Enlist in a sentence as a verb

The EFF should collect these and enlist them in a class action lawsuit against the FBI.

Maybe rephrasing enlist to something like login to track your progress would be better?

That would automatically enlist the help of TAs to warn against the horrors of foreign books.

A more typical forum site would enlist more community support to help police the site.

If these are free market forces, what happens when someone is unable to afford to enlist the help of an authority?

The vast majority had made an individual decision to enlist.

There are people all over this country that continue to enlist in and support the military, and view it and the government as forces for good.

They're redirected to the habitat for humanity site where you can find plans to build your own hotel, and possibly enlist some volunteers to help.

"Jorge Paulo Lemann, 3G’s 74-year-old billionaire co-founder, likes to enlist young executives and put them in top positions at the firm’s companies.

I assumed that because I was right everyone else would, of course, agree with me, and so none of my ideas ever got adopted because I didn't know how to enlist people as allies.

Photographing someone without consent at a conference is really not minor, and posting said photograph to Twitter to enlist an army against someone is not minor at all.

Enlist definitions


join the military


hire for work or assistance; "engage aid, help, services, or support"

See also: engage


engage somebody to enter the army

See also: draft