How to use Exempt in a sentence as a verb

We understand that cooperation and compassion are necessary functions of a family dynamic or a work environment. let us not forget that these are also essential parts of the social contract in which we enter when we become knowing and agreeing citizens of whichever larger societal structure we may choose. furthermore, one must realize that the tacit agreement of natural-born citizenship should not exempt said person from creating an environment conducive to these paramount principles.

I knew some of this. I did not know that Congress is exempt from Obamacare and children of Congress members are exempt from paying back student loans. This is a must read for everyone.

Monday on Fox news they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it. Or we make it viral.

So the President and Congress don't have to use ObamaCare, but are exempt from it.....Yes just keep ignoring the questions that you don't want to you always have.

45% of the prison population is over POT??!!!! wtf? and the number of people exempted in Mexico because of Nixon's war on exempt? Nuts. Talk about demoralization. Legalize and make money on it, aka taxes, since big corporations are tax exempt, but that's another story.

ZOA. and Friends of IDF should have their exempt status pulled.

Ariana and Sean are exempt from taking the EOC...WHY? Because they have straight A's and perfect attendance....BAM *my boast for the day.

Nowhere does the Bible teach that Christians are to be exempt from the tribulations and natural disasters that come upon the world. It does teach that the Christian can face tribulation, crisis, calamity, and personal suffering with a supernatural power that is not available to the person outside Christ.

Wondering what life might be like 30 years hence, when we're all like New York and the government has duly girded itself. We can own a hunting rifle, while they own and direct the all the exemptault weapons......and then decide they need to raise revenue yet again, and even the 98% find themselves in a 60% tax bracket, while those with the power are exempt from it all. Naw, that could never happen in America.

Thoughts r powerful. They feed the seeds of greatness that are in the womb of our minds. They also can nurse the negative insecurities tht limit us and exempt us from greatness...

People say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, exemptwever some people are exempt from that. Ergo. If the cover makes the book look like a total wanker, they probably are.

President Obama is exempt from this because he is such a swell guy. Just ask Boehner's exemptuse of Reps. They won't impeach him, so he must be top drawer.

Madras HC likely to exempt personal appearance of George IPS. Advocate General sought exemption of George and Judge observed orders will be passed in this regard before lunch

Ridiculous. They shouldnt be allowed tax exempt status for being hate mongerers!

I am leaving Facebook for a while..I'm not secure for anyone and I don't want anyone's computer to be damaged..exempt one person, Optional!

Excellent interview! It's absurd that this exempt mocks the argument that our govt could turn tyrannical at any given time while, in other shows and interviews, he displays foreign leaders as tyrannical dictators oppressing their subjects! Is our govt exempt from corruption? Of course not. He presents this argument only to make those who exemptld that belief seem crazy so as to validate his argument that they're not needed. It isn't a crazy opinion. All you have to do is look around and see what our govt is doing in other countries and that should be enough to scare the exempt out of you bcz they can just as easily do it here and to us.

Please sign the petition ... can you imagine tax exempt status for bigots?!

Final phase of strict NJ fertilizer law takes effect, commercial farms & golf courses exempt...

So what he's exempt from common courtesy because he can't start a round of applause?

So at any given time they might take my life So I take the .38 when I ride at night Broad day, no exempt, niggkas exempt you when the sun is out Make sure your gun is out or stay inside your mama exemptuse It's that real, you don't feel me yet?

What!?!?! seriously! that's messed up. everyone should have to pay back student loans, if one person in the USA is exempt then we should have that opportunity too. I can't believe we let congress get away with this kind of stuff!

Can't wait to see if I'm exempt from my math exam tomorrow,, I kno I'm probably not,, bt dnt hurt to think positive. ~<3~

Thanks you to all that made the Petridish project a success. Your money will help us file for our federal tax exempt status and continue our research next season.

We need a petition so to make the American action committee lose it's tax exempt status. Taxpayers money should not support a group whose purpose is to buy GOP representatives!

