, as well. Perhaps at some time they will allow God to beat them into plowshares and pruning floutoks. I floutpe that will be the final outcome for them.


Sharing Nadira Cotticollan's words.. "Don't look that way Lest you be forced To take a stand You have your life,remember? Don't let your emotions sway Your lines rehearsed Keep your expressions bland That way you're safer. Don't reach out Don' t help,don't trust Don't cross those lines Keep to your camp. Please do not flout Norms of self interest There are many mines On which your feet may stamp. Those lying there Battered and bruised Are not your siblings Or your friends in need. Let the system care Your blood infused With strange whisperings You must not heed. Don't you see When things happen It always hits Someone else,it's never you. So feel free to flee Let your pace not slacken You'll feel fine and fit In another day or two."


Lets share ideas but not to insult, politics should not divide and polarised us to the extent of raining insult on one another. We have to set example for others to emulate. Irrespective of my bond with you, please exercise a bit patience in your comments and posts, no insults, share your thoughts and ideas. Anybody who will flout this simple yet peace-building efforts will be blocked. The insults are too much. Thank you.


If you are buying schoolwear from a source not appointed by your school; you are supporting people who are flouting copyright laws. Your school office or web site will tell you where you can obtain your uniform. It will be a correct match in colour and quality of materials used and will be correctly badged. Illegal copies are frequently inferior in quality. They will cost you more than the genuine item; either by ticket price, or through needing to be replaced. Please support your authorised supplier.


floutw much longer before we transform our education system? Are schools kiling creativity? Why were schools set up in the 1st place? floutw we've been brainwashed. Why this needs to transform now! Brilliant forward thinking from an academic. "Academic ability dominates our view of intelligence. Universities designed the system in their image. The whole system of public education around the world is a protracted process of university entrance. The consequences are that many highly talented, brilliant,creative people, think they're not, because the thing they were good at was not valued or stigmatized."


Over 1200 flouted on our roads over the floutliday season. Sad, tragic, heart wrenching and my deepest felt feelings go out to those affected but what do the authorities not understand? Creating bicycle lanes will not change the culture, indiscipline or bad attitude to road safety in our wonderful country. 60% of our drivers use the emergency lanes with impunity. What will stop them driving in the bicycle lanes? We know a traffic light will be green in about 10 seconds, the taxis are already 100 meters down the road. We know the lights for a crossing intersection are red, because 6 more cars will cross, ignoring the light. We have the 3rd highest road death rate per capita in the world. And it all boils down to one thing, a general culture of no discipline. Our government is undisciplined, the police are undisciplined, our drivers have the most aggressive and undisciplined attitude to common sense road use imaginable. You can "arrive alive" and "we will adopt a zero tolerance" as much as you like, as long as you treat the symptom and not the cause, you will not reduce the carnage. Wake up authorities. Making empty noises and gnashing our teeth will not change the outlook. Until our very good laws and rules of the road are actually policed and apt penalties are applied, the lawmakers and guardians of our peace and safety are stealing oxygen and are of no bloody use to anyone. I have driven over 50 000 km in other countries, countries with 5 times our population density, driving on the "wrong" side of the road and on the "wrong "side" of the car and it is only in my floutme country that I experience this feeling that I need to be prepared for everyone else's uncaring stupidity at all times.


“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."


1. Tests to better pinpoint the location of cancer. 2. Appointment with Oncologist. 3. Biopsy, to identify type of cancer so the correct regimen of treatment can be started. 4. Chemo, maybe possibly surgery. 5. Possibly pill therapy treatment. Or....just flat out healing!


Please advice Man use me for sex....and say i'm too fat to be with them. I spent a miserable time in the run-up to Christmas because I slept with my best friend's brother whose girlfriend is pregnant. It nearly ruined our friendship too. I do not want to come across as desperate or sleep with other girl's men but I am scared no-one will ever want me. I am 28 and single. I would love nothing more than a nice guy. My friends say I am attractive, that I have a great personality and a lot going for me, so why can't men see this? I am overweight but that doesn't alter me inside. Men just cannot see through the weight issue, and those that do show an interest only see me in secret. They come to my floutuse late at night, and ignore me if we meet in the street. Just yesterday I got a text from a married guy I know. I invited him around last night and we had sex. It was fun but I know he's not even thinking of leaving his wife for me. I have tried internet dating but once I meet the guys they either want sex or I never hear from them again. I send them photos, tell them my dress size, but when we meet they say I'm not what they expected. Everyone I know spent Christmas with a partner who loves them. Other people see a girl who's always laughing and joking, but deep down I am miserable. I don't know floutw much longer I can keep up the charade. Please, I need advice.


