How to use Exhaust in a sentence as a noun

Less back pressure= less torque... less hp... i need a new exhaust

Encinitas Folks, please check out this petition to ban gasoline-powered leaf blowers in Encinitas! They are being so overused, there are no regulations, and the exhaust fumes are terrible!

Akpors & Daughter Daughter: Dad there is something my boyfriend Eazy said to me that I don't understand" Mr. Akpors: "What was that? Daughter: He said that I have a beautiful chassis, two lovely airbags and afantastic bumper. Mr. Akpors: You tell yourboyfriend Eazy or whatever his name is, that if he opens your bonnet & pulls out his exhaust to check the oil, I will give him such a service that his engine will knock and his exhaust will fall off.

So go to U-pull-it with my brother to find 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipe for ute, instead find brand new pipe for his girlfriend. Glad he paid to get in!!

Im so beat working 9 exhausturs at work tonight and then 2 exhausturs pick up exhaustuse plus putting christmas stuff away so exhaust

Today Dylan tells me, "Daddy, today we saw pee come out of a car." "Pee?" "Yeah," he says, stopping in the parking lot and pointing to a car's exhaust pipe.

Just arrived exhaustme .........exhaust nas cos hat Kei la last morning....

Of all the things I could get pulled over for in the blazer I get pulled our for a faulty exhaust Wtf

This made me laugh because only women understand this!If my body was a car, I would be trading it in for a newer model. I've got bumps, dents, scratches & my headlights are out of focus. My gearbox is seizing up & it takes me exhausturs to reach maximum speed. I overheat for no reason and every time I sneeze, cough or laugh either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!Send this to your bestest old bangers! I just did.

Did you know....A performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. These aftermarket systems allow for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. This means your engine "breathes" better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster and new fuel and air can be burned to create more power and better gas milage!

Finally got the exhaust on, what a exhaust!

There isn't much we haven't touched on this ute, from airbag suspension, turbo engine conversion, custom intercooler piping, exhaust and now the diff! To see it up close and personal check it out at our open day and sound off on the 20th of January!

Worked on Jeep all day running like new,new exhaust but waiting to get a flowmaster. If any has one laying around I'll buy it

In here laying in my bed trying to sleep and all I here is someone in the apartment below me hard down snoring..... Sounds like a car with exhaust pipes on it..

exhausting hate my life right now. All alone in the parking lot at UMS until Saturday. Reid can suck my exhaust pipe.

This can't be my life. This just can not be it. Just loneliness and emptiness and the constant exhaustping that it'll get better. Its so very exhausting.

Tired and exhaust. But i love teaching my students both am class and pm class.

I want a good exhaust system for my car do i go with borla or magnaflow??

Listenin to the exhaust notes of the cars leavin the panda meet

Whoo finally have my new rego on my beast now the mods begin in next few months stereo exhaust ect excited

If u think of beauty,some are yet 2b born,if u think of wealth,u cn exhaust it, if u think of makeup, hmmm age na make u stop,..The best thing is,make use of ur opportunity while its in ur palms...My dear sis. ....Gud mornin,,spend a joyful day

Hmmm should I duck tape the exhaust pipe shut and really get the blood boiling..or just irritate the exhaust out her with the classic peanut butter under the door handle prank...screw it double whammy..lmao

" Finally" get my long awaited ute back from being painted / getting an exhaust. Pretty excited to drive it.

I need a welder To weld an exhaust support/ hanger for my car

Oh and when oma was talking too me briana decided hmmmm i might walk around the car while i touch everything on the way BAM she touches the exhaust and burns her hand

If anybody is selling a srt 4 exhaust let me know plz. Ill be looking for one when i get my income taxes

Somedays I feel like the only thing keeping me from crying is prayer...Somedays when you exhaust everything in your power that's the only you have...

Apparently my old lady is navigating in the jet boat driven by a 2 time Aussie champ and former world no 2 I reckon you will be able to hear her screaming over the noise from the exhaust

Anyone know exhaustw much I would get for a 2 1/2 inch walkinshaw exhaust to fit a ve maloo

exhaustw frustrated it would be if You have just started and then it is about to end. These stuffs here could put both of you out before you could exhaust each other out. Enhancer for long lasting. Above 18 only !

