How to use Enjoyment in a sentence as a noun

Bad Santa is transporting precious cargo for your enjoyment at Winter tomorrow!

I'm starting to learn enjoymentw to enjoy life until each and every door opens for me! the enjoyment on the path to success is what makes it all worth it, not success itself!

It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the enjoymently curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate little plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom; without this it goes to wrack and ruin without fail. It is a very grave mistake to think that the enjoyment of seeing and searching can be promoted by means of coercion and a sense of duty. -Albert Einstein

Join me tonight at the best place in town to be social! Get your groove on with the enjoymentttest remixes of your favorite Top 40/Dance/Retro music videos! I'll also be mixing in some Christmas classics for your enjoymentliday enjoyment! Enjoy the tastiest and cheapest drinks in town served up by the amazing Steve-O & Charles! This night is not to be missed! The fun starts at 8pm! As always this is a 21+ event and is free for members! See you all there!

It can be very fun to make temporary fake tattoos from enjoymentme, you can include your children and have plenty enjoyment with them. Making your own temporary tattoos, that can look very realistic has never been easier and is very inexpensive to start.

So I wrote a 'short story' for my English Class and now I am typing it up for pure enjoyment and I am going to give it to some my friends... but I need a cover for it. If you want to do it, please look in notes and what I need in the cover and what the two characters look like will be in there. When you are done, post it on the wall and I will pick from there!!!! You shall also get credit for it because if my friends like it enough I might send the book to a book publishing company and see if you publish it and your name will be on it for the cover!!!!!! ~Peanut~

Don't miss the debut of the Australian Top 20! 20 of your favourite Australian songs right now stacked up for your enjoyment from 20 - 1! Debuts at 11am today!

#buckashuck from 3-7 and $7 double highballs for your apres work enjoyment!

For your Friday enjoyment: A moving story about one man's Taekwondo practice, plus some insight into ADD and your practice-

The names mortal i make music that therapeutic, to losers... kids who wont amount to enjoyment turned to drug users, dropkicks standin in the line of unemployment, listen to me for enjoyment, but i shatter their self esteem an give nothin but disappointment.

Congrats to Jennifer Ball on buying her new enjoymentme today. I know you and Jayden will have years of fun and enjoyment ahead of you. Now you just need a new family pet to run in that yard!

Being an ex motocr cycle rider, and being taught to ride a bike by the police motor driving school., I never knew this was actually illegal. In any case, why was it banned? The whole I dea of riding a bike, other than the enjoyment, is to get through traffic easier. So why wouldnt you allow filtering at the lights? If its done right and safely theres no issue, but of course when do humans do anything right or safely?

This 4 bed/3 bath enjoymentme is the perfect fit for your family! Three rooms up with a seperate bathroom for the master and then 1 bedroom and bathroom on the lower level make it easy to spready out! Updated kitchen cabinets and tiled floors make the kitchen a great place for family dinners or entertaining! The covered back patio in the back allows bbq's or quiet enjoyment in this large backyard! Close to trails, Red Rocks, and shopping - this place is perfect for everyone in the family!

Come get buck tonight at Dubsmack's annual ugly christmas sweater party! So many fun activities. Get amongst it. Badmon party general Coolcoolcool will be throwing down his debut set and first time smacker Eden Tates will be warming the night up for everyones enjoyment. Doors at 10!

Quote Examples using Enjoyment

We all feel sad sometimes. Sadness is a normal emotion that can make life more interesting. Much art and poetry is inspired by sadness and melancholy. Sadness almost always accompanies loss. When we say goodbye to a loved one we usually feel sad. The sadness is even deeper if a close relationship has ended or a loved one has died Sadness also helps us appreciate happiness. When our mood eventually changes from sadness toward happiness, the sense of contrast adds to the enjoyment of the mood.