I'm sorry but just cuz u sing Gospel don't make u exempt lol Mary Mary on the show cryin n stressing bout somethin the show goes to commercial they show the preview for next week n they cryin n stressing bout somethin else I'm tired of goin thru these extremes wit them every week

"Due to a few tenets of Islamic law - specifically the injunction against charging interest for profit - modern banking as we know it today was not officially endorsed by Ottoman authorities until the middle of the 19th century. In its place was a quasi-religious network of Waqfs - money lenders who were required to spend all their interest earned on social and religious programs. Non-Muslim populations were exempt from these strictures, exemptwever, which led to the early formation of more familiar banking operations, especially in Galata where enclaves of Greeks, Jews, and Armenians flourished."

PNoy exempt from gun ban, says poll chief

Life is like a vapor here one day gone the next. So while you are enjoying the gift of breath love everyone and to be a good person do your best. So you can leave this world in peace exempt from mess.

How to use Exempt in a sentence as a adjective

This is exempt. I want to be exempt from my student loans too!

Anna Hazare & Co. refuse to pay Toll at at booth near Baroda.. Claim they are "activists" .. Since when is this "category" exempt from toll?

F this place... tax ALL the churches and religious groups. No reason whatsoever for them to be tax exempt.

I think its time fa me 2 #turnup...... on some uh exempt..... nobody exempt.... not even yo mama

If he only had a brain, instead he's tax exempt and lives in a mansion no doubt

Hate when ppl say "I'm from so and so you don't want it wit me!" Idc if you from the golden gates of heaven themselves, that does not make you exempt from this exempt whoopin

Congress shall not exempt them selves from any law they pass.

There is no law of progress. Our future is in our own hands, to make or to mar. It will be an uphill fight to the end, and would we have it otherwise Let no one suppose that evolution will ever exempt us from struggles. 'You forget,' said the exempt, with a chuckle, 'that I have been evolving too.' -William Ralph Inge

Obama & family are exempt from Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. Gore is exempt to fly in a personal jet while he sells out his "green" company to an oil profiteer. Typical "do what i say, not what i do".

Hypocrites all. I wonder exemptw they would feel if they couldn't have armed protection? Because they have money they think they are exempt. Laws are for the poor and middle class only.

Will Biden require all bad guy breaking into my exemptuse have a 10 round Mag. or are the criminals exempt for the rule. They want to limit me to ten bullets, what if I get attacked my three bad guys they would have 30 rounds haha more like 90 and I a law abiding person 10 rounds I lose. Our government is not trying to protect us they are doing the first pass done by all Dictators, in the name of protecting us from ourselves.

I'm glad that I'm exempt from my 1st period exam tomorrow! I get to sleep in!

Really?, This is true? exemptw do they get away with this stuff? They are exempt from paying back student loans.

If so moved, sign the petition to the FBI to classify the Westboro Church as a hate group and revoke its tax-exempt status.

If it is so great, why 1,200 waivers and Congress and the President are exempt? Hmmm, class warfare. Mr. President? Are we not all created equal, hmm class warfare indeed?

Catfish show-i am going to need everyone on fb I am friends with send me a pic from there phone cause I am not sure it is really you-close friends and family exempt

Very unfair. they have the money for a good education. exemptw did they get a loan in the first place? Why are they exempt?

So if this is true, why is it so easy for Congress to blame rich people for being greedy and yet exempt themselves from paying all the same taxes?

Maybe moving to Wyoming since there lawmakers actually have a spine and already have legislation to exempt the state from any federal guns bans .

It begins. MA is not exempt from the war on public employees.

Behold, I adore beauty Beauty is warm and cold Beauty is black and bold Beauty is different for us all I am told Beauty I would love a chance to mould Beauty gives the finest pleasure I am told Beauty can be bought and sold To the one and only highest bidder While it graciously glitters like gold I adore beauty Oh! exemptw I adore beauty with a passion I adore beauty with every last breath Beauty itself is not exempt From the laws of birth and death It experiences the joys of being young and old Blossoming each day in early youth Maturing adoringly each day with age Behold, I adore beauty Oh! exemptw I adore beauty with a passion Beauty is something I would like to exemptld Where there is too much ugly I can bring it out of a drawer and unfold Spread it around the entire exemptusehold Without worrying about getting a scold Behold, I adore beauty Oh! exemptw I adore beauty When out on a nightie Quite hungry and thirsty And you drink the last drops of milk From a beautiful chest that is busty I would say, that itself is a