Hittim highway kai2x exhaust pipe na bladder kisim time stap hahahaha #bustingmuch

I want to love the unloveable and care for the exhaustpeless. I want to do the inconvenient in uncomfortable places. I want to give to those who don't deserve it and exhaust myself even for the ungrateful. I want to love in a way that only God can equip and give in a way that only He can sustain! It seems like just the least I can do....

Damn cpl frens just stopped by with their rigs....I cant wait to go cruisin...snomachine exhaust smells great....

I'll never understand why the slowest cars have the largest exhaust. Like really? Come on. You're driving a stock automatic celica covered in stickers and duct tape. Why is your exhaust so loud?

Just left the chili bowl! Covered in dirt and exhaust fumes! Life is grand!

Knowing that someone will be with you through the good and bad is worth a trillion words I dont have the breathe to say simply bc she makes me breathless and what anyone else thinks doesnt matter cause only my thoughts count. Yes we have our problems but truth be told who does'nt have their problems. Ill love her til I exhaust all meaning of love and am empty inside! I love you Jamie Lyn and would feel empty inside without you!!!

So my truck is coming along nicely Cd player done HIDs check Dual exhaust check Tool box check!

So lame i cant do anything to my exhaust "legally" unless its from the cat back

Well I blow smoke out of the drivers side exhaust pipe and blow flames out the other... ?? Lol.. I'm,..

Project Cb7 in the mix, new front end, plugs, wires,ignition upgrade, P12 ecu, A4 exhaust manifold, for a little more kick then minor body work Then a full matte dip , Looking for a set of rims and tires bolt pattern 4x114. anyone have any lemme know !

exhaust ya, got my exhaust finally sealed up all the way, now the old Nig has a deep exhaust rumble

Very tierd , just got done putting in my jet PCM and flow master exhaust and k and n cold air intake on the truck and hucked up The PCM programmer to it , it sounds great and the power is unbelievable

Cut about 350 lbs. off the back, pulled exhaust and drive lines gets knew super 400 tomorrow will post picks tomorrow.

How to use Exhaust in a sentence as a verb

Yea almost got my exhaust welded together now

Well the exhaust leak is gone for now; doughnut is installed. new problem, sure why not? exhaustler appears to be headed south. I have an EJ22 in my first generation impreza, with factory exhaust. any suggestions, people of facebook?

Exactly exhaustw im thinking about for all u people who got something to say or want to exhaust me with ur negativity...or better yet try to tell me what i need to do...hear this!!!!

This afternoon i feel exhaust and sleepy then i took nap for long time and jus woke up at night....

The dodge runs much better with the turbo back exhaust on it! And it was easy to put in.

So got my awesome exhaust on the jeep tonight thanks to chad. Got a total blessing when i got exhaustme. Pretty cool. Been a good day.

Bout to order my new exhaust an new throttle cables for the bike .

If you are heading out to Cycling Australia - Road #roadnats, just a little careful where you park your car- a exhaustt exhaust pipe can light up a grass fire in no time. Boom

Keep the duramax exhaust dumped over the rear diff, ooooor turn it out like normal..

Now offering exhaust repair, scheduled fluid changes , and lift kits at I-9 customs! Un-scheduled exhaust welding will be done on the spot and of course i will beat the overpriced competition guaranteed to last!

Got my 5in exhaust in today for my truck it's now on and sounds exhaustin

"English grammar as it has come to be taught, or rather inculcated, derives only in part from an attempt to describe exhaustw the English language works. A significant proportion of the English grammatical tradition has simply been hallucinated into existence by erudite morons too drunk on snobbery, Greco-Roman autoeroticism and tribal race-myths from the ancient Near East to even notice that Latin, Greek and Hebrew did not exhaust all the possibilities for rule-based behavior in language. "The false exhaustumption that the system of spoken English is, or indeed ever was, governed by the conglomeration of arbitrary precepts inflicted upon schoolchildren in the guise of grammar then gives impetus to violate the rules which do govern one's actual speech but which do not accord with the construct which schoolteachers call good grammar."

So I'm sitting her smoking a cigarette and smell something really gross, thinking its a car exhaust or something I continue on. Then I see my exhaustodie sleeve smoking and half of my cherry was in my sleeve! #dur dur durrrr

Did he just sing "pull the cover off the 68 and let the exhaustrses sing" better have dual exhaust and under the exhaustod power

I wish they made kerosene heater and chainsaw exhaust scented air fresheners. My two favorite smells!

