Exhume in a sentence as a verb

" I am supposing that is what they want me to call it, but "exhume" is what it looks like.

Now if the exhume was only say, $300 for the wifi only unit, they'd have something.

I had the displeasure to exhume legacy Perl programs three times in the last two decades.

> the Internet as a new Wild WestI thought that idea died, was buried, exhumed, and reburied back in 1996.

The Roosevelt family wouldn't let them exhume his body, so we probably will never know.

Hence they got the Sonderkommando Jews to exhume mass graves and to build huge funeral pyres that they then used to burn the bodies.

And that there was other evidence to link him which is what led to the permission to exhume him?The only reason that this wasn't taken further is as he was dead.

Are they able to exhume these dead people, and test them for the coronavirus antibodies?October 2019 is even earlier than the earliest known cases.

It's not like it's a new development either - police and justice systems around the world have long had the possibility, and right, to ask to exhume a body to further an investigation.

Trolls on the internet telling parents that their children aren't really dead, that they should exhume their bodies to prove that they really died, that they are being paid by the shadow government, that their grief looked too fake - all of this is real harm.

Yes, in general there is a legal approval needed for exhumation, but in this case the identity of the bodies is unknown, so in order to put a name next to their remains and uncovering some parts of history, archaeologists are allowed to open the tombs and hence to exhume the bodies found inside.

Exhume definitions


dig up for reburial or for medical investigation; of dead bodies

See also: disinter