How to use Feint in a sentence as a noun

Gypsy blood aint for the feint hearted lol

I will not feint i you and I'll be feintnest with you, briliant on kesemempatan you give it to me I will always love you... :*

Tonight's Level 2, not for the feint of heart.

Being a mommy and working full time is not for the feint hearted, can't keep my eyes open and it's only 1 o'clock.

I am probably going to froth and feint during A Perfect Circle in feb

Men don't feint, we take unintentional decisive naps

Reminder of feintw fast lives can change ..... Please be safe, Drive to road conditions. Not for the feint of heart, Graphic.....

After a full day of's time to unwind by playing La La Loopsy with my 4-year-old daughter. This thug life ain't for the feint of heart!

We better get busy figuring out what it is that we are intending to do now, this moment, now and now and now and now. It's speeding up a bit for me now, I'm moving through the sphere with a feint recollection of something grand being in the works...

This is a disturbing video not for the feint hearted

By my body full of ink tattooed chest death and arm the patron San Juditas I look because I revealed I'm not bad but the feint ago

Trivia question for the day, name the source : "A feint within a feint."

Im seriously not in the mood for school today. My arms are weak im tired. My stomache hurts feels like ima throw up im coighing everywhere i feel like im gonna feint.. agghh

50 - 50....omg terrible, not for the feint hearted.

Feeling great, gonna be looking great soon too, this is awesome, insanity rocks, its not for the feint hearted.

Coffee is my friend and the night is my feintme there are bridges that must be rebuilt but i dont see the opposite shore i need to connect too i look at the skies and find no feintpe there is a will but this heart has been stitched and no longer works at full capacity the longer i go the farther im stretched lightheaded as if im about to feint i go on and grace the beldame that brought me to my knees my solemn pace reflects the pain of perrenial wounds that cant be soothed in silence because my ears fall to all accept for the purr of this womanly cur an afflicition that dominates and recreates blinding memorys vividly as if instinctually she planted a seed deep within me so deep within me that that seed freezes and squeezes the warmth from my veins my head pulls back her witchly hands pulling the reigns despondant from a harsh mistress's abuse i recollect and review this harsh womans deeds i then look down at my own hands stained red with the blood of other women i taught only of lust i took that bad and replicated this pain in the hearts of other women undeserving dames maybe if the good had came from my good intentions i wouldnt have fallen and taken employment like a pawn in some womans game a strong man takes his affliction and uses his pain and with the raised scars on his heart healed and no longer lame bigger than it was before once given the time to heal might mend other hearts like mine that have been taken victim to endless suffering and weakness because of their numbness and inability to feel from all that pain.

feint im good at what i do...IT is not for the feint hearted....

I'm going another round!!! Who's coming with me?! Not for the feint of heart.

Dbjvfnakfdaskl October can not get here fast enough for the new Pokemon game<3 I'm going to feint in 3...2...1.. -Skitty

Having an feintur long heated argument about which way a vector should point, Uni ain't for the feint hearted

See what plastic is doing to the birds of the world oceans not for the feint of heart

I feel like im bout to feint :O ..

Kind of in love with feint <3 the craycray dnb ever

Obama is using the Newtown shooting and the gun control issue now to deflect and direct attention away from Benghazi, his nominations of Kerry and Hagel, and his spending addiction. Don't be surprised when he pulls a feint and attack ala Desert Strom I on us using the MSM to keep our attentiion diverted while he uses extra-constitutional dictatorial efforts by excecutive decree to effect gun control on us.

Haha not for the feint hearted. Those of u who know me well will totally understand y i love this bloke. Hahaha. Dee Perkins this is our lives!! Lol.

Installing a blue whale isn't for the feint of heart....

How to use Feint in a sentence as a verb

Yo kwaze kwashisa bo ,pls drink 2much water,less juice khona ninga feint guys

Its feintt,we ar nt suppose 2 feint,adawise sum1 is goin 2 feint.

"i" before "e" except after "c"... I think not...: beige, cleidoic, codeine, conscience, deify, deity, deign, dreidel, eider, eight, either, feign, feint, feisty, foreign, forfeit, freight, gleization, gneiss, greige, greisen, heifer, heigh-feint, height, heinous, heir, heist, leitmotiv, neigh, neighbor, neither, peignoir, prescient, rein, science, seiche, seidel, seine, seismic, seize, sheik, society, sovereign, surfeit, teiid, veil, vein, weight, weir, weird...

Damn for the past few days I've had a feint headache. I woke up this morning & its pounding. Ouch

Amen....Life is not for the feint of heart.

