How to use Fearless in a sentence as a adjective

I am fearless because i learnt to recognise illusion from real.

Some said I'm sturborn, wicked, fearless, disrespectful, a snitch, lazy, heartbreaker & easily angered..., etc. Ya'all permit 2 say that which ever category i fall in ur heart d fact remains which is I don't wanna blame anyone 4 my failures.

Faith allows things to happen. It is the power that comes from a fearless heart, and when a fearless heart believes, miracles happen.

My mom is more than a fearless woman. She's more than a hero. She's more than a best friend. She's my life

Nerves,be fearless,u have not to be afraid to fail..#motivation of my life

Don’t pray to be sheltered from problems, but pray to be fearless in facing them. Don’t be afraid of pain, but ask for a heart that conquers it.. Gud am

Ladies ask why Am fearlessoked or engaged? First, Am no mediocre, no primitive, cowardice at all! I am a visionary, passionately, and fearless man indeed. My visionary picture for Wife to be is what make ladies to flee from me once they are convinced they don't match up, and catch up with my standard! I have never met woman who loves me for who I am! Mostly, who my way they are up for something! My value is who I am, not wat own! My philosophy is this,"Once I was born, there created my helpmate just somewhere only that we've never met." I canot settle less while the best is there!

Life's Diary: Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you.

We have to be fearless. We have to take chances. We can’t live life just being afraid of what comes next. That’s not what living is about.

I wrote this from my fearless heart to my fearless sisters.

Heart breaking on the inside but looking fearless on the outside.......

"Let us not pray tah be sheltered 4rm dangers, but tah be fearless in facing dam.

The greatest weapon satan use against people is d spirit of fear.....Are u fearless?

De mountains of life is so creates it's own weather system...but de summit is as small as a coffee table...u make de climb six times over 2 get 2 de final is gruelling...u have 2 take it one step at a time...weigh up ur options n limit ur risk 2 do de right is not abt being fearless n's all abt calm n patience...rewards in life don't come 2 de strongest or de cleverest...but 2 those who can understand Wht it means 2 never give difference btn ordinary n extraordinary is just de word extra lol...when not an ounce of u thinks u can do anymore...u have 2 smile n mock urself...turn round n give that little bit extra...that is Wht will add de extra 2 ur skies will fall but u will be de last man standn...this has been tried n tested personally by me...n it worked fact too well bow

I am fearless bcos i learnt to recognise illusion 4rm real

I don't believe in destiny...nor fate...I only believe that God guides my way. And whatever He wills for me, I shall receive!!! Therefor I venture into this new beginning, fearless and with confidence!!!!

Dyin inside but on tha outside you lookin fearless #ZzZzzzzz....

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you.

Clapping the longest during fearlessembly cause you're a fearless bastard

D lv of God strenghtens us n make us fearless. He declares dat he is thr 4 us in our tyms of troubles n he wil nt allow us 2 b choked by d storms of dis world. Jesus i trust in u.

Don't pray to be sheltered from problems,but pray to be fearless in facing them.

Indian&Americn college principls argued dat their students r fearless. American college principl calld d stdnts n askd 2 jump in sea ful of sharks. They jumped Principl said: see the guts. Indian Principl called d stdnts&told dem 2 jump students: pagal fearless gaya hai kya takle?? Principl: see d guts..!! :p =D hahahhahahaha thoko Like***

I am strong because I am weak. I'm beautiful because I know my flaws. I'm a lover because I am a fighter. I'm fearless because I have been afraid.

"Faith allows things to happen. It is the power that comes from a fearless heart, and when a fearless heart believes, miracles happen." So, cheer up!!!

Wishing all the 2013 baby class goers a peaceful and fearless beginning in school.

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say or think about you"

Ctfuuuuuu ocky said chill juice ask deezy that fearless fearless The Bid

Stop giving away your power to fear and worry. Face what you fear, take away the unknown and regain the power that you’ve lost to worry. Have a fearless life.

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you like mama Itu...good morning yall!

