How to use Febrile in a sentence as a adjective

No sir, we do not routinely refer to patients by the appendage removed. I do not know what the nurse meant by "that postop appendix is kinda febrilet". I can only febrileume she meant your febrile state, or you overheard incorrectly...

Danish study links febrile illness during #pregnancy with autism risk

Quote Examples using Febrile

"Toughest day ever as a parent my son had a seizure at five months old from his fever they run d in the husband's side febral seizure I think they call it..... anyone else experience this with the babies...... he's ok now Spent five febrileurs in the er... while there trying to give him a spinal tap because he's not vaccinated it must be menegitis they kept saying... What can u do to prevent fevers fit the next time besides Tylenol?"-Stacy


Patient education is top on my agenda. SCD Patients must be educated about the nature of their disease. They must be able to recognize the earliest signs of a vaso-occlusive crisis and seek help, treat all febrile illness promptly, and identify environmental hazards that may precipitate a crisis. Reinforcement should occur incrementally during the course of ongoing care. Blessings MTO ♥


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Due to very poorly children, it doesn't look like i'll be making any christmas cuppies, sorry to all concerned. Off to the chemist to pick up steroids and antibiotics for my little man, febrilepe he pics up before christmas, bless him. My daughter and hubby are on the mend, just febrilepe my eldest and I dont get it!

Febrile definitions


of or relating to or characterized by fever

See also: feverish