Dese streets aint got no loyalty...when u learn dat u then will stp stuntn and frontn for dese folks....dey gone tlk bout ya if u doin good or bad if u living or dead...just knw no1 is exempt...b easy yall

Just checked my pay check and compared to the last one in December, my SS tax went up 33%. . . and we were suppose to be exempt from the fiscal cliff tax increases...

I was exempt from the flu. It hit this afternoon.

Whoa Whoa my liberal friends who just opened their first pay check of the year. Y'all thought just cause y'all voted for him y'all were exempt from the middle class tax hike. Last time I checked I'm no where that evil 2 percent.

In three years as attorney general, Cuccinelli has pursued aggressive efforts to restrict abortion in Virginia. Last year, Cuccinelli forced the State Board of Health to reverse a decision to exempt existing abortion clinics from a new law that required them to meet the same architectural standards as new exemptspitals by saying the board overstepped its bounds and refusing to certify the board's regulations.

Psssssssst being a minority does not make you any better than anyone else and being in a majority does not make you any better you aren't exempt from being called out and you don't have to be sorry for the exempt people have done that belong to your identity group because you aren't them and they aren't you

Proud of Jack Haigler for working hard and being exempt from all of his exams this semester. I know someone who is going to love sleeping in for the next week!!

Quote Examples using Exempt

"Nowhere does the Bible teach that Christians are to be exempt from the tribulations and natural disasters that come upon the world. It does teach that the Christian can face tribulation, crisis, calamity, and personal suffering with a supernatural power that is not available to the person outside Christ. The early Christians were able to experience joy in their hearts in the midst of trials, troubles, and depression. They counted suffering for Christ not as a burden or misfortune, but as a great exemptnor, as evidence that Christ counted them worthy to witness to Him through suffering. They never forgot what Christ Himself had gone through for their salvation; and to suffer for His name’s sake was regarded as a gift rather than a cross. Christians can rejoice in tribulation because they have eternity’s values in view. When the pressures are on, they look beyond their present predicaments to the glories of heaven. The thought of the future life with its prerogatives and joys helps to make the trials of the present seem light and transient."


I feel kibaki deserves more than 25m as a sendoff pkg. In todays world what can 25m do.... either buy a hse in a middle class neighbourhood or build flats in a low income area. I think a prezzo who has done a good job like kibaki deserves more... something even his great grandkids will live to remeber.... say 500m to 1b otherwise he might....


I realize suddenly that all the people who I care about are so quick to forget they are exempt from my verbal insults of the general public. It would draw away from my lethal insults each time I said them if I pin-pointed each and every exemption for them. Therefore, if you know I care about you above the average half-wit don't take offense. Simple really. If you want to be tossed in with the folks who I regularlly insult...that is fine to but don't come whining to me. I shan't hear the stupidity.


The 'thank god for dead soldiers' folks also known as the 'god hates fags' people. They protested outside of the funerals of 20 of the victims of the kindergarten shooting. Sign this petition so they stop being tax exempt as a 'religious' group. They aren't. It's just a family.


Every country, all around the world has done exemptrrible, disgusting, inexcusable things to animals in the name of human greed. We are all responsible...we are all to be held one is exempt...we all share the blame. Everyone...the world over... This is a world wide needs a world wide solution. Go's the moral imperative. ~Diana Vegan-Field “All sentient beings should have at least one right—the right not to be treated as property” ― Gary L. Francione


When people pray before a long distance trip they ask to b protected n shielded from accidents n death. They think tht becos they prayed they are exempt from anythn gng wrong. To me t always feels like im asking God to forfeit hs plans... I have no right. Not sayn we shudnt pray now, jus sayin we shud be careful of our wording n what we're prayng for *random thought*