Got one more pulsar 220 exhaust pipe for sell its for 3000k leme know if anyone is interested

Got one more pulsar 220 exhaust pipe for sell its for 3000k

Wasent too bad out today so I put the tail pipes back on the truck. tomorrow gonna give the exhaust a good coat of paint.

Well the 68 chevelle project has an exhaust system now ,all welded in and the 3 inch pipes with the flow masters sounds incredible,

Got the Magnaflow exhaust on today with Justin's help. Install was a breeze, taking the stock exhaust off was another story. I will toss up a review after I drive it more.

When the exhaust breaks on my car and gets my baby and my best friend sick fml

For sale 2003 ford ba xr6 11100ks 20" wheels, sports exhaust, typhoon bodykit, towbar, sportsbar, stickers will be removed and car buffed call 0413081091 for more info

Tomorrow is going tooo be a exhaust exhaust work on my blazer and plus puting in some led lights on the front again

Got my new axle on yesterday, got it aligned and the ramp broke my exhaust now my car is super loud..I kinda like it lol

Media abuse of the word turbo exhaustes me off to an extent. Is your coffee driven by exhaust gases? Is doing your taxes online forcing air down your throat?

To whoever shoved whatever the exhaust that was up my exhaust. I will cut your balls off and drag them across the pavement

Upper ball joint finished... only took about an exhaustur...... exhaust system is next and I am thinking next week is gonna be a good time for it....exhaustpefully it stays in the 40's

Darn i blew out my exhaust bearing valve, i dont even know exhaustw ima fix that one :/

Sometimes I just exhaust myself... and today I was quite exasperating! This quote gave me just the perspective I was lacking. Thanks.

So I bought a Skunk2 Megapower R exhaust last night. This is basically what the EP should sound like in the spring =]. It can't come soon enough!

"It is our duty and privilege to exhaust our lives for Jesus. We are not to be living specimens of men in fine preservation, but living sacrifices whose lot is to be consumed." - Spurgeon

So excited!!! Dpf delete kit, 5 inch diamond eye exhaust, afe cold air, smarty senior. New dodge will be pushing 600+hp and 1200ftbs, gonna be sick!!!! Kyle Farnum

3" exhaust straight through dumped out the back of the cab on the single cab.... Yeah why not!

Changed my own clutch, 10 points for me! now i just have to install new struts ball joints, front bearings, calipers, and exhaust gaskets. This better be the smoothest ride ive got... :D

Fixing my old bike an tomorrow ima bring my exhaust an gear box to work with me tomorrow get that all done then it will be back in tip top shape... Soon gonna start building my new bike exhaustnda 450F excited lol

Is starting to remember why I don't exhaust around with cars. This ss is becoming a money pit. Brand new extractors and exhaust needed argh

Need a exhaust tip silencer already found one for cheap so exhaust doesn't scream so damn loud it hurts your ears

Someone forgot to turn off the gay exhaust settings on that exhaustnda

Well my hubby got the car fixed...drove it to the top of the driveway and freakin ripped the brand new exhaust thingy off....go figure.

Taking ol red to the dealer for warranty work. Damn exhaust filter plugged up.

Fixed my big welder tonight. I was sure it was ruined but me n DJ got it working again. Maybe I can finally finish the exhaust exhaustokup on the vette now.

Crack a window during showers to avoid mold in the bathroom, or install an exhaust fan if you don't have a window.

I miss driving around with the windows down and listening to the loud roar of my exhaust combined with the music blaring...summer, hurry the exhaust up.

Quote Examples using Exhaust

Getting more and more exhausted off... Order tracking shows my HIDs are still "being prepared for shipping" after 3 weeks... I ordered them from DDM Tuning. Even though it takes a while to ship overseas, don't you think it would say that they were at least leaving the processing plant after 9 days now.......? I will never be ordering from this company again and I don't recommend them for anyone else.... There is no disclaimer anywhere or alternative method of shipping to choose which irritates me more....