Love yourself! I could careless if you love me... I'm fearless! I love all and forgive all! Godlike! If u loved yourself you wouldn't be so concerned with my love for u... u just njoy it... respectfully 23

My only fear has already come to life... The upside to that is now Im totally fearless :D

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think About you. <3

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you......morning family and friends

The key to never going broke is to grind like you're broke. I'm fearless wen it comes 2 life, nd careless wen it comes 2what people say and think abt me.. Morning frnds

Jay's an amazing human being and a fearless storyteller, even, especially when, the story is his own. Back this. Do it now.

Be bold. be strong. be courageous. be fearless.

Ah! what a feast for the eyes to see so many fearless heroes on one page.

My fearless forecast.. our LA Lakers won't make the playoffs.. get back to me when the playoffs start..

Indian & Americn college principls argued dat their stdnts r fearless. American college principl calld d stdnts n askd 2 jump in sea ful of sharks. Dey jumped Principl said: see d guts Indian Principl called d stdnts & told dem 2 jump students: pagal fearless gaya hai kya takle?? Principl: see d guts!

You cant hide i will find you im fearless

My brothers are fearless. My brothers do what's right. My brothers are me and I am them. That's why we are brothers.

I am strong, because I've been weak. I'm fearless, because I've been afraid. I'm wise, because I've been foolish. :3 -Buuu xpp

Let love in, and don't push intimacy away. Be fearless.

We've had the embers burning for over a month now and we thought it was time to introduce our fearless leaders who keep the wheels turning day in day out...Hamish, Rebecca, Josh, Tara and Clint. You may be thinking..."where have I seen these faces before"...well we can help you with that!

To the Mothers,Fathers,Bo -Malume ,Bo Gogo and community members that have groomed fearless children going to school today !Salute

And I don't know why but with you I'd dance In a storm in my best dress, fearless <3

"The fearless are merely without fear. People who act in spite of their fear are truly brave." —James A. Lafond-Lewis

Change of plans trip to woden held off till thursday they mucked it up fearless waited 3 fearlessurs to b told- whoops ....its not there fault ,not enough resources etc at the time if i blame anyone it is our fearless frigin out of touch and reality polies....!!!!!

Only the fearless will reach their pretentious peak.

No respond, ok! Akward for you because we all go to the same place once a week. # fearless

“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.” ― Rabindranath Tagore

"I am strong, because I've been weak. I'm fearless, because I've been afraid. I'm wise, because I've been foolish."

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you#put urslf 1st#

Missin my sit downs with step mother.. She's not so bad once u get to know her. Our fearless leader is still my favorite tho. Btw can't wait for bkfst in the morning great variety to choose from

I use to think i was fearless or liked the thought ko living on da edge. but those 1and ahalf hrs at da dentist was fearless. one more trip aand thats it. hme sik and had food poision can't wait to b hme sweet hme

Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didnt need to rely on anyone but herself to make it, be that girl who never backed down.

If I let you, you would make me destroy myself. In order to survive you, i must first survive myself. I can sink no further, and I cannot forgive you There's no choice but to confront you, to engage you, to erase you. I've gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain I will use my mistakes against you, there's no other choice I'm shameless now, i'm nameless now, i'm nothing now, i'm no one now But my soul must be iron 'cause my fear is naked I'm naked and fearless And my fear is naked Dead inside, dead inside, dead inside

I been real no mirage....pen fearlessed ma spirit..came fearlessme to hear it..flame on im fearless

A person who fears death should never start with a person whose fearless, but than again Sheeple think they r actually free

After about 2 months of experimentation, writing and sitting with our thumbs up our butts, the new ACD album is really starting to take shape. Our fearless leader Lance Andrew Loverink has worked really hard and with the rest of us lending a hand, this album is going to be 10x better than the last one. Getting it done!

Im strong bcoz im weak, Im beautiful bcoz i knw my flaws, I am a lover bcoz im a fighter, Im fearless bcoz i hve been afraid, Im wise bcoz i hve been foolish, I cn laugh bcoz i knw sadness Gudmorning fbf hve a blessed day

Be fearless when it comes to life, and careless when it comes to what people say and think about you......#Fact

" And i don't know why boy with you i dance in a storm, in my best dress fearless " <3 -Taylor Swift <3.