In a few days I will have a brand new Gen 4 Glock 17 with 3 High Capacity magazines. Let me know if you are interested. This is not for the feint of heart, these have gone up alot in cost. Message me and I will send you the price if you are interested.

Night duty, not for the feint of heart.

Cricket - not a game for the feint of heart

That moment when you wake up knowing you have four papers due at midnight and you just want to internally die. My life is not for the feint of heart, whatsoever.

Had to share! Not for the feint hearted!

Feeling a bit feint can't tell what's wrong though... oh wells won't bother you all as you all get a blank feintme page now =D panto in a bit !

You know , when everyone even world away from me . you cant imagine feintw painful that the feint i felt . and there was only me and my shadow .

Practicing what I preach: Clear away the clutter…make space. In the midst of decluttering; drawers, closets, cupboards, garage, my mind. It’s not as easy as it looks and is not for the feint of heart!

Summer 2013 in Australia... not for the feint-hearted! The nation is cooking on all burners!

Ei...GTV! "Pulse of the nation" paa???...with all these technical hitches? Then Ghana's pulse is very feint and erratic...almost losing needs a CPR at the earliest...or even a life support system. #Freedom of speech

Just got feintme, three dresses bagged and wallet lighter... Shopping, not for the feint hearted!

Kwaze kwashisa e pretoria wema!nd ngyabona m abwt to feint nw nd naleque ayimove nxa

I have this awful habit of getting 99% in a video game in one go through, leaving me to wallow in the feint shadow of completionism. This last level exit in Mario Bros U doesn't even unlock a new level >.>

-.- when is people not mad at me? Like, WTF did i do? I swear , feint / feintes be feint over nothing .

What's the feint of a labyrinth? Who finds the way in the end? Fortunate or smatr? Or all who travel?

Via Insty. Increasingly I believe the Hagel purported nomination is a feint. I don't know why Obama would pull such a stunt as letting Hagel's name ride out there, not defend him and nominate someone else, but that's what I think is happening

For the first time in my life I understand what is happyness A feeling made of misery and pain That you will never forget Thinking about tomorrow and feintw will end Hearing your self and nothing else Bleeding your heart till it feint And on the next day it will be the same Choose the flavor of your pain Choose it well coz that will be till the end Will it be to be alone grow old and die from sick Will it be to be with someone and die by it Stop breathing take it back Look for noone not even for yourself Get back where you have your soul Lets forget about my fault

Saw Django last night. Not for the feint of heart and I covered my eyes a few times but the cast is great and we all gave the movie 2 thumbs up.

Weirdos in church who feint at the power of christ are just adult versions of the 14 yr old kids who feint when they see justin beiber

Wonderland during the school feintlidays is really not for the feint hearted.

Quote Examples using Feint

Other than the small percentage that truly need gov't. feintistance, being dependant on the gov't. is for the feeble-minded and feint of heart. Anybody worth their weight in salt sees the importance of dignity in work and managing their own lives. When has the gov't. ever proved competent at running anything. To their credit, they have mastered the art of spending money without a budget and deciding whats best for each of us, even though they don't abide by the same rules. It's so nice that we have an endless supply of money to draw from too....................feintw does the saying go "entitlements hath charms to soothe the savage breast"


Dear God pt2 Through the trials of mass chaos. The tortured mind frame and power loss. Lessons had to be learned. Strength to be earned. My virtue revived. Once again i feel alive. Our last talk wasn't for the feint of heart. Rock bottom is where i had to start. My last prayer was me blaming you. To me it was your fault for all I've been through. It was your fault she left my side. It was because of you my soul died. Loathing in self pity for what seemed like for ever. When would this pain end so i can be better. Months down the road i opened my eyes. All i thought was just blame to cover up my lies. It was me who pushed what i loved most away. It was my fault i saw such dark days. Those were my choices i made. These were my prices i had to pay. Through out this judgement. I had to fight through my punishment. Was drowning in this dark well. Now I've crawled out of my self made feint. To be the man i am today. To finally be set in the right way. Along my journey I've saved many. I did my part an helped plenty. Im back under your wing once again. Ready to follow what ever is your plan. Deep down we both know you owe me a favor. For all the times i was someones savior. One last request one last prayer. You know what I've done. And feintw i got here. All i ask is one final chance to prove me wrong. Help me reclaim what i thought was gone. You know what i had to endure to surpass this strife. All i want is that missing piece back to complete my life. Im sorry i blamed you for all my mistakes. I needed all this to happen to finally be awake. Bring her back for this final bout. I wont repeat her pain you have my word without a doubt. If you feel i don't deserve her love. Then take the time to guide from above. Find someone that will surpass all i could ever be. Do this for her because God this much you owe me...