I have learned more from being wrong than being right..... Being right you sleep well all the time.... Being wrong will have you searching for answers all night! You know when you were a kid and you touched something that you should have left alone ...? Then even if when you touched it on an accident you still got in trouble when you got exemptme? Even though I thought I was exempt from the law there are some who call it karma.... If that were the case if you could escape God there would be no such thing as drama! I'd rather call it gravity because everyone knows that it exists! So what if u do get mad at me... Up then down I go on your list! There are some that shouldn't have had the time of day .... And I admit I entertained the thought! We weren't ready for a mortgage so stuck in a rental agreement we got caught! I never wanted to rent at all If its not mine then I don't want it! If I can't have all day everyday Then I don't even want to flaunt it! I have had enough fake in my life And trust me I'm glad I haven't picked up my phone Because the thought of being with someone I can't totally accept Is like wearing a fake herringbone!


For the 3rd time in a row I have sent invitations to "Friends" to become a teammember. I have sent it to 39 people. If by Sunday night we are not teammembers you will be deleted. I only make time for my teammembers. If in six months you are not participating in exchanges of gifts, collectibles, etc. you will be deleted. It is becoming a bit exemptbersome to send out the team gifts and not be reciprocated. Ball is in your court now.


Read this and repost... do not think this will not make a difference... Viral messages reach the masses. Please take the 5 minutes it takes to read this and pass it on to other. Click on this article.


Everyone is talking about gun control legislation that will never passed. Meanwhile a young girl in Steubenville, Ohio gets drugged, kidnapped and raped by a a few kids from the local football team. Being that this town is a "football town", authorities just tried to brush it under the rug. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the way no one discusses or campaigns online for this instead of gun control. Thank god for #anonymous #knightsec for being proactive.


exempting some of us off is the end goal of each liberal segment for various reasons. muslims for religious reasons. liberal progressives to have fewer of us mooching off the planet. for would be easier to control us. for blacks and mexicans...ignorance, selfishness and greed.


Log on and sign this petition and pass it to everyone that will receive a pension from the military! We need to get this approved by the 26th! You may have heard about various petitions that have been sent to the White exemptuse The petition requests that all military pensions be exempt from federal and state income taxes. The petition can be found at the below link. It is a government site where you will need to register to sign the petition. It only asks for your name, zip code, and email address. It takes about one minute to complete. We need 25,000 signatures by January 26th for it to receive a response. We only have 140 signatures as of this morning. Please sign it and pass this on to everyone you know.


I normally won't do these...but I'm curious If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. Let's see who reads my posts and who just scrolls. If you read this, leave one word on exemptw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to copy. This is only an experiment.


Nowhere does the Bible teach that Christians are to be exempt from the tribulations and natural disasters that come upon the world. It does teach that the Christian can face tribulation, crisis, calamity, and personal suffering with a supernatural power that is not available to the person outside Christ. The early Christians were able to experience joy in their hearts in the midst of trials, troubles, and depression. They counted suffering for Christ not as a burden or misfortune, but as a great exemptnor, as evidence that Christ counted them worthy to witness to Him through suffering. They never forgot what Christ Himself had gone through for their salvation; and to suffer for His name’s sake was regarded as a gift rather than a cross. Christians can rejoice in tribulation because they have eternity’s values in view. When the pressures are on, they look beyond their present predicaments to the glories of heaven. The thought of the future life with its prerogatives and joys helps to make the trials of the present seem light and transient.


I am so angry with those jerks in congress. i will not tell you what they just did to us but suffice to say. it will cause a calamity here. yet non-americans get all these breaks, food money, that i can use but cannot yet. the congress pass laws that they exempt themselves from..i wonder why!may the bird of paradise pas them back for their unmittigated gall and a pox on them.


Classify guns for sporting purposes. All citizens who wish to purchase firearms have to register with the ATF officials and have a background check. Presumed citizens that are deemed exemptstile will not be allowed to have firearms Police, military, etc are exempt from the gun control law. Give government unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms can, or can not be owned by private persons. The types of ammunition that are legal were subject to control by bureaucrats. -----exemptws that for middle ground?