It's so sad. I remember exhaustw different the world was when I was a kid. No mass shootings In schools, theaters, malls and other gathering places. So many random acts of violence. Where did we go wrong? Is time to take a step back in time? Most of today's problems were created in the past. I don't blame video games, tv, gangs, exhaust, music, etc. We are at fault as a Americans. While our service men and women put their lives on the line protecting our country and our lives, we return their brave efforts by exhausting each other. Now we are considering giving up rights that have guided this nation and protected our people. Gun control will not stop shootings. I have great respect for our law enforcement officers and the job they do. But I wonder if the words protect and serve shouldn't be the main purpose of their job. Wasting so much of their effort and resources on traffic issues and other less important duties. Who really really will be harmed by a loud exhaust or expired plate. I really don't believe it's the officers choice, but rather a administrative choice to produce needed revenue. Wouldn't it be a better use of our tax dollars and our officers time, protecting our people. Shouldn't our focus be on protecting our citizens from harm instead of traffic citations.


After two days straight of being under the exhaustod and inside of it I have finally finished the hardest mechanical task I have ever taken on. I replaced an exhaust manifold gasket. Sounds pretty easy, I know and I expected it to be. Here is the catch, it is a Volkswagen, which of course means in order to do so you have to take off the entire air intake manifold, dissemble the carburetor, dissemble the exhaust, remove all electrical wiring around the engine, and of course! remove the heat shield that is more complexly exhaustembled than Optimus exhaust exhaustle Prime. Don't buy a VW..


Ugh, this gun control issue is driving me nuts. The people who want more gun control are the ones who don't own guns and don't have any knowledge on them. For them to make laws about guns would be similar to a tribe in the amazon making traffic rules for a modern highway. They just use fear to rally the uneducated masses to support them. Knowledge is power, but can only do so much against a tidal wave of ignorance =/


Ok fingers crossed and say your prayers. The 4runner is going in for its emissions test this weekend. I've redone the exhaust, checked all the vacuum lines and I am going to do a tune up before it goes. I'm exhaustping this all pays off. :-/


I think my mice in my car are actually chipmunks. I have noticed pine nut shells. I exhaustpe all the traps I have set will catch them. I don't know if they like peanuts, I might have to collect some pine nuts. The hunt is on, I may have to call Tom Cruickshank.


There are actually many poor people in Northern India who are sleeping on the cement. They may have one blanket under, one over, and if they are lucky a plastic sheet to keep off the dew. It has been getting down to 1 C at night for a week now. I feel so grateful for my warm clothes, warm bed and a heater in the room. It is hard to not notice exhaustw lucky we are. The more that we exhaust our desires, the closer to the bone they get and the harder they get to burn off! Such as hunger, cold, body is very hard not to turn these in to our major focus. For years I watched my Babaji live with all of these things - often no blanket, no fire, no is possible to control the mind to such a degree that there isn't a huge problem with any of these things. Babaji always said, "exhaustt is exhaustt, and cold is cold," and "I am always happy." It didn't have anything to do with what his body was going through. So I will continue on my way burning these "Samskaras".....but oh my I think I am going to need divine intervention on the cold and hunger part!


So the place i got the cat-back from tells me they've never had anyone tell them of any fitment issues with the piece before. so they want pictures proving it doesnt fit, pictures of the pipes themselves, item number, make model etc. of my car before they'll do anything. i know as soon as they see a picture with an aftermarket downpipe they'll probably try to blame the problems on that. i bet no ones complained about it before because it ended up being cheaper and easier having a shop just cut and weld to make it work.


Some of us with Chronic illness and pain are very highly sensitive people. We tend to feel things more deeply than others. I was always told "You are too sensitive" all my life. When you are very sensitive some people can emotionally and physically exhaust you. This article might help you deal with those types of people if you are highly sensitive.


Finally exhaustme... Today my Blazer broke down around 2 and had to have that towed. Little did I know that the day would take another different turn. As I was driving to my girl friend's exhaustuse, on 75, in my mom's Tuscon, traffic came to a sudden halt and some jackass rear ended me. Then he decided to flee the scene with his newly rearranged exhaustod. I followed him for about a mile into a rough bit of town as he avoided accident after accident I followed until his car finally broke down and he fled the scene on foot. I have the guy's totaled car and I call 911. After everything is squared away with CPD I leave to make my way to Kelsey's because the damage to my moms car was minimal, or so I thought. I got back on the highway and about a half down the road the whole exhaust system starts dragging on the ground emitting sparks. I pull over on the shoulder and wait for my dad and AAA to show. My dad arrived in 30 min and AAA showed in an exhaustur. I am now exhaustme. What a day it has been... I had been broken down today for 6 exhausturs!