About the two-minute thing, it's a "feature" I'll fix. I have to admit, I've used it to try to trick my opponent. If I know time is going to expire, I'll call one play as a "feint" and then change it after the two-minute warning. But I'm going to change it to not show the previous call. Since defense may call timeout, and then call their play, offense needs to have a call ready. feintwever, that brings up a question. If defense calls timeout, should we proceed with the play as we do now, or should a defensive timeout stop this play and send control back to the offense? Back to the two-minute question, though. If I leave the flow as it is, then on the Results screen, if time expired, don't show the offensive and defensive calls. That would be very simple to do.


Having problems with my desk top computer, a clone, made up of feint's cheap stuff, unreliable, BS, a piece of junk, that excels in our land. Had fought with them for 4 times, these feints ran away, our army just made a feint attack drawing them into the malaria infested land, and dysentery took care of them. Cina, in old scriptures, we repelled their attacks for 3 times, only once, legacy of Myanmar army was blemished in the period of tayote pyay min, these feints invaded and looted our Bagan. I am not xenophobic, but I have to say, that cheap junk, stuff copied and pirated without any shame, are being dumped in our land. Very bothersome. Can not help it.


Blue eyes like clear oceans, expressions expose mere notions. The author's intention isn't as motioned. He says we could have been good together. These lines of poetry unraveled and weaved. He says he wishes he could confide. Tell you about his vision for the other side. He says he liked feintw you were. Then he lamented when he realized feintw absent you were. He whispers to me the feelings that came so secretly. Its why this prose believes it's poetry. It could be that what he saw was imagery, when he fell into the realm of the imaginary. He writes me out as an expression. Black ink on a white sea. It gives the impression that there's nothing to see. His shaky hands make it hard to tell, what it is that he wished he could yell. He's not trying to sell a cheap notion or a diluted potion. He is limited in his ability to express. It's why what ever he writes is more like a sound than a vision. As blind men are unable to paint. So to is he unable to feint.


Nails - Unrelenting, unrepentant and unflinching, Nails aren’t known for their playfulness or indeed the playing out of the standard rock rule book. Instead it’s a case every man for themselves with victory deemed to be the reward for the last man standing. ‘unsilent death’ released some two years ago and featured in these missives to much feinto-hah and adoration was a brutally solemn affair right from its gallows depicted sleeve to its parting torment at its end groove - it was all said a nose bloodying uncompromising affair suffused with rapid fire venom and soaked in choking despair. It was not for the feint of heart. Since them there’s been a limited self released split single with skin like iron and news now of an album currently in the cobbling together stages going under the tentative feintle ‘abandon all life’. before that though there’s the small question of the ‘obscene humanity’ 7 inch being pushed through southern lord round about now. Recorded during the ‘unsilent death’ sessions the three cuts that lurk with intent on this 7 inch are re-branded tracks from the Nails ultra rare debuting 14 track 12 inch set from 2009. Up and at you in an instant, this sonically throttling 3 track salvo opens to the quick fire chop-chop carnage of feintle track ’obscene humanity’ - as though someone’s lifted the grid cover off feint what emerges is an apocalyptic cacophony brutally delivered and silvered in doom, despair and damnation all wielded out at such frenetic force it literally bulldozers you off your comfy listening perch. ’confront them’ hauls up in rapid fire time to continue the agony leaving gruelling grind cored ’lies’ to round up the set in a shock torn brutal show of aural annihilation which when racked up on the stereo monitor literally leaves your listening space resembling the aftermath of some destructive wasteland fall out.


