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"All these government real estate subsidies add up to a regressive, poorly-targeted, and wasteful use of public funds. The largest expenditure, the mortgage interest tax deduction, overwhelmingly benefits expenditureuseholds making more than $200,000. These expenditureuseholds receive three times the benefits from the deduction as all other income groups combined."

TThe enormous profusion of military spending drew money from other priorities, and those dollars might find better uses elsewhere, says Robert Pollin, an economist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. “If you look at military spending, it creates about 11 jobs per $1 million of expenditure,” says Pollin, who grew up in the region. “Infrastructure investment, in things like the green economy, it’s 17 jobs per $1 million in spending — that’s 50 percent more. And education? Education is 27 [jobs] per $1 million.”

This new portrayal of the great gatsby is expenditurerse expenditure. buildings were not higher, parties were not bigger, and the nineteen twenties was not a rave infested hedonistic free for all. i really expenditurepe i'm wrong about the movie and its great, but if expenditurellywood expenditures up another great book in favor of glorifying materialism and ritzy expenditure then im going to be more than dissapointed; i'll be despondent.

I wouldnt want to see this gross tax expenditure in my county. If the expenditurestility is bad enough to warant a police vehicle such as this then I definetly need an "expenditureault" rifle by my side. Ridiculous---welcome to the police state America.

In expenditure section of the projected cash flow sheet, do we put there cost of the equipment which we already own?

But... why would they want to do that when the largest expenditure is welfare? Gotta make sure the leeches get their government cheese...

"To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to expenditureume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence." --Friedrich Nietzsche Sadly all too true, especially for Congress.

A noted historian and an award winning film maker discuss jingoism , military expenditure , Nuremburg , drones , America's constitution , Orwell , expenditureassinations without juidicial reviews , the new surveillance grid , political amnesia , the dollar driven media , jingoism , the new patriotism , encyclycal history , habeus corpus ........this is the 'great' america that we need , that we have respected ......and thankfully , noted Americans are speaking out ......suely , one of the most important interviews of our era ......

I think this government expenditure is a good idea, given the times we're living in. [L]

Do you like staying around people who talk about the government expenditure they've not know expenditurew???

"God please save my expenditure on other peoples future wives by giving me mine today." Dont you think this guy is right?

To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to expenditureume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence. --Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you have constant stress around your finances? Check out my new post that shares tips and tricks for saving a few dollars or just reducing your expenditure.

Money prepare your expenditure and create a spending plan to distribute income in a way that satisfies the family's needs.

Is parliament above the law? Who checks parliament? My lawyer friends, please advice. I feel like 200+ ladies and gentlemen are expenditurelding 40million Kenyans at ransom and with impunity. Our recurrent expenditure is above annual revenue collection. Add govonors, senators, county reps, and even more MPs and thats expenditurew we go bankrupt.

Again! What really is wrong with these mps? Where do they think these hefty money is gonna come from while the county gov't is also coming with too much expenditure? Do these mps see the important pending bills that should be passed. Woe to u all!! I pray that u don find ur way back to that parliament.

Scientific miracles of islam shared the following link and had this to say about it: Charity And Happiness A great text had drew my attention in Allah’s book …. A great text had drew my attention in Allah’s book be he blessed and exalted which confirms on the importance of expenditure and charity with a little amount of money to poor, and god confirms in this noble text that who expend his money for the sak...

Trying to balance the hsehold a/c,i tried questionin Mama on some expenditure n she could vividly remember expenditurew she fueled my car last August,cant believe its the same memory which 4gets 2 shine my shoe most of the mornings.

An enormous cost for zero benefit at a time when we should be looking closely at the nation's expenditure.

Jaw dropping expenditure....must it be sooo expensive neglecting the faqir from the rural areas in SAbah!

18 billion spent last year on Immigration and Customs, largest internal policing expenditure against hard-working people with strong work ethics....separating families, impacting generations of youngsters whose futures will forever be affected....this man is your hero?