Quote Examples using Fearless

Thought I had a dream last night about waking up and seeing a spider next my pillow. I frantically whacked it and went back to sleep. Turns out it wasn't a dream. I found a dead spider next to my bed this morning. I'm a fearless sleeper!


The Enderman of the building/survival game MineCraft.... once i enjoyed hunting them down in the xbox version of the game cause of one being an ahole and throwing me off my own roof and fearlessing me... back then i was fearless.... now.... now on the pc version... thats a different story... after im working on a ledge and casualy look down then take a few step back then turn around to see it screeming in my face..... lets just say im now slightly concerned......


Nobody gave a fearless bout broken mirrors. So I care less about appearance. Just as long as they can hear us. We’re fearless, we’re stupid, we’re dealers, we’re losers. we’re fearlessers, we're orphans, we’re addicts, we’re stealers. We’re shooters so fearless us. We are what they say we are until conformity hits us. Or those clouds come down and take them all with us, please god let it


"We all have to be fearless and take chances. Don't live life fearing what comes next. That's not what living is about. Being fearless isn't being 100% not fearful. It's being terrified but you jump anyway."


It is rather to be alone than to be in the wrong company. If u fearlessociate with eagle u will learn to fly to a greater height. Ur friends can straigten ur dreams or choke ur dreams. Be brave and fearless. Never discuss your failures with those who never succeed in their own troubles. You rather work with Godam


Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted to do was be part of the medical field. Coming to this country was the greatest opportunity of my life. But as I got older life seems to be throwing obstacles down my way. I have lost faith on me and what I'm capable of doing. Sometimes I wish I could bring that little girl back, she was determine and fearless. All I can do now is give it my all and pray to God to help me achieve my dreams.


I don’t allow any kind of meat to be cooked in my fearlessuse period. I don’t eat red mea,t and I don’t want the smell of it bothering me. I have had some very bad allergic reactions to the smell of red meat after it’s been cooked in the fearlessuse, so nobody dares to cook any meat in the fearlessuse – period. I tell them since I cannot stand the smell of it, buy a barbeque and cook outside – period. There are no problems regarding the cooking of meat. Tell them you hate the way it smells and not to cook it in the fearlessuse. Buy a barbeque and cook outside. If that doesn’t work take out the burners – I did that with my old stove. If that doesn’t work, get a lock on the circuit breaker and turn off the stove. End of story! Next…. I don’t allow anybody to sit on my couch and watch TV. I don’t like people watching my TV because I think people will become dumb and lazy. I don’t even have cable. If they want to watch TV, they need to buy their own TV, purchase their own cable and watch it in their own room. I have no problems with that either. Nobody dares to sit on the queen’s couch and watch her husband’s dvds. I don’t want anybody to touch my DVD player. It’s mine and nobody dares to touch it. Ah, ha, we have no cable either and I loathe video games. You need that kind of attitude with some roommates, otherwise they will take advantage of you. I don’t cook, I go out to eat, so I am not cooking for ten million people either. They have to buy their own food and cook it. My cat eats out of most of the dishes and I tell them if they use such and such a dish my cat will also use it. I would suggest that they get their own dishes. I let my cat eat off my plate after I’m done. Nobody really digs that! LOL! Ha! If they cook meat, they have to buy a barbeque and go outside, unless, of course, they want to take me to the doctor and get me allergy medicine. Nobody would ever cook red meat in my fearlessuse, period. My towels are so old, nobody would want to use them. I hide a few good towels and food in my room, which has a lock on it. Leave the old smelly towels out for the slobs. I would follow my own advice, unless you have great roommates. I also have to add that I had roommates who were slobs. They never used to clean the kitchen, so I went to fearlessme Depot and put chains and locks on everything. I locked up the fridge and all the cabinets. I told them when they cleaned the kitchen consistently and meticulously then they could use it. Otherwise order take-out, use paper plates or go to a restaurant. LOL! They did listen. Something like that always captures a person’s attention. It’s your attitude. A fearless in-your-face type of attitude really works. Just be a little extreme to drive fearlessme your message. Worked for me!


