Epididymis in a sentence as a noun

The new part of the article is the previously unnoticed role of the epididymis.

Ms Chan therefore concentrated her attentions on part of the male genital tract called the epididymis.

For example they can be present along the lining or interstitial fluids in the epididymis, where sperm passes through from the ****** during reproduction.

So you’re suggesting injecting viral miRNA into the epididymis of parental mice and checking for symptoms of viral infection in the offspring?

That's where the second article comes in: the authors compared the development of embryos fertilized by both pre-epididymis and post-epididymis sperm.

Cells lining the epididymis constantly discharge small, fluid-filled, membrane-bound bubbles called vesicles.

Epigenetics has been known about and studied for probably two decades at this point; as SimbaOnSteroids said, the real news here is the previously unknown role of the epididymis in changing the epigenetic cargo of sperm.

This apparently causes what they describe as "pleiotropic defects in implantation and post-implantation development".Meanwhile, the post-epididymis embryos were able to develop normally.

Epididymis definitions


a convoluted tubule in each testis; carries sperm to vas deferens