Entangle in a sentence as a verb

They will keep throwing stuff at you to entangle and frustrate you.

Can you entangle multiple clients in a mesh, and add or remove entanglements?

When your friend makes their measurement of particle B, they entangle themselves with it in the same way.

So this isn't, like, the biggest entangled system ever demonstrated of this form -- not by far.

Vast lisp AI kraken and spermaceti entangle down in its knotty and murky abyss.

No. This requires you to be in full control of the photons illuminating the image so you can properly entangle and detect them.

Could they possibly create 1-2 and 3-4 entangled pairs at the same time, measure 1 & 4 and then use this "projective measurement" trick to entangle 3 and 4?

In my experience "the rules of social engagement" are as often used to entangle and obstruct as they are to create civility.

"It turns out that this result generalizes to any number of mutually entangled particles.

When you entangle multiple qubits together, each one increases the power of the system exponentially.

The article says: "Under QIT, a measurement is just the propagation of a mutually entangled state to a large number of particles.

I've been hearing about qubits for awhile now and don't really understand the significance of having quantum entanglement in a network.

Do not try to entangle both implementations together, because they have different intentions.

Apparently in Syria he trained a few rebels to use some Russian missiles -- again, appearing to fight the dictator but not getting the US entangled.

Is that even possible in the future with this?Or can you manufacture entanglement with each connection, where you initiate the entanglement with a client, and maintain that connection during transport?

And in the popular imagination, these claims would inevitably entangle with stereotypes about speakers of different languages.

In a proposed application called a quantum repeater, a series of nodes, linked by entanglement, would extend the quantum connection down the line without depending on any one photon as the carrier.

If that is true, and if, as many say, it is only a matter of time before "software eats the world", is there anything left that will be patentable?The court decision this week seems to entangle two things; the fact that the abstract idea was not novel, and the fact that it was abstract.

Entangle definitions


entrap; "Our people should not be mired in the past"

See also: mire


twist together or entwine into a confusing mass; "The child entangled the cord"

See also: tangle snarl