Fling in a sentence as a noun

We fling these big dirty hunks of steel around at 100mph for perhaps 5% of the day.

Which makes dealing with the ******** that people fling at her for not having thicker skin all the more valuable.

Readers may be left wonderingHow many protons and nuclei did they have to fling to get one to hit?

And it doesn't just light up the room, you have to fling gobs of luminous paint all around to reveal platforms in an otherwise dark room.

Her boss should not have even attempted to have a fling with her - that exposes the company to liability, and he was rightly fired.

Fling in a sentence as a verb

Want to sell me a coffee after that burger - you could use the freely published info mcdonalds has to fling my phone a coupon - but that's my information.

The way the game is designed using touch, lets you fling numbers around and place them on top of each other and such, and doesn't let players get hung up on numbers or placement.

All too often, "UX Designers" end up marginalized because they're wankers - people who don't code and don't design, but want to get right in the middle of things and fling around opinions.

It must have cost them a fortune to pull those strings, and not only are they running out of fortunes, but the involved puppets will probably also ask double next time, due to the now obvious risk that something might fling up and stick to their name.

'\n\n This is the word that year by year,\n While in her place the School is set,\n Every one of her sons must hear,\n And none that hears it dare forget.\n This they all with a joyful mind\n Bear through life like a torch in flame,\n And falling fling to the host behind --\n 'Play up!

Fling definitions


a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl"

See also: crack pass whirl offer


a brief indulgence of your impulses

See also: spree


the act of flinging


throw with force or recklessness; "fling the frisbee"


move in an abrupt or headlong manner; "He flung himself onto the sofa"


indulge oneself; "I splurged on a new TV"

See also: splurge


throw or cast away; "Put away your worries"