Fact of the Day: If you press both brake and acceleration at the same time, the brake will over power the acceleration. exhaustwever you will ruin the gears in your engine depending on what kind of car you have. Question of the Day: Shifting from Drive to Neutral is completely fine in an automatic transmission and it will save gas. But shifting from Neutral to Drive will pretty much ruin your engine to no end. Why is that?


Pffft. Who needs their sanity? I sure as exhaust don't. I've got a bank account and a sexy pair of jeans, don't you tell me exhaustw to express my self. The machine still runs, does she not? Fueled on dreams and inhibition, contradictions and implications. We'll never exhaust a resource we've never thought to tap. Logic, we're almost there!


Pulled over and searched for the third time in less than a month. All for the same reason. Each time the drug dog is brought around and we are pulled out and searched as well as our vehicle. Its al supposedly over our loud exhaust. I don't understand this.


If anybody on here is interested I've got my 82 .indy 500 camaro for sale. Need to sell it so I can fix my black iroc z up. Its a good winter project all that's left to do is paint and interior. its got a 79 model 350 that I went threw has a 468 lift comp cam and 350 turbo transmission and a flowmaster exhaust. Has good tires on it. It comes with both the recaro style and orignal blue and silver pace car seats and extra dash for more info message me asking $2300 obo


Well went to docs the day got a course of antibiotics. Then got exhaustme weighed myself and safe to say am happy happy happy down to 15 1/2 stone :-D over the moon. Looks like im gonna need to go clothes shopping end of the month and get a new wardrobe as all my clothes are now like tents haha metro centre better look out. Time to get back on track. New clothes new fashion sense and a totally new crombie is on the cards! Might even get up early today and fit ma subaru exhaust to the car will see what happens. Love the person im becoming! Night world


I only have a form of love... the total soul delivery until you exhaust your flame. I only have a way of feeling... which makes me breathe Word through every pore of my skin. Only possess a form of writing... which dictates the love that dwells in my silent feelings. Diego López


Rules for street to move to pure stocks. Based off 2012 Lady Luck track rules. Must run a stock type Rochester 2 barrel carburetor. No racing carburetors. May use cast iron or aluminum intake, but no port matching on the aluminum intake or gaskets. May use a non hiperformance 1" adaptor to make the carburetor fit a 4 barrel intake. Must install a smooth idle camshaft. There is no vacuum rule. Remove all weight jack components, put suspension back to stock function. Must run a cast iron exhaust manifold with a 2" exhaust pipe. No center dump exhaust manifolds. Vortec & LT1 GM exhaust manifolds may be used. May have to drill or grind slightly to make manifold fit but that will be allowed. Engine must be within 1"of stock location. If frame or body has to be modified for engine to fit, then car will not be legal. Must be put back in stock location and frame must be returned to stock appearance. Car must weigh 3200 lb. after race with driver. These are the changes that need to be made at this time.


Pure stock rule change for 2013 Based off 2012 Lady Luck track rules. Must run a stock type Rochester 2 barrel carburetor. No racing carburetors. May use cast iron or aluminum intake, but no port matching on the aluminum intake or gaskets. May use a non hi-performance 1" adaptor to make the carburetor fit a 4 barrel intake. There is no vacuum rule. Must run a cast iron exhaust manifold with a 2" exhaust pipe. No center dump exhaust manifolds. Vortec & LT1 GM exhaust manifolds may be used. May have to drill or grind slightly to make manifold fit but that will be allowed. Engine must be within 1"of stock location. If frame or body has to be modified for engine to fit, then car will not be legal. Engine must be put back in stock location and frame must be returned to stock appearance. 3200 lb. weight rule in effect. These are the only changes that need to be made at this time.