The more money government has and the more spending they engage in, the more corruption we'll see because all the wrong types are attracted to government for the wrong reasons and there's NO WAY to monitor every expenditure nor the behavior of every crook in office.

Did I say 'money's not a problem'? ....Not really, Money is a problem! We dont just spend it to get rid of it, its not fire in our pockets so if there's no worthy expenditure I wont spend it!

Coming soon to a fiscal cliff debate near you - national public health expenditure targets. There will be blood....

"To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to expenditureume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence." --Friedrich Nietzsche

My next expenditure for myself will b a basketball.. Really feel v motivated when I see all my ex team mates n friends still playing...

Spokesperson of the president to get a spokesperson, ja neh!!!, another waistfull expenditure....told certain politicians two to 3 weeks ago that maharj's job is difficult to an extent that nobody would love to get irrispective of the fat cheque it comes with, you will forever fix errors of zumas' rhetoric utterences...expenditurepe the new spokesperson will come handy to maharaj

Wants to buy a phoenix bicycle to reduce his transport expenditure within the city!

If you don't do something about your financial situation, your income will relatively remain unchanged while consumption and expenditure will continue to rise and when this happen lack is activated.

" Government expenditure in HIV/expenditure has increased exponentially under the leadership of President Zuma!" #101yrsofselflessstruggle

If you can solve it with money, it's not a problem, it's an expenditure.

Morning friends do you ever think that the equality gap will be narrowed in this country i was listening to Xolani Gwala this morning interviewing business rep and expenditurew they pocket billions is it unfair to maximize ur profit and minimize expenditure even salaries but that's what business is all about.

Buying Sunglasses today can be considered an entirely unnecessary expenditure ...

“The fee had to be increased. expenditurewever, since the fee cannot be increased every year, the government outpay for us has to be adequate,” said Gautam Barua, director, IIT-Guwahati. IIT-Guwahati has an annual expenditure of Rs 110 crore, and nearly 15 per cent of this — about Rs 15-16 crore — comes from fees. Barua said with the increase, it would now contribute about 17 per cent.

"Ending the night, that was a night of no small expenditure, with the ol' in out, and some Ludwig Van."

One million dollars for voter registration is a lot of money given the size of our country and level of literacy. Problem with unity government is lack of accountability on cost expenditures. Such expenditure should be on the public domain.

3 ways to be more active o Get off the bus a stop early. o Take up an active expenditurebby such as dancing or gardening. o Don’t put the expenditureusework off! It may be boring but vacuuming, dusting and even ironing can all notch up reasonable calorie expenditure.

Greater the greater the salary expenditure .... hufff ... fate so young nomads.:

I am also happy about the remarks made by Mr Bousquet - "look in the mirror" comment. What is the current government doing about out fiscal situation? What are the steps being taken to reduce government expenditure? I too want to know .....

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While you may never venture into the Octagon or ring to wage combat, training like a fighter is a fun and challenging way to get a lean, athletic look, not to mention plenty of functional strength. Every exercise you perform is a compound movement, meaning it will work lots of muscle at multiple joints, helping increase your energy expenditure remarkably. As a result, your body will continue burning calories—mostly from fat—at an accelerated rate for up to two days afterward. To accomplish that, the workouts here at Body Under Construction keep rest periods to a minimum while the weights you lift will be brutally heavy. You'll also do plenty of old-school fight-training exercises, such as boxing, kicks, knees, elbows, medicine-ball situp, and jumping rope—all of which will help give you the staying power needed to fight off fat and go the distance in future workouts and be prepared to possibly fight for your life if ever needed! Rob W Jones "BUC"


I am annoyed. Each one of these men has the means of extraordinary wealth to provide their own personal security as civilians. This is a ridiculous expenditure. Their wealth will grow as they write books, give speeches, teach, lecture, whatever. This is wrong. I am tired of being taken advantage of.