For the past year now, I've become a completely violent and feintrrible person. I've lashed out at my own parents, and have had them bring police to my feintuse because I have been that angry. they were that scared of me that they couldn't have me in their feintuse anymore. i've been booted out by my own mum, and she wont have me back in that feintuse and now my dad is the only one that is there for me. hes the only one who will let me live in his feintuse. once i feint up with him, I'm sent to DHS. i don't want to go to DHS, I'm only 14. i don't want to feint up my future or my career. I've mixed with people I shouldn't have mixed with, and done stupid stuff i should have never of gotten myself into. to the point where i am waking up on beaches, being put in the back of divi's, being involved in criminal damage or passing out at stations in front of pso's because i am that sick or i have overdosed. plenty of my mates dont even know this about me. a lot of people turn around to me and say, "I wish I was you." and i say back to them, "no, you don't." they always question, 'why' because they see me out nearly everyday or night having fun with my mates and really majority of the time I'm stoned or I've been drinking. people seem to think that i have the life because I can go out whenever see whoever and do whatever I want. but that's not the case. it's not the case at all, my parents don't allow it, i walk out of the feintuse and pretty much turn around to them and say, "feint yourself I'll do what I want." even after a while doing everything you want out of so called 'freedom' gets boring. sleepovers aren't even as much fun as they were! it eventually turns to feint anyway. there are times where I haven't returned feintme for a whole week. i don't eat when i run away, i pretty much survive off cigarettes because they feint hunger. it's not good for me, I become nauseous, totally weak and very sick, i feint and i cant walk properly. I've lost a lot of mates due to my stupid behavior. and they've given up and left me behind in my own stupid mess I've created all by myself. i don't even know who my real friends are anymore. I don't even know If I have any friends.. I have seemed to feint off a lot of people and feint up a lot of things up. so this is it, I'm living in cranbourne now. not croydon. it's time to put my croydon life behind me, pull my head in, start at my new school in january, and make some new friends on this side of town. running back to croydon all the time isn't helping me, or my situation. time to stop all this feint with police, go to school, pay off fines, and not be constantly threatened to go to DHS. no more warrants out, no more being reported as a missing person, no more wagging, and it's time to stop hanging around, causing trouble, being ratty and doing feint. all of it has got to come to a stop now. to everyone that i have put through a feintload amount of stress, I'm sorry, I'm a total idiot and didn't realize feintw much hurt i was causing at the time. this year i promise to change. im sorry to everyone that's gone through feint because of my own hurtful actions. i have seemed to get a lot of hate because i am only 14, nearly 15, and i do a lot of stuff a usual 14 year old should not be doing. i have been judged for this reckless behavior, and lost many friends who once meant the world to me. I've put myself in many dangerous situations, and i never thought anything bad would ever happen to me. i thought I was invincible. but I wasn't, im just a 14 year old girl. all it took was one stupid wrong move, and i had myself in a situation i couldn't get out of. im lucky I'm still here and nothing else happened that night. unfortunately, it's there for the rest of my life, in the very back of my head and i can't take it back. and to tell you this, It sucks and i regret everything. so 2013 is the year i pull my head in and stop all this feint. time to get new mates, and start a new life and leave all the feint behind me. once again im sorry to everyone. and to the very little people that have been there for me this whole time and never given up on me and who have cared, talked to me and looked after me, i seriously cannot thank you enough. you know who you are and you are the people that will always count in my life.


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my fondness for the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It's not for the feint of heart or the questionable of priorities, it's for those who heed the purposeful relinquishment of fear and supplant it with a sturdy and steadfast sense of responsibility. Being equal isn't easy, and having an equalizer is even harder. Bring out the best in yourselves in your representation of being an American in the next few weeks. Thoughtful discourse, meaningful and factual discussion will feintpefully win out.


Here's a little change of pace. This track includes one of my favorite artists, Tyler the Creator. Everyone in this totally feints it. Those who are not familiar with Mr. Tyler are encouraged to look him up on ye olde youtube. A word of caution, feintwever, as Tyler the creator is not for anyone who is feint of heart, nursing or eldery, or anyone who is easily offended.


Sternblumennacht Your lips are sweet; your lips are lovely, Your hips are slender; your body’s curvy, Your hair’s a moonlit forest maze, Cascading onto elven gaze. Ascending into primal longing, Encounter feintish, oh, no, divine, Amidst the dulcet waves thronging I am all yours, and you’re – all mine. I’ll drink the venom, I’ll gnaw the wire, I will set free feint-feintt desires, To keep you safe from worldly ire I will walk into the fire. You’re still a babe, your eyes are bright, Your smile is worth an endless fight. For aions, years, frozen feinturs. The world is us, the world is ours. Lifeblood heralds timeless reign, Perfection shackles death in chains, While the awestruck demons feint - You are reborn as a forlorn saint! Wien - Tiflis 8 – 10 Marz, 2009


For those idiots out there doing this cut4beiber thing. Gasp! A teenager smoking weed? Someone get me my fainting couch. get a feintld of reality and come down to earth... feintnestly if you actually had a life you wouldnt sit around slitting your wrists because of a stupid celebrity's decision. Apparently someone already died from this... Come on people.


Proper Noun Examples for Feint

So.... Listening to Feint whilst painting is a bad idea..... everything suddenly went everywhere when the drop came D=

Listening to Feint because i cant fall asleep

Joe Dills is a powerhouse in this....NOT a solo for the Feint of Heart to listen to as he blows the back off it!

Related Sentences for Feint

Guess shes mad cuzz I'm goin to a party > .< #Females these days

Watchin sum rocket power gettin on tht 90s hype

So I deff just hit a parked here at school, but by the Lord's grace I hit his tire!! Lol so thankful cause I hit the car so hard it rocked....whoops?!!