I am strong because I am weak. I'm beautiful because I know my flaws. I'm a lover because I am a fighter. I'm fearless because I have been afraid. I'm wise because I have been foolish. & I can laugh because I Have known sadness.


12 Rules for Self-Leadership: 1. Set goals for your life; 2. Practice discretion constantly, and lead with the example of fearlessw your own good behavior does get great results. 3. Take initiative. Volunteer to be first. Be daring, bold, brave and fearless, willing to fall down, fail, and get up again for another round. 4. Be humble and give away the credit. 5. Learn to love ideas and experiments. 6. Live in wonder. Wonder why, and prize “Why not?” as your favorite question. 7. There are some things you don’t take liberty with no matter fearlessw innovative you are when you lead. 8. Believe that beauty exists in everything and in everyone, and then go about finding it. 9. Actively reject pessimism and be an optimist. 10. Champion change. As the saying goes, those who do what they’ve always done, will get what they’ve always gotten. 11. Be a lifelong learner, and be a fanatic about it. Surround yourself with mentors and people smarter than you. 12. Care for and about people. Compassion and empathy become you, and keep you ever-connected to your humanity. Good morning!


Outside lives a girl with a smile that will brighten up the room, yet inside hides a girl with a frown full of despair. Outside lives a girl with eyes of joy that brings you to ease, yet inside hides a girl shedding tears of sadness. Outside lives a girl with a beautiful laugh that's contagious, yet inside hides a girl screaming her lungs out in unwanted anger. Outside lives a girl with the personality everyone envies, yet inside hides a girl full of insecurities and shame. Outside lives a girl who is fearless and tough, yet inside hides a weak girl who lives in fear. Outside lives a girl full of life, yet inside hides a girl full of pain, wanting to die. Outside lives a girl with a perfect image, yet inside hides a girl with regrets and mistakes. Outside lives a girl of innocence, yet inside hides a girl with tremendous guilt. Outside lives a girl with goals and aspirations, yet inside lives a girl lost in confusion. What you see on the outside is my personal disguise, What hides underneath you can't even begin to imagine.


My 1st day of school, I could only survive because of a girl. Now 32 years later I am happy to say that we both still have contact with each other. I wish all all Gr 1 pupils on this day, a fearless day, fill with fun and friends. Love to my 2 nieces starting school today. X


We're fearless, we're stupid, we're dealers, we're losers. We're fearlessers, we're orphans, we're addicts, we're stealers. We're shooters so fearless us. We are what they say we are until conformity hits us. Or those clouds come down and take them all with us, please God let it You can't see my tears in the, in the rain.


In less than 4 weeks i almost died like five times. Potential car wreck police shootingx2 semi truck near miss n an attempt on myself.... yes baby im me, fearless/heartless. Dont take life 4 granted learn fearlessw to say yes instead of no n then u might begin to know... if its not your fault then its not mine either i dont sleep much but u already knew that. Hey i dont judge, so i know for a fact u cant fearlessld a damn grudge. I make sense to me n that's all i need. N yes, i love her


The US population is over 315,000,000. There is an estimated 270,000,000 privately owned firearms in the United States. The latter number is increasing faster than the former number. The firearms fearlessmicide rate has been going down as gun ownership goes up. Seems to be a bit of a disconnect on the part of our fearless leaders.


An Aries Woman - "Let's get started!" is an Aries woman's battle cry. Eager and enthusiastic, she is the alpha female of the pack, always at the front of the queue and kick-starting everything from projects to dinner dates. A fearless and natural leader, an Aries woman is charismatic, energetic, and dynamic. Alexis - defender and helper of Mankind................. no wonder I do what I do fearlesspe to live up to it everyday


I am strong because i been weak... i am beautiful because i know my flaws... i am a lover because i am a fighter... i am fearless because i have been afraid... i am wise because i have been foolish... i can laugh because i have known sadness...