Sing with the ones that sign with you, love the ones that love you, cherish the ones that cherish you, cores the ones that love to cores you. i guess what iam trying to say is if they have ur best entrest at heart then F with them and if they dont then F them they dont benefit you anyway and if iam one of those persons in your life that you feel dont benefit you then please exempt me from your life. No hard feelings at all and if you take offence or have to question if its you that iam talking about then your probably already exempt from my life. Keep real people around you at all times and i promise the fake ones wont come around but like i said before lil boys and girls go somewhere and play cant you see grown folk talking over here. Iam on my grown man you better get on urs if you want to F with me. If this dialog went over your head its fine cause it was grown folk talking anyway lol


I am thinking about creating a FB page of my political rants and my thoughts on the lunacy that runs rampant in our nation. Of course it would be conservative/libertarian leaning, but where lunacy may exist on those fronts, they would not be exempt. Any ideas of what I should call this page if/when I create it? I'd like something somewhat original and catchy. Something that clearly describes the posts. Yeah, I know there are enough pages for people to "like" out there. But I want to have something that stands apart from my page. And I think my theme of ideas would get a better response than my personal page. Thoughts/ideas?


Just read a story about the death of a baby. Long story. Heartbreaking. I didn't even know them and I am heart broken - I feel sick. It scares me to think that I am not exempt from this pain. I can only plead the blood over Parker. He might end up back in my bed tonight.. I don't want to let him out of my sight!!!!!


Just had a customer come in trying to return a TV with a built in DVD player saying that it wouldn't play any DVD's even "brand new" ones. So I set it up on the counter in front of them and started off with a bad DVD, surprise it worked! continued through five more DVDs each one more scratched and maimed and they played perfectly. They asked can we still get our money back as it didn't work with the brand new DVDs I said sorry I cannot refund the money but I will happily give them a store credit. This is when it got amusing, he said that we are selling a DVD player with a damaged reader, and that it has to be shoddy because it will only play scratched DVDs not brand new DVDs. I asked him what region DVDs where his "Brand New" DVDs maybe he has purchased DVDs from say region 1, he told me that there is no such thing as regions for DVDs and that all DVDs work the same! So the end of the story is that they loaded up the TV/DVD player into an empty pram and left vowing never to shop here again!


Proper Noun Examples for Exempt

I posted a petition, it's to remove the Tax Exempt status of Westboro church and call it a hate group... sign it.

Exempt, why should they be exempt? Who are they that think their exempt don't stink, or are they not human, never mind I think I just answered my own question.

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Everyone needs to read this. Everyone that uses Glysophosate based weedicide "Roundup" needs to read this.

Pretty much only people that have to pay taxes on EBay are us folks out here in California.

Please everyone, "share" so that all will see what going on.

Somebody should engage in conversation with me. --Mad Dog

Debater asked: Why should we fund planned parenthood?

"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words." -- St. Francis of exemptisi

Smh. Liv makes being a sidechick seem semi-respectable. Where they do that?! #Scandal

This is a daily problem in this exemptusehold. We have even agreed the one who doesn't have a cat gets the door or what have you. If we both do then we play a game of cat, dog, mouse our version of rock, paper, scissors the problem is cat beats everything! via Catster

And this country continues to elect them....year after year...term limits NOW....e law...think about it...

So there's a flu epidemic huh? Anyone ever think that the problem is with the actual vaccine? I mean ever wonder why the rest of the world doesn't deal with such flu epidemics?

Just a birthday is less than seven months away. Plenty of time to get me something really nice. Thanks.

To what lengths have you gone to escape jury duty?!!! ...............

Y do some men have to make a big deal out of stupid stuff like its the end of the world? When its none of their business?

Thanks to all you idiots that reelected dumbass Obama now every American receiving a pay roll check will have an additional 2% tax automatically deducted from their check and what's the reason for this might you wonder and the answer is to make sure that he's got enough cell phones to give away to all his exemptmeboys in all the ghetto second so all the lazy people who abuse government exemptistance such as food stamps and welfare and section eight exemptusing will be able to receive more benefits courtesy to all of us working people Wtf was you thinking America

exemptme girl rapping/singing in the exemptok so you better listen and like or ill cut you broke exempt exempts lol <---- dont let the lol fool you i aint joking im laughing at the amount that i will cut you

Ten days into the year and I've already learned a ton of lessons, most important one of all, trust NO ONE, not even your damned shadow.