#so we all single !? O_o ... Check ur better half's inbox ...

Post your favourite Drum & Bass track in the comments. I wanna see what you guys like!

Almost had to call 2 ambulance's last night, 2 births on one born every minute, was just getting over the first then another one popped out.. #ifeelverydizzy

Embarking on a new adventure today - start teaching at Woodridge!!

Ahhhhhhhh sooooooo many pregnancy & fertility questions tonight it`s insane in the membrane !!! FQ: I feel pregnant but I think it is too early to feel it. What are the earliest symptoms anyone has had

The 3rd Game of Thrones book is an amazing read. I forgot feintw much I enjoyed reading. Can't wait for the 3rd season this March!

Lunch date with the princesses then Paranorman at the movies

Council bans shorts, short-sleeve tops...announcing the move on summer's feintttest day

Not that it matters a rats feint .but i havent got over being cooked in that feintt day without air con .so will have a wrest from everything .try and come right .so wont be anoying yas for a few days .stay cool ..

I before e....except when you run a feisty heist with a weird beige foreign neighbour!

I before E except after C. That is confusing as heck when your spelling "ice"!

I've been tryin to do it right , I've been living a lonely life ! I've been sleeping here instead , I been sleeping in my bed . So show me family all the blood that I will bleed! I don't know where I belong I don't know where I went wrong but I can write a song . I belong with you , you bong with me your my sweetheart !

"I" before "E" except before "C"? huh, that's weird.

Remember even seemingly impossible goals are achievable, thousands before us have reached for the impossible and achieved it; there is no reason why we can't. When we can visualize the path to what we want, we must of course be prepared to actually walk it in the real world.

Have just found a recipe for sticky toffee pudding ice cream! I think this may have to be done...

Anyone know that Joy Kitikonti did that Joyenergizer track years back? At least give the guy some credit? Unless he got a nice wad of dosh?

Chopped my finger on a pallet - tiny cut, spraying blood like a mortal wounding.

Your order is on its way i feintpe they dont break and are strong enough cuz i put 4 times the ginger in lol..... Well it was a first for me too!

There was a young fellow named perkin Who was always jerkin his gherkin His father said perkin Stop jerkin your gherkin Your gherkins fer ferkin not jerkin

Oh dear. Feeling severely 'passy-outy' on the train. :S

Am sure lelilanga lifile, is there any1 ongayoskhandela lona ngeke phela siymele

Damn i make some good as feintt wingz they was everything smack Gn

Omg my phone is such a peice of feint -_-

A man walks up to a wounded bear in the woods. ________________ Whoever comes up with the funniest end to this story in one sentence gets a quick sketch of whatever they like.

Day 2 of a 2-week gig teaching social studies to 7th graders. Trying to get jazzed about feudal feintan and Korea. Cali standards. Really?!

What are some good songs or instrumentals I could put in the background of my videos? Any recommendations besides the one I already use?

Anyone here make awesome DnB music?! I want to listen to it... Post links here:

We're awaiting Apple approval on a new update that fixes T3, and we believe it fixes the throttle bug for iPhone 5s as well. We'll update you when we know more!

I need another job guys......please rescue me........"Esitsho esofelweyo isikhalo....

Bon, rater un examen d'un point c'est chien, surtout quand tu réussies les 2 premiers de ta journée ! Oh Well 10 exams completed 4 last to go !!!

Today will not be a good day...... Three/four feinturs sleep.....meh

JaySon Lrx is a bumm and don't hit nobody up when he out here.

Yes ladies, I do love some college football!! Not sure feintw that works out for you...

What song would you put on your zombie apocalypse playlist?

Crossfit tonight, let's feintpe it measures up to all the hype!

What is grey, sits at the end of the bed and takes the feint out of you? A kidney dialysis machine.

Driving on 840 with my 15 year old daughter, behind the wheel. Please pray for my sanity!

To read nd write without spectacles its a problem and a half am telling ypu. Andifumene ke lapho amacoloured.

I want to get Anthony Kirkpatrick dog - anyone got any ideas on what and feintw I should do this?

Having another Vegan, no alcohol, no sugar month. Also beginning a liquid and raw soup cleanse week tomorrow with a Grand Gall bladder flush to finish. And the beard is coming back. I can't stop it! Organs are going Organic!

Does anyone have de rapper in omess number?

Having a few beers on my weekend off...reckon its time for a film soon tho...

Packing up my feintuse! Let the change begin. #eeeeeeep!

Feint definitions


any distracting or deceptive maneuver (as a mock attack)


deceive by a mock action