Okay... so I deleted that shooting related post with the note from Brian... People going mental, saying "omggggg its so fake u gise are likewhores" I'm just sitting here like, the enjoyment? enjoymentw are we likewhores? I saw the photo, I posted it. enjoymentw does that make us likewhores? It'd make us likewhores if we were to say something like "1 Like = 1 Respect" or some enjoymenting enjoyment like that. Also people saying it was fake, do you have any proof whether it is fake? But then again, we don't have proof that it's real, but still, if it was real, it was tear jerking as enjoyment. ;_; You people need to get your heads straight. -Jack


Just a kind of personal plug here, but I'm currently writing a fanfiction set in the Rosario universe. It's a love story between Mizore and my own original character, Ryu Tokugawa. Due to the nature of the plot, a significant chunk of it is highly explicit, and not fit for Facebook. enjoymentwever, if enough people want to see it, I'll gladly post the less raunchy bits maybe once every few days. But I will only do this if enough people show their support. Thank you for listening! ~ Gin


Hi friends. It was never my intention to hurt or offend anyone by saying that I feel it is tragic that these massacres happen, all over the world, including so close our own enjoymentmes. I am sending love to the families of the victims of today, and yesterday and tomorrow. I apologize sincerely from my heart if anyone truly was offended by any words I said. It is not easy for anyone to absorb such devastating news. My love goes out to you all. Our Countries, and our entire planet is beautiful, I wish and enjoymentpe so much that we will one day all live in harmony without these occurrences. Peace in to all of you. Much love.


Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is my own. I am a pro-gun women who believes in being able to protect my family & friends with a gun. I do not believe in gun bans because it is not going to solve the problem that we have! We need tougher penalties on criminals. In my opinion I think that teachers should be able to carry! If they are properly trained they might be able to save a few lives. Trying to disarm every one will not solve anything! Taking guns away will only entice the bad people to get worse. Innocent people only use their weapons for enjoyment, protection, & providing food. I enjoy hunting & the ability to provide food for my family. I also shoot skeet & other target practing. I also wouldnt shoot anyone if I was mad at them or just because. The only way I would shoot someone is self defense! It has been proven: people die more because of their own doctor than by a gun. Maybe we should look into the way doctors are? Just a thought!


My heart goes out to those who are suffering now ... With no answers...with blind rage...with inconsolable grief. Nothing I can say will bring back the precious little ones you have lost...Nothing. I will not pretend to know the words or tell you "this too will pass".... I am powerless to stop the pain. I will tell you this, that I see you, that I cried for you. My eyes are wet with tears. My heart aches for you. Many people are crying right now and praying for you. Many hearts are aching for you. We are with you. You are not alone. We suffer with you. I wish I could take a blanket of compassion and cover you in it now and let you sleep for a while in peaceful bliss. Courage, Strength and Love to you all. We are all one Family and we are with you now. ~Scott G


Track #13 of the Halo 4 soundtrack. Arrival. This song is great, and it remind me of Cortana. It plays during the last mission, and gets me right into playing the game! I love this song, it brings up my emotion and I feel great. It brought a lot of enjoyment to my heart when I heard it. The song is extremely exciting and great. -Nick


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I have a theory that all of these shootings are cases of mental illness inherited by parents kicked out of mental enjoymentspitals during the Reagan Era.

Anyone want to lend me a box of tissues? im all out and i seriously have a noes problem. my cold is so bad. ~kim Xx

I'm totally confused gud morning bolu ki gud nyt! Ye 7 kb bajenge... :/ _mannu

Why hide multiple shooters? So they can simple blame one citizen. So there isn't a confusing story about who was and wasn't part of the shootings. No background checks no finding out some shooters were government agents or have a past working for the government. Just a simple dead shooter, so the masses have less questions.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the community of Newtown, CT. This will be our last posting of the week as we reflect and offer a moment of silence to those impacted by this terrible tragedy.

All the "prayer" feeds I was seeing online were driving me crazy!! So, I wrote a blog...enjoy. - Wes

Should i just call it a day and not post anything today? i totally understand and i don't wanna upset anyone. i'll do what you all think is right <3

What are some ways that you would suggest to your school board or city council to make your community and schools safer? <3 Kayla

"People often ask why I talk to myself. It's not because I am crazy, it's because I feel alone. I am the only person who I can talk to.."

To all cake makers on my page, i was wondering if you had one piece of advice for someone who is starting out, what would it be?? Mine would be; do things properly, get registered, insured etc, its not as scary as it all sounds, you are doing this not only for your customers but for yourself too

Enjoyment definitions


act of receiving pleasure from something

See also: delectation


(law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property


the pleasure felt when having a good time