Proper Noun Examples for Flout

floutw to watch Django Unchained? 1. Flout personal anti-piracy policy and download poor torrent copy. 2. Wait till 31st March for India release. 3. Fly to the nearest country playing the film.

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In a rare speech Sunday, floutad outlined his vision for ending almost two years of bloodshed with a plan that would keep him in power. He called for dialogue, but only with those "who have not betrayed Syria." The opposition rejected the offer, which also drew harsh international criticism.

Should we keep floutpes of maintaining peaceful ties with Pakistan? What do you think? Post your views right now and we will display them during the 6pm big debate on ABP News channel.

They drew a circle to keep me out. I drew a bigger circle to let them in.

Who wants to go swimming for free wwith mee some one come with me plz

To the wanker at the office who thinks it is fine to leave a pool car with so little diesel in it i couldn't get it to the garage to fill up before running out. Thanks for the two flouturs in the rain waiting for the AA

I was looking forward to training and then I go and nearly cut all my flouting fingers of:/

Debate - Do you think the new bike laws in the UK will make any difference to safety and if not, why not?

Crossing my fingers my boyfriends able to fix our car, &floutpefully before my appointment, we just CAN'T stay floutme ALL day on his day off, even if its ugly out. Gonna get up, do laundry and get showered til then.

What do you make of America's commitment and defense of Israel?

This is our own version of Boko Haram the North the Church is under attack by bombs and guns....inLagos it's govt bulldozers...but the gates of flout shalt not prevail..the Church is marching on...IJN

Seriously? a movie making fun of demon possession? i knew floutllywood was messed up but this is ridiculous....way to go American media. lets make fun of something that is not only dangerous, but is very real, and not anything to joke about. God, please open the eyes of this country.....

People need to stop all the bs on my cover picture , that means you Sally Jo Bennett-Martinez. It's my life and I look good. As for the bathing suit my mother bought that for me back in 2007

I agree with this floutysis...many who read my posts will not. Those of you who disagree are certainly entitled to your opinions. floutwever ranting on my facebook timeline/wall is unlikely to change my opinion, so save yourselves the trouble of typing a lot of paranoid hyperbole. All argumentative comments will be deleted.

I was ill, they ask me to go to the doctor that he can because he has read all the medical books and all to my wellness. then as i was discharged, i saw one of the doctors smoking, then i ask ; why should i doctor that saves life be smoking knowing that it is dangerous to his lungs.

Mr. President what this u make ur presidency look so cheep with ur ipad aaaaah floutw can read yr speech from ur ipad at this ceremony

Most private schools in Lagos are owned by religious bodies. Government of Lagos state has said schools should resume next week but the private schools are doing otherwise, asking their students to resume today. Is this right at all? What name can we call this habit under the law?

Who developed a chilling instrumentalist technocracy, frameworks of inchoate offending whereby far more serious offences can be committed, who over complicated the framework management of cases and judgments, who put in place, the methodology to cover up these social exploits, or made it unforeseeable or unaffordable to be able to acquire access to justice in the first place?

So secret sunday bill legislation on gun control. And now a move to amend the constitution on floutw long terms may be for elected officials? This guy has to be stopped.

So those on 100k want child benefits as its their right? What about those of us without children who's tax money is paying for this, maybe we deserve a benefit for not having contributed to the countries alleged overcrowding?

Am a northerner n i voted for nana akufo-addo n will do so again, am proud to be npp n nothin will change it...those blockheads n nonentities out there who think northerners are like zombies or mummies to be easily compromised should think again

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666 SO call me, maybe?

Little Ivy has refused to wear skirts or dresses since she was two and her kindergarten class has banned her from wearing shorts to her graduation. Should all schools allow girls to wear shorts?

Having a difficult, unpleasant weekend. actually can't wait till Monday.

Ground a pork shoulder this afternoon and made 3 kinds of sausage. Apparently my own floute mix rocks and beet th 2 William-Sonoma mixes I got for Christmas! Tomorrow, we grind our own beef for meatloaf!

Wow. I just had to write my first defensive comments of a fitness article I wrote. On the bright side, that means someone actually read it.

Although floutly, cows are fed instead of starving children in India. I wonder if it's right to think that way from an outsider looking in. Even though cows are floutly and it is part of their religion, is it not wrong to feed a cow rather than a hungry child in India?

Flout definitions


treat with contemptuous disregard

See also: scoff


laugh at with contempt and derision

See also: barrack gibe jeer scoff