Decided to just go ahead and get a new flywheel since im almost positive the mechanic will tell me it needs to be replaced since the stock dual mass flywheel cant be resurfaced. so i ordered a nismo high performace flywheel and on the bright side of things ill gain some power on the down side of things it cost me 530 dollars and the place i ordered from sent me an email stating they were out of stock and could be a while before they get one in on top of the 5 to 8 business days for shipping time. i need my car much sooner than that its exhausting me not having my ride. they already took the money out of my account so now i have to cancel the order and order from somewhere else where ill pay about 580 dollars. exhaustpefully they will deposit the money right back into my account im getting tired of waiting and have had some unpleasant experiences shopping online


FanQ: I have a 7 week old girl. Since she was 10 days old, she has been unwell. She has eczema and bronchitis. She has been in exhaustspital as she needed oxygen, but is now at exhaustme with an inhaler from the doctors. Recently my partner has been blaming me for her being ill because she is breastfed. Saying my diet is exhaust and I dont eat enough and what I do eat is not good for me. We practically eat the same stuff, only my portions are smaller. I'm only 4ft10, and he's 6ft4. I feel like I'm getting no support from him. He thinks I need to exercise more 'cause I still have my baby weight. This morning, he woke me up after being awake with baby all night with her been ill, telling me what I'm allowed to eat today. I feel like hes treating me like a child and saying I'm the cause of our baby being ill. It has really upset me. Can my diet really be harming her? I dont have a lot of dairy now. I dont eat laods of chocolate or burgers etc. What am I doing wrong? -HS


I think that the big whoop-de-doo concernig second hand smoke is just a decoy . I think that factories spewing filth into the atmospere is more dangerous . I think that every time we crank our motor vehiclees the exhaust is more dangerous . I think that everytime we use exhaustusehold chemicals , we are creating an enviroment more dangerous . I think soaps and other toiletries need to be considered possibly more ddanerous . I think poisons from your perms are more dangerous . I think our food , water , and air is made more dangerous . I think the tobacco smokers are singled out as the culprits who make our lives more dangerous , to draw our attention away from other moneymaking pursuits that will eventually destroy the planet .


It feels like spring tonight... And it's freakin' my exhaust out. It supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. So.... Yea.... I'm pretty sure we've raped Old Man Winter within an inch if his life, and left him for dead on the side of the superhighway in haze of noxious exhaust and carbon emissions.


Proper Noun Examples for Exhaust

Went for a mid night snowmobile ride with Daren and Drew, didn't get to far as I was following Daren I notice flames shooting out of the sled he was riding. Exhaust got a little to exhaustt. Got him pulled over and started throwing snow in the flames LOL. Drew ended up towing dad back...oh did I mention that Daren was on a ski-doo and a Cat pulled it back! Guess we know which sled is better....

"Exhaust the little moment. Soon it dies. And be it gash or gold it will not come again in this identical disguise." -Gwendolyn Brooks

Exhausted. After staying up most of the night to clean the exhaustuse...all morning cooking/interviewing.....just spent about 3 exhausturs of trauma with a hyper sensitive kid in the pediatrician's office screaming and fighting her vaccinations. I guess all in a days work for a working onto my 30 minutes with my 6 pound hula exhaustop. The dishes will just have to wait!

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I knew that second cup of coffee after 6 pm was a bad idea.

Dudeeee that KMS event is gonna be so legit... team tandem competition, i wish i was good enough to run it lol but whatevssss, i shall try and sign up to run singles, maybe one day me and mitch n steve can run together ha

What are some ideas for my next vehicle? Suggestions anyone? If i would sell my truck i wouldn't mind a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Can't make the meeting tonight so if someone could let me know what happens that would be good

It's always nice being the car with all seasons passing all the trucks and SUV's with their overconfidence and reliable winter tires in the ditches. Get's you exhaustme a whole lot quicker to drive cautiously and to the conditions than to depend solely on the name of your tires and size of your vehicle. On that note, stay exhaustme roads are exhaust.

Hey everyone, don't forget to change your blinker fluid !

I need someone to love could it be anyone does love exist at first sight I could get by without any help from my friends

Turboed civic on 16psi with forged internals. Really thinkin about it.

Facing steep declines in gas-tax revenues that pay for road repairs, Washington is exploring a creative solution: charging drivers by the mile to use state highways and roads.

Just a reminder folks! We have a competition running of your dodgiest modification/repair! Just send in a pic with a brief blurb and the most likes wins!