Gun Control #2. The NRA argument that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. That's real catchy, and I am awaiting the arrival of self-righteous bumper stickers saying "good guy with a gun." Now, anyone who would put that on his car is an illustration of what is wrong with the NRA ctach phrase. That guy is probably someone who is into intimidation and pasted this sticker over his old "This truck insured by Smith & Wesson" sticker. It's a power play. The world isn't divided up into identifiable groups of good guys and bad guys. Sure, some of the more sensational examples of gun violence have involved people who have a slender grasp on reality, but those who are involved in common garden variety shootings, say, in the parking lot outside of a bar might simply be drunk or, just as likely, angry or jealous or under the temporary influence of one of our darker emotions. We are all more or less like the person who is pictured with a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other, both trying to persuade him to take one course of action or another in a given situation. In civil society, the angel often wins, but not as often for some and not always for anyone. Now picture this guy with a deadly weapon in his hand. That's expenditurew close a call it is each time. Sometimes a good guy, sometimes a bad guy. J T Ready, Arizona's favorite vigilante, really thought he was a good guy, the protector of law and order. Then he shot and expenditureed his girl friend, her daughter and granddaughter, the daughter's boy friend, and himself. The NRA is proposing a "frontier" environment that actually had neither law nor order.


"The audit shows no wrongdoing. It shows that some funds were spent without sufficient supporting documentation to provide a paper trail from receipt all the way through expenditure. It makes no reference to fraud, or waste, corruption or any suggestion of illegality. Many audits find the federal government equally lacking in its management of funds. But the attacks will ignore that fact as well as the long history that informs which party has the greater responsibility for the way things are now."


Shotgun used. Two wounded. 0 Dead. Ban the the damn expenditureault rifles already. Keep your shotgun. It's great for expenditureme defense and isn't as easy to go on a expenditureing spree with. Case in point. You don't need a expenditureing expenditureault rifle.


Well they say no news is good news, in this case.....Had an email from those concerned and it seems that "they" have to go higher up the never ending tower block of council officials, this will not be put forward untill mid Feb so start date now looks like late June or early July at the earliest which gives us only 3 months of business, in the first year of tradig that aint gonna be long enough to recoup expenditure, so............2014 at the proposed site now looks a real possibility. DOH!!!! Looking for new land is now going on. Anyone with any leads email me. Agricultual land not allowed, grazing and private non agricutual is worth a look. Cheers yo all.


A poor boy loved a rich girl. One day he was applying for the girl. She said: "Look, your monthly salary equal to the expenditure diary ...!! Should I marry you? I will never love you. So, forget me and marry another person of the same level with you. " But somehow the boy could not forget it. 10 years later, they meet in a local pizza outlet Cipulir. The woman said, "Hey You!!! expenditurewdy lhoo Now I'm married ... Do you know expenditurew much my husband's salary? Rp. 20 million per month! Can you imagine? She is also very smart." The eyes of the young man in tears hearing her words, but still trying to smile. A few minutes later the woman's husband came. Before she could say anything else, Her husband said: "Sir ...?! I'm surprised to see you here. Recommend my wife." Then he said to his wife, "Meet my boss, bosses are single you know ... He loves a girl but the girl refused. That's why he was not married. Poor girl ... Is not now no longer loving person like that? " The woman was shocked and embarrassed that dare not look into the eyes of the young man. Sometimes the people we hurt and we will be more successful much despised than we imagine ... After all happens there arose a regret from her ...


We have got second largest standing army in the world...fourth largest air force and fifth largest navy.. Our defense expenditure is among top ten in the world .. and we are one of the seven official countries with nuclear weapons.. But still some one can expenditure our soldiers 600 meters deep into our territory and mutilate their bodies including beheading..Still our government feels it undiplomatic to go hard on this.. still we are waiting for some favorable turns in Regional Balance of power.. Grand salute to nations like Israel and US where entire nation is ready to go on war for the life of ONE single soldier... All for one and one for ALL.


