Expeditious in a sentence as an adjective

I think a lot of the success of various programming languages is expeditious gap-filling.

This is the most convenient and expeditious solution, but OP's suggestion is a cool and interesting hack.

The problem is that even if you can compute everything, you still need to read the result in an expeditious manner.. say, less than the age of the universe.

The regulations state that the purpose of ATC is to provide for the "safe, orderly and expeditious operation of aircraft movements.

Right, that would put on the owner of the AP, for example, the obligation to take "expeditious" action when a notice of copyright infringement is received.

For me, at least, once I understand it, the notation makes perfect sense and I find it far more expeditious and precise to express my idea in the domain language of the field.

That's not the same a book on 'how to **** jrockway' that goes into copious detail about how to **** you, specifically, in the most expeditious manner possible.

The DAU/MAU is through the roof on this one tho. we'll be able to give brands some premium placement in front of choice consumers of unique internet content in an expeditious and edgy manner that legacy traditional advertisers like WhatsApp and RapGenius can't match.

When writing a test exacerbates a too-many-tests problem, it's both a rare and and good problem to have because reading and running such tests is a more expeditious route to understanding than writing tests in the blind.

Where wages are high, accordingly, we shall always find the workmen more active, diligent, and expeditious, than where they are low; in England, for example, than in Scotland; in the neighbourhood of great towns, than in remote country places.

Debt is completely different; debt implies that it must, eventually, one day be repaid with interest; however not all technical debt must actually be repaid-- for example if you build feature x in a sloppy but expeditious way, you've incurr d techical debt, however if feature x is eventually depreciated the you "won" because your overall cost of the feature is less than it would have been had you not incurred the techical debt.

Expeditious definitions


marked by speed and efficiency