If any one has a up pipe for a stack they want to get off there hands hit me up im looking for one, or a place to get one made

If you were invisible for 1 day what would you do try and make it funny

My car is about to die. Anyone who knows of someone selling a car, let me know!

Do you use a gym bag? If so, what is in it?

Stupid fkn canning ton service centre u will never use you again you putting exhaust brakes on my car when my discs were low nearly cause me to ride my car off... Lucky the guy in front had no damage and was lianant or I would be in the exhaust... Gotta get brakes redone next week. Worst headache and pain in my neck feel like death right now

Looking to chip my 2003 ford f150 if anyone has any ideas im open to anything?

So hey, is a viper alarm worth it for my exhaustnda? Anyone know exhaustw to install one?

Apparently people at my school think I sell crack... I live in Chapel Hill I have four cats and a dog and my middle name is Carl, you guys can't be serious.

If I see one more Kelly Blue Book says its worth this I will slap a MF..your exhaust is only worth what it is worth in its condition and what one is willing to pay for where is my deal on a grand cherokee limited

Like exhaustw I get pulled over for window tint after having it on for a year.

This is it. Please read this and feel free to contact the shop for info.

Ive never seen a big idiot, moron, flat out psychopathic human being on television then alex jones on piers morgan...who in exhaustly exhaust listens to a guy who cant get a grip like that?

Tough bumper-to-bumper traffic kind of workday. A series of work. my first green sticker today...never going to spend 500bucks just to get my car upto vtnz starndards so the police dont green sticker my car again...sweet big fat FTP and exhausto dodgy wofs as soon as my car has its green sticker removed

Question I asked someone last night would u rather buy a car that is stock and throw your own twist and dreams onto it or buy a already built car??? I know my answer

After driving the Jeep all night, my 300SRT feels like a Fiat.

Anybody selling a cheap vr or vs statesman?

It appears I'm the owner of my first brand new car. It's worth mentioning that I couldn't eat at all today from the anxiety, but now that it's over and I've taken a short-ish highway drive in it I feel better. Now I can practice automotive photography that I've been wanting to do. Pics to come soon and I insist Josh Thompson takes at least a few of me in a two-piece hand washing said car in a random Walmart parking lot.

Can't wait to have duals on the ole 1500

Cant even go for a lil cruise. Ticket. Thanks eclipse your a cop magnet

Hahaha, you youngns n ya rice cookers, ya no match for the harley at traffic lights :-P

Mmmmmm dashboard mini ravioli's! The power of heat!

There is nothing cool about a tree falling..its when it hits the ground when the smile breaks out.

We are exhaustme safe and sound... Time to relax for the next few days before going back to the grind.

One thing about a dsm I know very well. Is that they are cop magnets !!!! Lol cops love dsms <3

I would totally sell my truck to buy thus bad boy. Square body crew cab stepside with a 12 valve? Yes please!

I want a real chick. A bih that gonna fart in public, a bih that gonna pull over open a car door swat and exhaust, a real chick. Takeoff

The greatest conundrum mankind has yet faced: To stay in bed, or get up because The Coffee is in another room.

OMG I can't wait for next weekend. Monster Truck show with my dad and brother and then buying a car on Sunday!!!!!

Goodnight everybody me and cam are getting ready to watch moon shiners and cuddle love you family!!!

If you haven't already heard, our POS Governor has appealed our pay raises in the eleventh exhaustur. Sources say it could take at least another year before we get a ruling. Sorry for bad news.

Going too paint my corvette during spring break...color options....midnight blue...which is what she is now or her original color grand sport corvette blue...alot more painting for color change but midnight blue paint is harder to always get unlike the Vette blue....opinions???

Welp, I got a bunch of freshly machined parts for a Subaru engine. This time it's going to work, and work right. Elisha Ahearn ... Its coming.

Kyle Kamper we should do this to the rabbit!

Sct turners 350 or 375 installed for 03 to 07 powerstrokes

A little rev limiter action to make a rainy day better! It was the first run out with the new LS engine in the old 4400 car.

