How to use Extrasensory in a sentence as an adjective

Haven't read the post, but a precision on Kyllo: extrasensory searches are fine if we're talking about doing it with commonly available tools.

What probability would you assign to the hypothesis that Mr Smith has perfect extrasensory perception?

"How many numbers would he have to guess correctly before you would really seriously consider the hypothesis that he has extrasensory perception?

It happens even in pictures so I’m sure it’s something about my mind thinking something is amiss somehow but I don’t know why. I actually am quite fascinated with megastructures like these but have a hard time appreciating them sometimes while grappling with the extrasensory overload that viewing them can induce.

I'm pretty sure that proof of extrasensory experience would yield you a nobel prize, but so far all studies of the subject that I'm aware of were either negative or had their methods heavily critized.

That indicates that they're not in fact extrasensory experiences, but something that happens inside the brain.

Extrasensory definitions


seemingly outside normal sensory channels

See also: paranormal