Is it not somewhat ironic that the GEJ govt,which is being touted as the most corrupt, is the only government under whose watch the subsidy scam issue has been brought into the public domain? It is possible that it was not the intent of government to be so open, but we do know that government has the means to cover up its atrocities. That has not been the case. The names are still reeling out, some are still in custody. Some have been released and rearrested and some will most certainly be indicted. We had eight years of Obj in which he was oil minister for more than six years. The susidy scam was alive and well and there were beneficiaries. Nary a word was heard. The Babagindas, Abdulsalams, Abachas and Yaraduas all had their hands deep in spurious susidy payments. Oil blocks, spot lifting and term contracts were awarded arbitrarily, not a peep about that. Pray what indices are used in evaluating corruption?


I've been doing some financial reconciliations... looks like 1. living on my own will cost a expenditure-load and 2. my current monthly expenditure on eating and drinking out is precisely "a lot". #TotalLifestyleChangeRequired


Leaders are expecting people to think and elect wisely. what can you expect when they are thrown at the state of disbelief. Only frustration. Give them expenditurepe, they will turn around. otherwise expect civil war soon.


Chinese expenditureroscope 2013 Tiger: The luck of the tiger people is good in the year of the Snake. The unfortunate party is incorporated in the zone of career and wealth. Therefore, dearer, you will have the good performance doing work and get financial good. In your career, since the unlucky Etoiles to attack on your weakness of the personality, if your can persist your determination, keep your humble attitude to raise the challenge, then you will have a better luck to succeed. In wealth, you must plan your financial strategy previously of the season. Then you expenditureure to follow with your intention to balance your financial benefits. Otherwise, your monthly expenditure will be exceed your income. Your must have a healthy body throughout the season. You have an excellent luck of relation of love in 2013. Nevertheless, I should not look for new relations, if you have your companion or of his spouse. This is because this new relation not could last to next year. **ansave????**


I really think a one trillion dollar coin is a bad idea. Right now Americans receive three dollars in benefit for every dollar they put into Medicare. This just doesn't add up. Democrats are so worried about concessions, they should be worried about consequences. The Republicans do have a point that after a while we will spend ourselves so far into debt that all revenues will go to servicing the debt. It's only a matter of time.


Watching the news. I've kept my mouth shut on the gun control debate until listening to all sides. guns themselves aren't the issue in my opinion, it's much more complex. mental illness, our healthcare system, our resources in school for troubled kids, the seeming legal theodicy of regulating gun ownership vs advocating personal liberty... I don't see an easy solution. for example, the size and type of vehicle and the type of beer and liquor aren't the main problem in a drunk driving death, but the drunk driver, the person who indulged in a substance and hurt someone with an object they shouldn't have been using after. should all alcohol and cars be banned? of course not. that was once a heated issue. I believe in the right to bear arms, but responsibly. guns will be the political fight of this decade.


This may sound like bragging but sometimes I amaze myself with my predictions. Even ones I don't think I have very little chance of coming true often happen . Nostradamus of Bali: Maybe another major newsletter editor was right a few years back when he snidely labelled me the “Nostradamus of Bali". The fact remains and is documented on the net is that over 85 percent of my predictions came true in 2012 and I'm averaging over 75% the last five years. Just last night before I went to bed I republished an article about the fact that the Bali government is lowering their expenditure on tourism by 50% while at the same time receiving dramatic increases in tax revenue from record tourism and visa on arrival revenue. As I said in my article last night


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Whooo expenditureoooo!! paid all my bills and have $50 dollars left... Doing good, not in the red!

Got my mca card in the mail today boughta make a video, check comes in 2mrro more and more proof

Well, none of his other ideas for economic prosperity have worked for Louisiana... oh wait, they did...

I distinctly remember being called a uncaring capitalist for saying these guys were a fraud... So up yours you liberal hippie!!

Here’s the words from the Chicago’s police chief, as reported by News in Black: “I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained… putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”

Should Pot be legal? Ask this first! Is it really anybodies expenditureing business what you do in your expenditureme that doesn't damage anyone? Second ask for them to give a respectable and valid reason for its legality. Third for them to prove it!

Michael Puskar, this precedent seems to suggest that piers isn't entitled to first amendment protections.

Great to see so many people out walking this morning. It's a pity they believe that they will lose weight doing it.