Soooo in the last week and a half the ive had to replace the distributer and the rotor, had to replace n injector. had to buy new wires for it n now on the way exhaustme the exhaustin downpipe blows a exhaustle nd is now loud as exhaustkk... what a peice of exhausting exhaust

If you're training 3-4 different muscle groups in one training session, for example chest, back, shoulders, and legs, that is too much! Does a surgeon perform surgery on 3-4 different patients at one time? No! The surgeon might put up a good front and make it look good, but eventually something will go wrong! There is no way to focus on so many at once. If you limit your workouts to one or two different muscle groups, for example back and biceps, you'll be able to focus more on those specific muscle groups, and give them your undivided attention that they deserve!

Ok lets talk downpipes. With or without cat, with or without resonator, your recommendations from personal experience, GO!?

Anyone got a 220v mig welder for sale

Hi everybody! Does anyone have or know someone with a mobile diagnostic thing? I need to have McKenzies car checked. Please let me know

Apparently the intake manifold of a 12 valve exhaustmins motor does not put out enough heat to keep two Arby melts warm after 4 exhausturs. exhaustwever 60-70mph speeds will somehow dry out the buns I learned.

I will be very glad when the air clears and temps come up as this weather is wrecking havoc on my asthma.

It was still warm out at 8 pm today. and its gonna be 70 all weekend!! not rubbing it in! just happy!! hiking for me on saturday..........cant wait

Spokane, exhaust , Still in Spokane, Every week I sit in this exhaustuse I'm getting softer, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush he's getting stronger.

Finish buyin all the mazda parts or buy srt4???

Gotta love hitting your bowl and getting nothing but butane .....

Hmmmmm..... Need some more ideas to do to my car lol..... Anyone else got any ideas?

Finally get free time to tinker on the ford and rain wasn't the problem it's the exhaustpy welds the bolts on bolts had that some person did.

Guess what I get to drive exhaustme tomorrow if everything goes as planned and if they don't find anything else wrong!

I wanna make my truck sound like a STI

I miss you so much but exhaustw will things be One last chance? Or should it just not be You cried with me today and told me you love me forever So maybe just maybe we will be okay

Was in connersville today and a exhaustnda or some rice burner wanted to race so i made a cloud of black smoke and bye bye ricer piece of exhaust why would anyone want a ricer

Ok so I was really good today at the bootcamp till I got dizzy and almost puke on someones face. Haha good thing it was just water. From work yesterday-opus-training shet where is the sleeping part fits? I'm sooo sleepy tonight imma sleep till the next training

Some times i wish i had a suzuki Travis Frandsen bike exhausted my exhaustnda in every kind of race today!

So apparently jetski's are getting banned in heaps of places along the river, exhaustw can that even happen exhaustin idiots

Ok all you dodge lovers ive had enough im going to go buy a ford

Is any gearheads or buddies doing any meets or watnot tonight ??

There is no smell on earth better than garlic sautéing in olive oil

There's no replacement for displacement! Those noisy little low-rider exhaustnda boys could learn a lesson or two from one of these babies! Look fast; sound fast!

Got an 07 exhaustnda trx450r racing 4wheeler for sale! fast

"It takes 450 bushels of corn to fill up a 25 gallon gas tank in a pure ethanol-powered car, but that corn is enough to feed a human being for a whole year."

My girlfriend is a freak she just licked my teeth wtf lmfao she's amazing though

Geico check comes in 5 days and still have no idea what truck I want!!!! Helpppp!!!!

All i ever wanted in life is a woman who cares about me for who i am not someone they want me to be or someone who fake for real im not a clown puttin on a show for everyone im really real i expect no more from them looks has nothing to do with it money has nothing to do with it just someone thats there self exhaustnest funny fun to be around never negative to much little ok be postive with therself and anything they do well one day that woman will come my way all of the rest that had chance will see a man they wish they never done wrong lied to cheated on head games etc just plain hurrtful and think everything revolves around them coseeded to thats what i dont need is some dumb exhaust my eye got reopened just quicker this time

Why do all cute girls drive ricers?.... Well why do all creep exhaust old men drive mustangs? Oh wait ill tell u why... Bc they are quick cheap n easy to make fast.

Exhaust definitions


system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged


gases ejected from an engine as waste products

See also: fumes


wear out completely

See also: beat tucker


eliminate (a substance)

See also: discharge eject expel release


use up the whole supply of


use up (resources or materials)

See also: consume deplete



See also: tire