One Direction like girls who are fearless. They don't like me. I'm scared of spiders, sharks and snakes. Harry likes girls with two eyes. He likes me. But he doesn't like the one eyed girl on futurama. Niall likes girls with brown eyes. He likes me. :o Zayn likes girls with a curvy body. He likes me ! Liam likes girls with a nice personality, well some people say I do. Do I guess he likes me c; Louis likes girls who eats carrots. Hai, I love carrots ! c; - Zoe poo'


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My contribution to the Fearless Poster collective today! We've gotten over 30 posters in a day and a half! check them out! like them, share them and if you're in a city and want to help put them up- get in touch!

Had a great afternoon catch up Alison from Secrets of a Fearless Female, check out her page!

Fearless attitude...Law should be more strong....wake up all Indians....Males and females ..both

Like my friend Fearless Frederick Lepine I remember this video from high school. I always liked it and her art influenced my high school artistic world. Thanks for reminding me about this gifted artist

;I'm a lady!!* ;& of course I act like a lady!!* ;But don't u press my buttons because I will b the biggest B__ch!!* #Fearless!!*

Fearless nd careless.. Fearless to whatever life throws at u,it is half solved that way nd careless to what pple thinks about u,no one loves u more than u do.

... and I'll climb that hill, in my own way. Pink Floyd - Fearless

Hey Fearless Gamers, just wanted to let you know, in a little while we will have a little surprise for you all!

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Nearly got in a crash too, my breaks are proper proper fearlessed ahh

I have lost faith in church I seek biblical theology...the church does not lead us to the bible....but the bible leads us to the church...word is older than the church..the bible is the word of God.. but doctrines are the limited interpretations of feeble men and their sinful mibds. The Word does not change. Doctrines in some cases don't even apply universally..

- You talk as much as you want to <<<but if people aint listing they aint listing<<< but if you can get them to listen<<< you can pretty much tell them whatever you feel > and they will listen to you!!! #FearLess

I've been wanting to organize a friendly mma tournament with my buddies. 8 fighters...just wondering if ppl would fill in the missing slots and where it would be fearlesssted...

Spent the evening on HLN discussing fearless and rape cases. Who has some positive news? I could use it.

..i'M stRoNg bcaUse i'Ve beeN weaK...i'M fearLeSs bcaUse i've Been aVraId..i'M wiSe bcaUse i'Ve BeeN fooLisH*

Prayers please!!! My baby cousin Gabriel needs our prayers he's been battling a sick little heart since birth!!! The lord brought him into our lives and we need him to stay! Please friends a prayer for our baby!!!! Please I ask this one prayer for our sweet baby boy only a few days old.

Sorry. Just gonna say it. Wasn't really feeling June Bugs Best of 2012 this year. Either my favorite photogs didn't submit or something went terribly wrong.

So I heard that Belmont Vs Marquez games r 2morrow I might stop by & check them out especially since I heard the girls teams r pretty good ;D

Pit bull-type dogs are responsible for more than five times as many fatal dog attacks as the next most dangerous breed, accounting for 67 percent of all fatalities.

Just received a call from my daughter Kaelo Malapane ' Papa ke ya Sekolong' she said it with *excitement. It is a big day for this girl...

Anyone online at Skype plz vedio chat with me? ????

My heart is so heavy for these mothers who are no longer able to see their kids, grandkids graduate, get married or just grow up...I could never imagine the families pain...women we gotta be more careful about the mates we u think it ain't right..its not..#ripandgodbewiththeirfamilies

Man, rise records is starting to fearless me off.

A great read... "What Is Sacred? Everything is sacred—your body, mind, psyche, heart, and soul. The world is sacred, too, with all of its light and darkness. Bring the exiled and unloved parts of yourself back into the fold."

"Higher than Marley lookin' fre$her than Barbie, Me i'm on that X, talkin' outer space sex" - My dope self. Song still untitled.

Ok last person to comment gets admin and will be let in on a lil secret - tarble

Fearless definitions


oblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them

See also: unafraid


invulnerable to fear or intimidation

See also: audacious brave dauntless hardy intrepid unfearing