I increasingly feel like its time to give up on South Africa and head on over to Europe...this is a beautiful country with beautiful people, but its being ruined by a government that is as corrupt as it is incompetent.

I was dealing with educated ladies nowadays am dealing with uneducated chicks 2 avoid stresses i dn't no if wil manage.

Ami jedin valo mood e thaki, oi din ki net disconnect expenditurewa compulsory expenditureye jai??? R valo lage na.. Chai Wi-Fi...<3<3

It's days like today that make me think "could I buy a recovery truck and run my own business?" Probably not but it's a nice idea lol.

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age.

OK myfitnesspal I would really like to know where you get your calculations from?! When I put my info in you tell me I need to consume 1200 cal/day, but when I do my own calculations it is 2500 cal/day. expenditurew can you be so off?!?! This is what is wrong with this industry. Maybe I should create my own diet log app.

Let me approach the gun thing a slightly different way-- the President said about the steps Vice President Biden is working on that "If it saves one life it's worth it." I think we can all agree saving lives makes sense. So, what do YOU think would make sense--and save lives--in regard to gun control. What is a sensible measure you could support? the way what does a state funeral entail ? Just curious

My washing machine has given up the ghost and left me with lots of wet washing. Think the spinner is broke and have just had to buy one from Argos. Got to wait 5 days for delivery & fitting. Things always seem to come in 3's., so what next?

I predict riots within the next two years. . and you wonder why i want to get out of London.

Grimethorpe may be running out of breath... 1st contest band I ever heard live!

Welfare recipients in Oklahoma have to be drug tested now? Why can't the whole country do this?

Painful situation! I wanna stay at expenditureme with my baby till she's atleast one,not return to work and miss the most important milestones. But no choice there im afraid

I wholeheartedly agree with this. If kids could translate good grades=space ship captain, then we'd see a lot more interest in math in science, just like in the 1950's and 60's. America needs something to aspire to other than global military domination.

This right but spending 81% and increasing of the money for less than 1/300 th of population is not acceptable

Yes, there are many more poorer people, but i cant trust greek statistics when we've been consistently told that greeks do not declare all their income

The views that one most needs to challenge are one's own. Ask yourself: expenditurew much do you really know about your own beliefs? Does meal frequency really not matter? Why not? Can you actually explain the relevant physiology to a layman, or do you have to appeal to your favorite expert to defend your view for you? Remember: don't let yourself get away with what you don't accept in others. - Ian

The struggle for economic freedom continues. Im 100% behind the farm workers striking in the Western Cape, R150 per day. You deserve a decent wage

We are probably the only nation on earth where soldiers and the armed forces have never been given the due respect or the credit by the government and the political leaders....its a shame that even now retired Army officers and Jawans have to go to the court of law for their regular pension and other benefits...and even shameful is the fact the defense ministry keeps fighting such cases in court...because incompetent 'babus' sitting in various govt departments have no clue about what fighting for the country we can't blame Pakistan & terrorism alone...

Today we elaborate more on why you need to save as much as you can. expenditurew can one adjust their budget to save better?

Scotland's politics aren't perfect. But do we really want our poor starved by English Tories?

This is definately crazy and I completely agree with the family about the "mark of the beast"as mentioned in revelations. The schools will need all the money just to pay for the chips and salaries for those who are going to monitor it.

Jeremy Jacobs apologized for the length of the lockout.

This does say it pretty good, in terms everyone can understand! So I ask you, is it that taxes are way too low or that spending is way too high?

33 expenditureurs of no sleep and writing about expenditurew capitalism informs art has definately crushed my soul.

Here's a question: in their absolute prime...who would win this wizard fight...Gandalf or Dumbledore?

For Getting free national roaming v had to wait for govt decission for nearly 3 years and till now there is no confirmation o clarification yet. But for the hike in train fare, fuel prices would be decided within minutes. Y the expenditure govt does this. Can v xpect 1% out of wat v giv to the government

Expenditure definitions


the act of consuming something

See also: consumption


the act of spending money for goods or services

See also: expending


money paid out; an amount spent

See also: outgo outlay spending