Extemporaneously in a sentence as an adverb

How do they go about "reinvent[ing] the basic research of people like Kleene and von Dyck, extemporaneously"?

Someone spent some time polishing it. I know people who can talk like that extemporaneously, but I'd wager 99% of native English speakers wouldn't pass if that's the bar.

He'd go up to the blackboard and extemporaneously write things down and explain things in such a way that thought you really understood.

Instead of writing extemporaneously as one thinks it would profit you to break your thoughts into paragraphs.

It's funny how split podcast genres are. Some shows require huge budgets, travel, audio design, and months of research, and then they fare worse than 3 funny white dudes talking extemporaneously every week.

But you don't have to take my word for it, I'm sure the chamber of commerce would love to pamphlet you to death and has better marketing copy than what I would right extemporaneously.

But to you, maybe it just seemed like the president was speaking extemporaneously and that the media coverage was being excessively "nitpicky".

I don't want to re-litigate all this, but her argument puts an awful lot of weight on 15 seconds of the foreman speaking extemporaneously during a TV interview.

Comedians have to conceal the performative nature of their act, making it seem like the 874th iteration of a joke is something they just thought of extemporaneously.

Im not surprised nobody is laughing, my ability to tell a joke it matched only by my ability to compose rhyming couplets extemporaneously.

I assure you I can ably speak extemporaneously about anything I grok in technical detail when required, but I am speaking about the simple act of choosing which thing to talk about.

For example, I can speak extemporaneously about many topics in Portuguese and only somewhat infrequently pause to think about or ask for vocabulary.

> Asking someone who hasn’t been recently exposed to computing theory to write a balanced parentheses recognizer is asking them to reinvent the basic research of people like Kleene and von Dyck, extemporaneously.

Then, on the spot and extemporaneously, the candidate has to negotiate those negative feelings that were prompted by the interviewer to come up with an answer that translates those negative feelings into some kind of positive learning experience that the manager will be able to understand.

Extemporaneously definitions


without prior preparation; "he spoke extemporaneously"

See also: extemporarily extempore