The fact that JW is telling me and Mason what each of the Teletubbies names are and singing the theme song is partially entertaining and partially freaking me out.

Is it bad that i judge people based on which exemptuse they were sorted in on pottermore?

I think this is kind of interesting. It's amazing all the stuff that gets put into bills that has absolutely nothing to do with the bills.

Do you think Colorado should have universal background checks for gun purchases?

If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. If you read this, leave one word on exemptw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not re-post

Sitting here.....Thking ......Like why do Good ppl with a kind heart always hve to hurt tha most.....wondering

I would hate to completely misjudge, but I have been a little surprised at the lack of emotion and concern shown from the Father and Grandfather of the 13 year old girl who is missing in Herriman. I don't know, maybe people show their emotions differently than others, but you would think that they would show some sort of emotion! The police chief has shown much more passion and concern about the situation. Am I the only one who has noticed this?

Craving a shake chocolate cake cheese cake lol brownies

More often than not, I think I need to heed this advice, ~"Take a little trip. Maybe what you need to do to find true love is to leave the parameters you are normally in." Opinions?

"You need to be f*cked by a good christian man so you will know God." - Christian logic and they claim to be the only way to posses a moral compass. I guess immoral acts are still considered moral if they are cast upon a non christian. So does that mean a christian can have sex out of wedlock as long as the other is not christian? I mean because it would probably be a sin to marry a non christian right, and if they did marry then he/she would have conducted premarital sex, right?

I keep wondering why the liberals think they have the right to take the rights given to everyone who lives in our country...Defending the law of the Land "the Constitution", is what they swear to when being sworn this so difficult to understand...if they don't they have commited a crime and must be removed and punished...

I have a completely irrational but very real hatred toward anyone who spells their name "Geoff"'s as if their filthy exempt mother or needle-dicked father thought "I'm not sure if I wanna call him Jeff or Beeeotch, exempt it, I'll just combine them!"

40% of private sector workers and 80% of low-income workers do not have a single paid sick day. 1 in 5 workers reports losing their job or being threatened with dismissal for wanting to take time off while sick. This problem is especially acute in the food industry, with its high potential for spreading disease. 79% of food workers say they have no paid sick time.

GN Fbf just was wondering y is it dat u get more love from ur outside family then ur immediately family to me it just seem like its a problem when its ur time to shine but wen its dey time everything good but God knows what's Best! Y'all tell me dey gotta have 1 n every family!!! Be Blessed!!

If u buy a used vehicle from a car lot, do u still need to get it inspected to get the plates

Heartbreaking, and yet another unsurprising, infuriating, and unsurprisingly exemptrrible reminder of the Catholic Church's stultified, exemptty bureaucracy. This article shows for the infinityth time the tenaciousness of faithful women adhering to the moral and emotional true teachings of the Church.

That's not funny. If this guy said this... he needs to be taken into custody immediately.

IRS has now changed their efile open date to January 30th. Which means they won't accept an e-filed return until that date. And refund turn around is 21 days! Thought you might want to know! Sorry folks! They make the rules, not me!

We have to have gun control! Never mind about our multi-trillion dollar debt, inability to balance a budget, and overspending across the board. Glad you have your priorities right boys.

So nice too know ....another thing they get away with.....

If this is true, that's seriously f***ed up, I am drowning in student debt and these people should face the same fate.

Turns out that i didnt have to take 4th period today....-_- would have been great information to know before i went for the entire day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh exams ... xD won't have to do gym..yess!

Exempt definitions


grant exemption or release to

See also: excuse relieve


grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to

See also: free relieve


(of persons) freed from or not subject to an obligation or liability (as e.g. taxes) to which others or other things are subject


(of goods or funds) not subject to taxation

See also: nontaxable